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Oracle CloudWorld 2014: application of cloud technologies for successful business

Globalization of economic processes as well as society informatization throws down a challenge before business. On the one hand every time appear more and more sources of information for effective organization and flexible management on each important production phase from marker analysis and staff recruiting to logistics and product promotion strategy. On the other hand there is a plenty of information and effective tools for rapid analysis. Also the expenses of companies for organization and support of IT-infrastructure constantly increase. For effective solutions of all these questions Oracle Company offers to use own cloud solutions because it is a supplier of all three cloud services: SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

Efficiency of this approach is checked by many companies working in local and global markets. Just so the first Conference Oracle CloudWorld held in Moscow had attracted interest because the reports were given by the representative of leading company Oracle and the users who have felt all advantages of Oracle cloud products.

Oracle CloudWorld 2014

The conference Oracle CloudWorld 2014 had two stages. In the morning there was a plenary session devoted to the analysis of common problems and the usage of Oracle tools and strategies. After lunch four sessions were opened at the same time: “Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience Management”, “Key business services in the cloud. ERP & Finance”, “HR Modernization” and “Cloud Computing, security and development tools”. They were held in different rooms and allowed the participants to learn the usage of cloud products in a certain area.

Oracle CloudWorld 2014

The first session “Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience Management” was divided into three branches: “Marketing transformation”, “Intellectual sales” and “New generation of customer-service”.

The first (“Marketing transformation”) was pointed to the analysis of modern product promotion methods. As far as cloud technologies offer wide access to clients data, their usage promotes the improvement of market ideas due to the usage of “digital body language”. Also it allows coordinating processes of work management with prospective customers in selling and marketing media and collecting the information about clients and their needs. All these features allow to increase company gain and profit.  

The second branch (“Intellectual sales”) was focused on issues of creation a modern sales organization that uses analytics and forecasting capabilities. Much time was given to the issues and analysis of customer behavior, improvement of work coordination with the sales department, the effective management of material remuneration and rational usage of working time.

The third branch (“New generation of customer-service”) was devoted to the search for more effective ways of customer’s service, because the service should meet the users’ requirements. Available Oracle's cloud tools let to learn more information about customer preferences, use social networks to ensure compliance with service requirements, reduce the service cost by introducing service online self-service.

Oracle CloudWorld 2014

The session “Key business services in the cloud. ERP & Finance” have provided more information about business applications capabilities of Oracle Cloud ERP. They provide process automation for all business directions and include the opportunity of business applications of combined usage. Oracle Cloud ERP allows to reduce the costs for the support of IT- infrastructure and get the required analytical information. Using this tool you can provide efficient financial management, make planning and budget policy and manage of other company activity aspects.

The third session (“HR Modernization”) was devoted to another important aspect of any company work i.e. personnel management. After all questions of qualified staff recruiting and talents search, their professional advancement, efficiency and teamwork, etc. require significant information arrays. Proper analysis of the data will allow the head to build an effective team which can perform the assigned tasks quickly and efficiently. It also reduces staff turnover, prevents the loss of skilled and talented executors, and helps to build a system of corporate culture and reduce all the risks.

The forth session (“Cloud Computing, security and development tools”) revealed the questions of security and confidentiality of data during the usage of cloud tools. Also the issues of the usage of PaaS-solutions for development and adaptation of applications in cloud media were considered. At the same time the company Oracle is very responsible to this issue following all relevant rules and regulations. In particular, proprietary technologies protect the information for entire data center. Oracle provides security for each level of technological stack using the latest solutions for physical and logical security and data protection, as well as a consolidated management of identity and control of access for cloud medias, systems and applications.

Oracle CloudWorld 2014

And now let’s learn the offered by Oracle cloud tools intended for business customers. 

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