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Memory card KINGMAX Sycret Cloud 4 GB: review and testing

Modern user has at its disposal more than a gadget, where can store and transfer various kinds of data from audio, photo and video files to a variety of documents. And very often he faces with the loss of important information (passport photos, credit card numbers and PIN-codes, work projects, etc.). This can happen because of the theft of device or as a result of harmful software. Besides, nowadays popular are cloud storage, which also can not guarantee the completeness of protection against hacker attacks. What to do if you need to save the information away from prying eyes? First of all you can install a password. But, in practice, it can be hacked by regular hard reset, or simply removing the storage drive for further use on other devices. A much more reliable way is to encrypt the data.


For these purposes the KINGMAX specialists together with Go-Trust have developed and introduced the world's first memory card with support for encryption Sycret, which is based on software and hardware methods and aims to provide the best protection of data on your devices. Solutions Sycret offer two algorithms: Sycret Text - key exchange between two users ensures complete confidentiality of the text of correspondence; Sycret Cloud - encrypts files that are stored on the smartphone and cloud storage Dropbox or Google Drive. For testing we have a memory card KINGMAX Sycret Cloud (KT04GW1PPM1BPPX) with capacity of 4 GB, designed for users who have a need to encrypt only individual files, without the need to protect correspondence. First of all we offer a look at the specification of the drive:

Producer and model




Capacity, GB

4 / 8 / 16

Data encryption

32-bit encryption chip, certificat Common Criteria EAL 5+;

data encryption according to military standards (RSA / TRNG / AES-256);

Dimensions, mm

15 x 11 x 1

Producer’s warranty, months


Producer website

Product page

New product is available in three different versions of capacity from 4 to 16 GB. Considering the wide distribution of high quality content, we would like to see the model of 32, 64 and 128 GB. We also note the absence of the official website and information on high-speed characteristics of the device on the package.

Design and package 


The memory card comes in an unusual package of thin cardboard, the design of which features by dark colors. Its front side contains the name of the manufacturer and model of drive. In addition, here is the information about the ability to encrypt files and data, including cloud storage. The manufacturer guarantees full compatibility with devices running Android 4.0 or next.


The reverse side contains a more detailed description of the features and benefits of the drive. The key points include an integrated 32-bit chip, which has been certified by the International Computer Security Common Criteria EAL 5+ and support for encryption of information according to military standards (RSA/TRNG/AES-256). Also the package indicates about the capacity of the card (4 GB), the warranty period (1 year) and place of the production (Taiwan). In addition, you can see QR-code for quick download utility of company Sycret Cloud, designed to encrypt and decrypt data.


Inside the package you can find a memory card without any adapters as well as a short user manual in English.


At first glance it seems that the model KINGMAX Sycret Cloud (KT04GW1PPM1BPPX) has an absolutely standard appearance. The case is made of black plastic, and the size fully meets the format microSD (15 x 11 x 1 mm). Device name and its capacity are mentioned on the front side.


But the differences are hidden on the reverse side. Apart from the usual eight pads and marking you notice two additional that are used to provide hardware support for encryption.


The installation process of a memory card into the gadget is quite normal and common.


In order to activate all the features of KINGMAX Sycret Cloud (KT04GW1PPM1BPPX) you should download the software Sycret Cloud, which allows you to encrypt files on the memory card with the ability with further load to the cloud service (Dropbox, Google Drive and others). All encryption algorithms are certified by NIST (USA) and each user uses own unique key. 

At first run you are prompted to enter PIN-code of the new user (at your option), or to generate a decoding key to recover the old one from the local or cloud storage Dropbox. The generation process takes about two minutes. Then you need to answer three test questions.


After that the program is closed, and for the following start-up you need to enter PIN-code.


Application Sycret Cloud has four folders:

  • «Photo» - to display the encrypted image (supports JPG, GIF, and PNG);
  • «Videos» - to display the encrypted video (supports OGG and MP4);
  • «Documents» - to display the encrypted documents (TXT, PDF, PPT, DOCX and ETC);
  • «All Files» - to display all encrypted files (all formats are supported).

Separately submitted item «Dropbox» to work with cloud storage. Available ability to backup key decoding.

After opening of any folder, we see two tabs: «Encrypted» and «Decrypted». The encryption process is simple and intuitive: specify the direct to the files, select the first long-term retention of the file, and then all the necessary by the simple touch. Then press key «Encrypt» and specify the saving direct. All selected files are available for viewing only through application. Even when connected to a PC it is impossible to see.

Decryption process is similar: go to the tab «Decrypted», find the necessary files, select and click the button «Decrypt». It should be noted that the memory card KINGMAX KT04GW1PPM1BPPX was tested together with the smartphone Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Dual. And if the photos and videos were automatically find, had to create own folder «Documents» to encrypt documents and move the files into it.


In the settings menu of Sycret Cloud you can change your password and answers to test questions, including the protection of confidentiality, automatically delete files after encryption, specify the use of the Internet only via Wi-Fi, limit the size of file encryption and update the application.

It is important to note that in the case of encryption key loss it is impossible to decode the files even by inserting a memory card to another device.

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