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SSD-drive Transcend SSD340K (256 GB): review and testing

In the summer of 2015 Transcend has updated its lineup of solid state drives by a new model, which is available in two versions: Transcend SSD340K uses aluminum body and Transcend SSD340 uses plastic. Since the other differences between them are absent the second version should be a bit cheaper.

Transcend SSD340K (TS256GSSD340K)

In this review we will talk about the aluminum option Transcend SSD340K. It is available in four versions of memory 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB. Let us look at the more detailed characteristics of the tested modifications with capacity of 256 GB.

Producer and model

Transcend SSD340K 


Form-factor, in



SATA 6 Gb/s

Capacity, GB


32 (TS32GSSD340K)

64 (TS64GSSD340K)

128 (TS128GSSD340K)

256 (TS256GSSD340K)

Applied controller

JMicron JMF670H



Operation temperature range, °C


Maximum successive read/write speed of compressible data (ATTO Disk Benchmark), MB/s

550 / 330

Maximum successive read/write speed of non-compressible data (ATTO Disk Benchmark), MB/s

510 / 320

Random read/write speed of 4 KB, IOPS

75000 / 80000

Weight, g


Dimensions, mm

100 х 69,8 х 6,8

Producer warranty, years


Supported technologies


Producer website

Product page

According to the specs, productivity of Transcend SSD340K is slightly below the flagship Transcend SSD370S.

Package and content 

Transcend SSD340K (TS256GSSD340K)

The novelty comes in the traditional carton box. On the front side we can see the name of the manufacturer, the model designation and the capacity of memory, as well as references to the presence of an adapter for 3.5-inch drive bay.

Transcend SSD340K (TS256GSSD340K)

On the reverse side, in addition to a brief description of the product in several languages you can find a list of the technical characteristics of the device.

Transcend SSD340K (TS256GSSD340K)

The package includes an adapter for mounting SSD-drive into 3.5-inch drive bay, but the traditional 2.5-mm frame for installation into a 9.5-mm laptop is absent. So we can conclude that the novelty is designed for desktop systems.

Design and features 

Transcend SSD340K (TS256GSSD340K)

The main body material of model Transcend TS256GSSD340K is black aluminum. Also the front side features the logo of the manufacturer.

Transcend SSD340K (TS256GSSD340K)

Looking at the back of the case, you can notice a label with all the necessary technical information about the device, such as: serial number, interface, power settings, and logos of certificates. Along the edges there are four mounting holes for mounting the drive in a complete 3.5-inch adapter and two warranty stickers.

Transcend SSD340K (TS256GSSD340K)

Body thickness is only 6.8 mm. This will allow to install it easily even in the ultra-thin notebook. There are openings necessary for fixing the drive in the appropriate compartment.

Transcend SSD340K (TS256GSSD340K)

Transcend SSD340K is equipped with high-speed SATA 6 Gb/s for high bandwidth.

Transcend SSD340K (TS256GSSD340K)

SSD-drive comes formatted for NTFS. Its effective capacity is 256 GB.


Owners of the Transcend TS256GSSD340K can download the useful and functional proprietary utility SSD Scope from the official site. It allows you to find detailed information about the drive and some of its SMART-attributes, to test the level of its performance, look at the structure of the stored information, to completely remove all internal data (beyond recovery), update the firmware, to activate the TRIM command, and learn the level of wearout of the memory cells. The program also allows clone a disk or only the system partition. This will allow, for example, simply move the OS from the old drive to the new one, instead of reinstalling it, thus saving valuable time.

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