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Far Cry 4: game review 

Title: Far Cry 4
Genre: Action
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Release date: 2 Nov 2014
Platform: : РС / Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PS3 / PS4
Website: http://far-cry.ubi.com

Games of series Far Cry can intrigue. Just imagine: immediately after starting Far Cry 4 before the player's eyes appear Everest; in the background the voice of any official reports that it is dangerous event to go unrecognized in the country where there is no representation of the USA. The camera pulls back and we find ourselves in a vehicle of documentaries about the Himalayas: a large and rusty bus, causing surprise and delight from the fact that it is still on the run. The passenger compartment is clogged with anything: passengers are traveling with luggage, monkeys, birds, drugs, arms and statues of local gods.

Why an American decided to go to hell corner of the vast Himalayan mountain system is explained by a few lines: "Son, I want you dispelled my ashes in Kirati next to Lakshmana." Good: Kirati is a fictional country, but what is Lakshmana? Oh well, anyway, we will know about it. Let’s back in the bus, which creaked and rattled reached Kirati border. At the passport control something was wrong, began shooting, explosions, everything else flew the helicopter with a strange man in bright clothes.
It is a local dictator Pagan Min and he gave the order to stop the bus with the main character. Events are rapid and dynamic: Min gets in bate by bloodbath and kills guilty captain by a ballpoint pen (!). He knows the protagonist Ajay Ghale as he came close to his mother. Min invites Ghale to dinner (as you know, it is not possible to refuse this offer).

After some time dining the house is attacked by armed men, who claim to have come to save Ajay Ghale a son of their fallen leader Ghale Mohan. After another shootout hero is on the freedom, and the player gets access to the vast expanses of the mining state Kirati.

Sorry for such a long introduction: its purpose to show how quickly a player is sucked into the abyss of events where one madness is alternates with others. All that is described by these paragraphs takes about fifteen minutes of screen time.

What you should know about Far Cry 4? First of all this is a first person shooter in an open world with a huge number of possibilities. Actually, the number "4" in the title means that: almost everything that was in previous games was developed and evolved to provide the player with the most new experience.

The action in new game was moved with a tropical island to the hill country, ruled by military dictatorship citizen Pagan Min who usurped the power a few decades ago. The country is certainly poor, only the soldiers of so-called royal army Peygana Mina live well.

The hero finds himself in the only free from the influence of Min portion of the game world: the territory controlled by the rebels of the "Golden Path". Rebels are driven into underground organization and they do not have a leader. The appearance of the son of the founder of the "Golden Path" changes the situation: the militia ready to rally around Ajay to lead the movement to victory. And at the same time perform all the accumulated dirty work.

Before talking about the game further, we should make a remark: if you have played Far Cry 3 and you liked it then you cannot read the further article. Far Cry 4 took all the familiar elements from the previous game and increased them both in quantity and quality.

For all other readers we will continue. In the vastness of Kirati there are many ways to do, in addition to the passage of the main campaign. First of all, start with hunting: animal skins will need to make a bigger backpack.

Then explore the territory, and at the same time close the access to propaganda: get on the radio tower, turn off the monotonous speaker broadcasting of usurper, drop all the surrounding objects on the map.

Then you’ll realize that move on Kirati roads is dangerous not only because of the local fauna, but also because of the soldiers of Pagan Min, who strongly terrorizing the local population, using fortified outposts as bases. Come back to the enemy, clear the area from its presence. At the same time get experience, learn new skills, and become more adapted to life in extreme conditions.

And if you get tired to be a hero and want to have fun: you always can use local races. Or call a friend and start to protect the game world from the enemy in cooperative: such a possibility is also provided!

Want to go back to the story and it is not a problem. You will have not pretentious, simple but very entertaining story with colorful characters, exciting firefights and elegant music.

However, it is likely that do things you will quickly get bored. Well, just imagine: you (optional, of course) have 17 times to climb the same tower, 24 times neutralize more or less similar outposts, and plot tasks are reduced to long shooting, chase and shootout on the top of Mount Everest.

The problem of Far Cry 4 lies in some secondary to the game-predecessor. Items that fascinated and bewitched two years ago, today brings former delight: "cool, of course, but I've seen it already ..."

The plot is strange, inconsistent and smeared on a background of Far Cry 3: there you arrive on the island; after a noisy party was captured by pirates; run from them; saved friends with the help of local people.

All your actions were reduced to a simple logic: I do it because I need to save my friends and this is my original purpose. This game has system improvements of character: the hero found a mentor, a soldier, who sent him on the path of the warrior whose symbol among the natives Tata is a tattoo on his arm. With each improvement on the hand there were new characters, the size of the tattoo was increased together with ability of the characters, who subsequently developed the skills of a warrior. That is: the narrative Far Cry 3 has a clear objective, clear logic and clear binding of all of the characters to the final task.

What about Far Cry 4? The hero comes to dispel the dust of mother, but instead is engaged in uninteresting war for the rebels and the military, picks up the gun for the first time in his life, and in five minutes he's the best fighter of all militias. Strange, interesting ... Alas.

But all this does not hurt to be Far Cry 4 an excellent game, perfect, by the way, suitable for winter time: outside is snow and frost, and on the screen it is warm tropical sun, jungle, rivers and lakes full of fish.

In this case, it should be noted fairly good optimization for computers. At the minimum, medium and high settings the game simply will be run without difficulties cars and will consistently give out from 30 to 50 FPS.




«Very high»

Far Cry 4


Far Cry 4 has five levels of graphics settings: "Low", "Medium", "High", "very high" and "Maximum". The differences between the first three are practically invisible to the eye: some bricks look more clearly than others; tiny indices on the boxes are more readable. At "very high" level the difference is noticeable, but still barely visible. But on the "Maximum" the game flourishes. There is a haze peculiar to mountain landscapes, an increasing number of leaves on trees and bushes, increases the density of the grass, the water looks very different.

To summarize, we strongly recommend to dive into the atmosphere of Far Cry 4!

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