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Our dear readers and viewers!

We have been working for you for many years without asking anything in return, but the time has come when the project support from advertisers and partners is not enough to complete the work, even the samples could be hard to get to make you pleased to an interesting and relevant overview.

Therefore, if you enjoy our reviews, news and videos, we would like to ask you to help our project www.GECID.com, so that we could further continue to fill the site and the video channel. We would be incredibly grateful for your financial assistance, support by samples for testing as well as for information support.


Financial aid

If you have an opportunity to provide a financial support for us and for our authors or to cover the rent, required services and other needs, or to update any equipment, then we would be very grateful to you for the money transfer to the following accounts:


5457 0822 3675 1454

In the near future we would provide more options for sending financial support.


Test samples

If you have an opportunity to provide us for testing with some interesting and relevant components or gadgets, then we would make the World be happy with our review of this device thanking just to you. We would tell about it honestly and unbiassedly, and in a gratitude kind we could publish a link to your site, or a home page, or a social network account, etc. If you have such an opportunity and are willing so, please contact us by testlab@gecid.com with letter subject marked "Offer for testing." By the way now we are occasionally publishing reviews of devices that have been provided by our readers, for example, a review of UMi ROME smartphone or ASRock Q1900M Pro3 motherboard.


Information support

 Even if you are having no opportunity to provide financial support or something for testing, then you can offer to read our website or to watch our videos to your friends, acquaintances and colleagues. We would be grateful if you make our site as a home page in your browser or subscribe to our video channel and to social groups, will look them periodically through and will share announcements or videos in your news line.

Many thanks in advance to all of you who would support our project and promote its development as then we shall be able to please you and your friends with up-to-date news, comprehensive overviews and interesting videos every day.

Thank you!

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