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Globex X8 (GU8012C) tablet: review and testing

When choosing inexpensive and efficient tablet the user faces with a difficult task, since the domestic market includes a large number of manufacturers and models. Such type of gadgets includes the hero of our next review, namely Globex X8 (GU8012C).

Globex X8 (GU8012C)

Novelty has a classic look, 8-inch IPS-display, efficient hardware platform and a wide range of wireless communication technologies. We will try to answer to the question: "What the potential buyer can expect from the tablet?" But fist of all let’s start from the technical characteristics:


Globex X8 (GU8012C) 


MediaTek MT8382: (quad-core ARM Cortex-A7), up to 1,3 GHz,

L2 cache – 256 KB, manufacturing process 28 nm


ARM Mali-400 MP2: up to 500 MHz, support for OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenVG 1.1 


8", IPS, 1280 x 800 p (188 ppi), touch, capacious,

multi-touch up to 5 presses 


1 GB


8 GB

Memory card support

microSD (up to 32 GB)

SIM-card socket

1 х Micro-SIM


1 x micro-USB (support for funstion USB OTG)

1 x audio mini-jack 3,5 mm










2 Мp, aperture f/2.8, fixed focus, video recording in format 720p


0,3 Мp, aperture f/2.8, video recording in format 480p















Accelerometer, light sensor


Lithium-ion 4000 mА·h


Input: 100~240 V AC at 50/60 Hz

Output: 5 V DC, 2 А


216 x 122 x 7,95 mm


500 g




Android 4.4.2 KitKat


12 months

Producer website


Globex X8

Package and content

Globex X8 (GU8012C)Globex X8 (GU8012C)

The tablet Globex X8 comes in a matte medium size cardboard box. The appearance of package is pleasant. It is characterized by good informative content, in particular, on the reverse side you can find the key characteristics of the device. Package includes:

Globex X8 (GU8012C)

  • user's guide
  • warranty certificate;
  • clip to pull the Micro-SIM;
  • charger 10W (5V, 2A);
  • cable micro-USB↔USB.

Design and elements layout

Globex X8 (GU8012C)

Globex X8 has a pleasant and at the same time a standard appearance. We face with a classic rectangular monoblock with rounded corners and beveled edges. Novelty is available only in the dark blue color. It is based on qualitative materials: tempered glass, metal and plastic. The gadget is hard to call the record in terms of size (216 x 122 x 7,95 mm), but it is comparable to competitors in this price range and does not cause any complaints. In contrast, the weight of the tablet is 500 g, so after prolonged use (especially with one hand) you will feel tired.

Globex X8 (GU8012C)Globex X8 (GU8012C)


Globex X8 (GU8012C)

Front panel Globex X8 is covered with mineral glass without oleophobic layer, but has a pre-pasted film that protects the glass. The frames around the screen are: 7 mm on each side, 21 mm at the bottom and 20 mm on top. This allows you to comfortably use the device without fear of accidentally press the sensor layer. Around the contour there is a protective edging.

Location of the front panel is quite common: earpiece and front camera placed on top, and buttons are touch-screen.

Globex X8 (GU8012C)Globex X8 (GU8012C)

Globex X8 (GU8012C) Globex X8 (GU8012C)

Controls, connectors and ports have a pretty good location: microphone is on the bottom left side, a slot for memory cards microSD and 3.5mm audio port are on the top, power button, along with the volume rocker and the tray for the Micro-SIM are on the right side, and the port micro-USB is on the bottom. Power key and volume controls are clear and sufficiently tight. The sound of the clicking is virtually absent.

Globex X8 (GU8012C)

Most of the back of the Globex X8 (GU8012C) is made of anodized aluminum. Only the top strip is plastic (for the proper operation of the wireless modules). There is a traditional set of elements: the main camera module, complete with LED-flash; logo of the manufacturer and multimedia speaker grille. The lower area doesn’t have upland, so the speaker can be muted if the gadget is on a soft horizontal surface of the screen up.

The build quality and rigidity of Globex X8 is at a very good level, including solid body and metal. Under the moderate torsion or pressure the tablet does not change its geometry and the extra sounds and gaps are absent. Glass is hardly pressed, but under strong pressure you can notice small strains.


Globex X8 (GU8012C)

Globex X8 has a good 8-inch IPS-display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 and pixel density at 188 ppi. Aspect ratio is equal to 16:10. The matrix is covered with protective glass, and the manufacturer doesn’t specify the mark. Oleophobic (grease repellent) coating and anti-glare filter are available.

Globex X8 (GU8012C)

Subjectively, the screen provides quite a positive impression. Destabilization is enough for everyday use, however, you can note the separate pixels. IPS-matrix provides a nice color reproduction, although a direct comparison can be seen a slight deviation in the direction of cold tones. The contrast is sufficient. The viewing angles are good, but in case of diagonal look darker colors have yellow shades.

The brightness level to be changed manually due to lack of light sensor. Its maximum value is average, so you should not hope for comfortable work with information under the bright sunshine. However, it is enough for the room. The minimum value is little higher than comfortable, so you will have an increased strain on the eyes when working in total darkness.

Built-in sensor can recognize up to 5 simultaneous keystrokes. During the tests, the shortcomings in the work have not been noticed.

Sound subsystem

Globex X8 (GU8012C)

The tablet Globex X8 (GU8012C) has only one multimedia speaker. Its volume is above average, but in a backpack or pocket coats/jackets, you can miss the input signal in a noisy environment. The very sound is quite normal: there are middle and high frequencies, low are sometimes heard. The speaker capabilities would be enough to fulfill the basic functions (games, videos and hands-free).

The sound was tested in gaming headphones Kingston HyperX Cloud (impedance of 60 Ohms) and vacuum Vivanco HS 200 WT (impedance 16 Ohm). In both cases, the sound is normal, without any sophistication, and with the minimum reserve of volume.

In addition, there is a radio module recording and listening to FM-radio using connected headphones.

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