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Edifier R1100 2.0 Speaker System review and testing

Due to the systemic crisis in the economies of the CIS countries, low-cost solutions are quite urgent. But who will give up the quality? Therefore, we try to pay attention to relatively affordable and not too promoted high-quality solution in our market.

Edifier R1100

The speakers Edifier R1100 refers to the price range of $50 - 60. According to the statements of the manufacturer, it is an effective solution for workstation and small rooms.

What the buyer will have with the acoustics of the 2.0 Edifier? In this review, we will try to find out this issue.


Edifier R1100 

Quantity of sound channels

2.0 (stereoacoustics)

Input capacity, W (RMS)

2 х 21

Speaker diameter, mm





Impedance, Ohm





signal/noise ratio, dB


Total harmonic distortion, %


Frequency range, Hz

65 – 20 000

Case material

Wood (MDF)


2 х stereo-RCA

input sensitivity, mV


700 ± 50


550 ± 50

Dimensions, mm

140 × 226 × 197

Weight, kg


Magnetic screening


Remote controller


Product page

Edifier R1100

Package and content

Edifier R1100

Package of Edifier R1100 is very extensive. Actually, based on such simple parameters such as the size and weight of the box, you can draw preliminary conclusions about the quality of the system and its sound.

Edifier R1100

The front side of the box has a picture of the device and the mention of its main features: the use of RCA-audio input, automatic identification of input voltage and the presence of silk dome twitter.

Edifier R1100

Edifier R1100


As in other branded products, the edges have detailed technical specifications, which are also listed in the table above specification.

Edifier R1100

The back side of the package has the key features that make the product particularly attractive. In addition, there is a picture of the entire system and its individual elements in a larger size. The main features of Edifier R1100 include:

  • output power (42 W);
  • two pairs of RCA inputs for connecting multiple sound sources;
  • calibrated extended front port of the phase inverter;
  • casing is made of high quality MDF to minimize acoustic parasitic resonances;
  • universal impulse power supply 110 - 240 V.

Edifier R1100

The upper side of the box lists the items of supplied set in several European languages.

Edifier R1100

Also here is a pretty extensive list of "literature": here you have warranty card, connection and advertising.

Edifier R1100

Scope of delivery includes all the necessary cables to the system.


Cable length, cm

Cable to connect speakers between each other


2 х RCA ↔ 3,5 mm


Power cable 220 V



Edifier R1100

System Edifier R1100 is large enough and two speakers will take about the same space as several volumes of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" as they are 140 (W) × 226 (V) × 197 (D).

Edifier R1100

Edifier R1100

Two-way speakers use the fibreboard cases made by MDF technology. The front panel is also made from fiberboard. It has a high-frequency and low-frequency speakers, as well as the phase inverter. By default, the front panel of speakers is covered by a protective cloth surface, but it is removable.

Edifier R1100

According to the manufacturer, the front phase inverter is more efficient because it works directly to the listener. Additionally, it cools the amplifier located at the rear of the active speaker. At the same time, the louder speaker plays and amplifier is heated, the greater air flow is circulated through the opening of phase inverter.

Edifier R1100

At the base the speakers have a rubberized stands, lifted them a few millimeters above the surface of the table.

Edifier R1100

At the rear of the active speaker is the power cable (non-removable) and power switch, two pairs of RCA connectors for different audio sources. Spring terminals are used to connect the left satellite («L») to the amplifier unit, located on the right. The passive speaker on the back side has only spring terminals.

Edifier R1100

Volume and low frequencies controllers are made using traditional technology - variable resistors, so even after disabling the power the audio system won’t "forget" the settings, as is the case with systems based on digital volume control.


Diameter of dust cap, cm

Dome diameter, cm

Hanger diameter, cm

Diameter with metal mounting, cm 

Complete speaker height, cm













Edifier R1100

Basket of woofer is stamped, and it is magnetically shielded. Speaker of dome is paper and wool. The size of the basket seems quite adequate for the system of this price range. The speaker has the nominal impedance (6 ohms), model marking and date of release.

Edifier R1100

The twitter is characterized by a silk diffuser with diameter of 13 mm. Also it has a magnetic shielding. Before it you can find a phase equalizing body that performs the function of protecting the diaphragm.

Edifier R1100

Circuitry is performed at a high level, using high-quality components. In particular, low impedance capacitors are designed for high temperature (up to 105 оС).

Edifier R1100

Actually, the audio amplifier is implemented as a chip TI TAS5713. Interestingly the manufacturer's website has the specification: "... the model is equipped with a digital amplifier of class D, performed on a popular scheme TAS5707». In our case this is a mistake, because the TAS5707 is designed to use less power than the speaker. But TAS5713 is designed to output power of 25 W, which is even more than the power of the speakers (21 W).

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