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Smartphone Lenovo S60: review and testing 

Just few years ago we have met the technology expansion, when the company Lenovo entered the mobile phone market. Due to a very reasonable price policy and constant introduction of advanced technologies it could to gain loyal fans around the world and make tangible nervous most famous competitors.

Lenovo S60

This article will be focused on a stylish and multifunctional smartphone Lenovo S60, which, thanks to attractive design, modern hardware platform and more than adequate cost is a perfect solution for a fairly wide audience of users. But let's begin our review with a review of the specifications.

tags: lenovo   wi-fi   gps   4g   android   qualcomm   micro-sim   ips   microsd   snapdragon   cortex-a53   micro-usb   nfc   multi-touch   bluetooth 4.0   
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Memory card KINGMAX Sycret Cloud 4 GB: review and testing

Modern user has at its disposal more than a gadget, where can store and transfer various kinds of data from audio, photo and video files to a variety of documents. And very often he faces with the loss of important information (passport photos, credit card numbers and PIN-codes, work projects, etc.). This can happen because of the theft of device or as a result of harmful software. Besides, nowadays popular are cloud storage, which also can not guarantee the completeness of protection against hacker attacks. What to do if you need to save the information away from prying eyes? First of all you can install a password. But, in practice, it can be hacked by regular hard reset, or simply removing the storage drive for further use on other devices. A much more reliable way is to encrypt the data.


For these purposes the KINGMAX specialists together with Go-Trust have developed and introduced the world's first memory card with support for encryption Sycret, which is based on software and hardware methods and aims to provide the best protection of data on your devices. Solutions Sycret offer two algorithms: Sycret Text - key exchange between two users ensures complete confidentiality of the text of correspondence; Sycret Cloud - encrypts files that are stored on the smartphone and cloud storage Dropbox or Google Drive. For testing we have a memory card KINGMAX Sycret Cloud (KT04GW1PPM1BPPX) with capacity of 4 GB, designed for users who have a need to encrypt only individual files, without the need to protect correspondence. First of all we offer a look at the specification of the drive:

Producer and model

tags: kingmax   cloud   aes   microsd   android   
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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6: review and testing

In recent years, all have become used obtain one of the most technological gadgets on the market due to release of a new flagship smartphone of series Samsung Galaxy S. And it is a rule that each model can meet the needs of even the most demanding user. And if the functionality of all devices of the Korean manufacture was always at the highest level, in terms of design solutions were criticized. This is primarily due to the insignificant differences between the appearance of devices and in terms of used materials.

Samsung Galaxy S6

This year at the MWC in Barcelona admirers of the brand received a pleasant surprise in the form of a presentation of two flagships - Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which got a new design using glass and metal in the structure. For testing we have the first model without the curved screen and prefix «Edge», but this device is no less interesting. All features are described in today’s review. But first of all let’s learn the technical specifications:

Producer and model

tags: samsung   galaxy   wi-fi   amoled   gps   android   arm   nfc   bluetooth   4k ultra hd   corning gorilla glass   cortex-a53   exynos   multi-touch   ddr4   micro-usb   cortex-a57   4g   3g   
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Smartphone GIGABYTE GSMART Rome RX: review and testing

Despite the huge advertising budgets and very productive marketeers, not every user is willing to pay a significant amount of money for the advertised brand or invest in a completely uncalled range of options. Often, for such a category of people the main criteria for selection of new mobile devices are reasonable price and practicality that cover all of the advanced functionality.


In this article we will talk about a relatively inexpensive, but quite required smartphone - GIGABYTE GSMART Rome RX, which is due to the classic design, good hardware platform and a very reasonable cost can be a good option.  And we begin our review from a detailed review of the technical characteristics.

Producer and model

tags: gigabyte   gsmart   wi-fi   gps   ips   microsd   bluetooth 4.0   micro-sim   android   arm   mediatek   cortex-a7   
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Smartphone Sigma mobile X-treme PQ30: review and testing

On the pages of our website we have learnt a lot of protected gadgets under the brand Sigma mobile. From mobile phones to highly functional smartphones and even tablets. Nest in turn is another representative of smartphones Sigma mobile X-treme PQ30.

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ30

Novelty has usual aggressive appearance, protection against water and dust according to the international standard IP68, enough fresh hardware platform MediaTek MT6752 and excellent functionality. Traditionally, we propose to start an overview from the technical characteristics of the device:

Producer and model

tags: sigma mobile   wi-fi   mediatek   gps   micro-usb   nfc   arm   ips   android   bluetooth 4.0   dlna   cortex-a53   multi-touch   
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Globex X8 (GU8012C) tablet: review and testing

When choosing inexpensive and efficient tablet the user faces with a difficult task, since the domestic market includes a large number of manufacturers and models. Such type of gadgets includes the hero of our next review, namely Globex X8 (GU8012C).

Globex X8 (GU8012C)

Novelty has a classic look, 8-inch IPS-display, efficient hardware platform and a wide range of wireless communication technologies. We will try to answer to the question: "What the potential buyer can expect from the tablet?" But fist of all let’s start from the technical characteristics:


tags: wi-fi   ips   gps   mediatek   3g   microsd   android   arm   micro-sim   bluetooth 4.0   micro-usb   cortex-a7   globex   
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Smartphone Fly EVO Tech 4 (IQ4514 Quad): review and testing

For quite a long time on the domestic market, the brand Fly won the favor and loyalty of users due to the wide range of different product range and very good price/features ratio. Today for testing we have a mid-range smartphone Fly EVO Tech 4 (IQ4514 Quad), designed for a wide range of users.

Fly EVO Tech 4 (IQ4514 Quad)

New product offers classic appearance in the popular 5-inch form factor, good performance and good functionality. How successful is the smartphone will be descried in this review. But first of all lets notice a technical specification of the device:


tags: fly   wi-fi   gps   ips   mediatek   microsd   android   micro-usb   arm   micro-sim   multi-touch   dlna   bluetooth 4.0   cortex-a7   
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Functionality of ASUS networking equipment

First of all let's remember what is "networking equipment" and its purpose. Of course, many are familiar with the materiel, but anyway it is useful to refresh knowledge.


So the networking equipment is divided into active and passive, and the second has only the toggle and switches. We are not talking about it in this review but ASUS produces it. Nevertheless, noticeable functionality and controllability is suitable only for the active equipment, which we will analyze.

Networking equipment classification

According to Wikipedia: "... active equipment is the equipment containing circuits are powered from the mains or other sources, and performs the functions of amplification, signal conversion, etc." It refers to the ability to process signals by special algorithms. The package data transfer is realized network. Also each package contains technical information: information about its source, purpose, integrity of information, etc. Active networking equipment not only detects and transmits a signal, but processes the technical information, redirecting and spreading the incoming streams in accordance with embedded algorithms in the memory device. This "smart" feature, along with the mains, is a sign of active equipment. For example, the active equipment includes the following types of devices:

  • AC adapter is a board installed in computer and provides a connection to the LAN (local area network);
  • repeater is the unit with 2 ports, designed to replicate the signal in order to increase the length of the network segment;
  • hub (active hub, multiport repeater) is a device with 4-32 ports, used to group users into the network;
  • bridge is a device with 2 ports, usually used to connect multiple LAN groups that allows filtering of network traffic, analyzing network MAC-address;
  • switch is a device with a few (4-32) ports commonly used to combine several working LAN groups (otherwise known as a multiport bridge);
  • router is used to connect multiple LAN groups and allows filtering of network traffic, analyzing network IP-address;
  • media converter is a device with 2 ports normally used to convert the data transmission medium (coaxial↔ twisted pair, twisted pair ↔ optical fiber);
  • network transceiver is a unit with 2 ports normally used to convert the data interface (RS232↔V35, AUI↔UTP).

Note that some experts do not include repeater and hub, as these devices are repeating the signal to increase the distance of connection or topological branching and do not provide its processing. But the controlled hubs are active network equipment, as may have a certain "intellectual aspect."

In general, the most important signs of active network equipment is its ability to control and be controlled from outside.

The review of active networking is quite extensive aspect, so we'll start our approach from the most required by modern equipment allowing to save on GPRS and 3G, connect your favorite tablets and get the most free and fast internet. Today we look at current networking features of Wi-Fi-routers.

Actual devices must be able to function in multiple topologies and communicate over different protocols often not only the latest but also obsolete.

Networking devices of company ASUS not only follow the established standards but introduce new aspects that claim to be widely accepted.

tags: asus   wi-fi   cloud   iptv   3g   4k   linux   android   ethernet   router   4g   windows   mac os   
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Review of Android applications. Release 7

The Android platform is rapidly and successfully came into our lives. In the field of smart phones and tablets it confidently holds the leading position. By the highest standards it is a merit of Google, which could find the optimal model that satisfies the key players: device manufacturers, application developers and users. As a result, during only a few years a huge ecosystem of various software products has created.

Their main mass is located at the company store Google Play, where they are very convenient categorized. But if you don’t want to waste your time looking for interesting new products, or in the news flow you are afraid to miss something interesting, we offer you to dive into the list of the most interesting and useful (in our opinion) programs. Traditionally, the focus will be on free applications. Let’s finish the introduction and go directly to the very novelties.

tags: android   pdf   google   facebook   wi-fi   bluetooth   cloud   
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IP-camera COMPRO TN95W: review and testing

We are glad to introduce you to the new IP-camera COMPRO TN95W. The devices of this class can be very useful in everyday use due to its functionality. In particular, they are often used as baby monitors, helping to look after the child. Due to the presence of motion and sound sensors the device monitors the safety of the house, promptly reporting about suspicious activity.


Model COMPRO TN95W has also additional features. The most important is the support for cloud service C4Home. This software allows you to remotely control the camera using a smartphone or through a web interface, which significantly expands the scope of the new item.








1/3″ CMOS with progressive scanning


Focal length: 1,96 mm

Fixed diaphragm, F2.0

Horizontal viewing angle


Focusing  range

from 1 m ad infinitum

Minimal illuminance

IR mode: 0 lk with illumination and built-in IR LED

(IR- illumination effective at distance up to 8 m)

Color mode at 1 lk


1/5...1/16000 s


Digital, 10х

Network interfaces

10/100 Мb/s Fast Ethernet

Optinal module USB Wi-Fi Compro WL150 (802.11n)

Specification of Wi-Fi connection of Compro WL150 module  


IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n





Data transfer rate

Up to 150 Мb/s

Protection algorithms

64/128-bit WEP, WPA, WPA2

Video setting

Video compressions

M-JPEG and H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10)


160 x 120 (QQVGA), 320 x 240 (QVGA), 640 x 480 (VGA), 1280 x 720 (HD)

Max frame frequency

30 fps at 1280 × 720 (HD)


Pixel size and quality


Brightness, sharpness and saturation

Sound signaling

Built-in all-directional microphone  

Audio compressions

AAC (G.711 PCM 64 Кb/s)

Audio input/output





Control browser via Web-interface

Internet Explorer 8.0 or newer, other browsers require the installation of built-in VLC-plagin

OS for operation with software

Windows XP SP3, Vista SP1, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS 10.6 (only in mode M-JPEG)

Network reports


Memory cards



64 х 82 х 110 mm






Input: 100 − 240 V; 50/60 Hz; 0,2 А

Output: 5 V 2 А by external poser unit

Producer website


tags: compro   microsd   wi-fi   windows   ethernet   android   cmos   mac os   802.11 n   
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Tablet Impression ImPAD 9314: review and testing

Not always the desire to buy a new tablet computer coincides with the presence of a sufficient amount of fund, which significantly reduces the range of devices available for purchase. In connection with the financial crisis, the price for models of famous brands was significantly increased, making them even less affordable to many users. Fortunately, the mobile market almost every day is extended with new and very interesting devices, many of which can boast of a good balance between functionality and reasonable price.

Impression ImPAD 9314

With one of these devices will be described in today’s article. Fir testing we have a promising and well-balanced tablet Impression ImPAD 9314, that has a number of attractive and highly demanded features. The interesting features of mobile gadget for a relatively modest cost of 2899 ($ 139) and some hidden features will be learnt by reading our further review. We will start it traditionally from the detailed consideration of technical characteristics.

tags: impression   wi-fi   gps   ips   android   arm   microsd   micro-usb   micro-sim   dlna   cortex-a7   mediatek   ddr3   bluetooth 4.0   multi-touch   
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Sony SmartBand SWR10: review and testing

In everyday life we are surrounded by a huge variety of gadgets that help in use, study and even on vacation. For some time past, there is a tendency to produce accessories, which are able to monitor the performance of our life - the so-called fitness trackers or activity trackers. Some models also boast of a number of additional functions that can elevate interaction with your smartphone or tablet to a new level. Such interesting accessory is a smartband Sony SmartBand SWR10.

Sony SmartBand SWR10

The product is made in a modern style using qualitative materials. In this review we will try to deal with all the functions and features of the band, evaluating them from a practical standpoint. Let’s start from the technical characteristics:


tags: smart   sony   micro-usb   nfc   bluetooth 4.0   android   arm   
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Review of applications for Android. Release 6

The Android platform is rapidly and successfully came into our lives. In the field of smart phones and tablets it confidently holds the leading position. By the highest standards it is a merit of Google, which could find the optimal model that satisfies the key players: device manufacturers, application developers and users. As a result, during only a few years a huge ecosystem of various software products has created.

Their main mass is located at the company store Google Play, where they are very convenient categorized. But if you don’t want to waste your time looking for interesting new products, or in the news flow you are afraid to miss something interesting, we offer you to dive into the list of the most interesting and useful (in our opinion) programs. Traditionally, the focus will be on free applications. Let’s finish the introduction and go directly to the very novelties.

tags: android   gps   opera   google   wi-fi   mp3   free   lingvo   
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Smartyphone HTC Desire EYE: review and testing 

The decision to allocate top smartphones in a separate lineup of HTC One, of course had a positive effect from the Taiwanese mobile giant. On the one hand, it is possible to carry out an extensive advertising campaign to attract new and potential customers, and on the other - to reduce the serious competition within its own product lineup, and to express themselves to others, at least a promising model.

HTC Desire EYE

In this article we will talk about a very interesting and flagship smartphone HTC Desire EYE, which is the main representative of a slightly forgotten lineup of "desirable" devices. What interesting features has new product and can it oppose to more famous solutions?.

tags: htc   wi-fi   android   gps   ips   qualcomm   lte   nfc   microsd   snapdragon   bsi   miracast   micro-usb   3g   4g   dlna   arm   full hd   bluetooth 4.0   multi-touch   
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Smartphone Sony Xperia Z3: review and testing

urrently Sony is upgrading its mobile business, and shifts the focus to the decisions of the upper and middle price range. In this fiscal year Sony Mobile Communications plans to sell 38 million smartphones. Despite rumors about the rejection of the strategy of issuing new flagship models every six months, the Vice-President of Global Communications and Public Relations Tim Harrison in a recent interview said that the company decided to produce flagship models more frequently than once a 12 months. On the one hand, this solution allows to quickly take into account errors and to impose compete with other manufacturers. But is it possible in this case to rely on the fundamental improvements over the previous model? It can also lead to competition within the lineup. We will try to find out the example of Sony Xperia Z3 is it true in the current market conditions.

Sony Xperia Z3


In terms of technical characteristics, this model is a little different from its predecessor Sony Xperia Z2. There is the same 5.2-inch Full HD IPS-display, processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 and the main camera of 20.7 megapixels. So what's the difference? It lies in a number of design improvements, branded shell Xperia Home and several technical nuances. All this will be explained in more detail below. Let's start from the technical specifications Sony Xperia Z3:




Xperia Z3 (D6603)

Type, form-factor

Smartphone, monoblock

Communication standard

2G (GSM)

850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz

3G (HSPA+)

850 / 900 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100 MHz

4G (LTE)

700 / 800 / 850 / 900 / 1700 / 1800 / 1900 / 2100 / 2300 / 2600 MHz

Broadband data transfer

GPRS (32-48 Kb/s), EDGE (236 Kb/s), HSDPA (up to 42,2 Мb/s), HSUPA (up to 5,76 Мb/s), LTE Cat.4 (up to 50 Мb/s UL, up to 150 Мb/s DL)




Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 (MSM8974AC): quad-core Krait 400, up to 2,5 GHz, L2 cache − 2 МB, manufacturing process 28-nm HPm


Qualcomm Adreno 330: up to 578 MHz, support for OpenGL ES 3.0, OpenVG 1.1, OpenCL 1.1 and DirectX 9.0c 


IPS, 5,2" TRILUMINOS, 1920 x 1080 p (423 ppi), multi-touch up to 10 presses, protective Asahi DragonTrail X, technologies X-Reality and Live Colour


3 GB, dual-channel LPDDR3


16 GB


microSD (up to 128 GB)


1 x micro-USB

1 x audio mini-jack 3,5 mm


Sound processing











Exmor RS (1/2,3"): 20,7 МP, BSI, aperture f/2.0, AF, LED flash, Image stabilization system

SteadyShot, «HDR»-shoot, video recording in format 4K Ultra HD (30 FPS)


2,2 МP, aperture f/2.8, fixed focus, video recording in format 1080p



802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2,4 / 5 GHz)

(Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot)











+ (MHL 3.0)


Accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor, light sensor, LED, a geomagnetic sensor (compass), barometer


Lithium-ion cell, non-removable: 3100 mАh


Input : 100~240 V AC 50/60 Hz

Output: 5 V DC1,5 А


Dust and moisture protection according to IP65 and IP68


146 × 72 × 7,3 mm


152 g


Black / White / Olive / Copper /Purple


Android 4.4.4 KitKat + Xperia Home v7


12 months

Producer website

Sony Mobile Communications AB

tags: sony   wi-fi   ips   qualcomm   full hd   mhl   gps   snapdragon   4k ultra hd   nfc   micro-usb   android   exmor   bluetooth 4.0   3g   lpddr3   hdmi   bsi   cortex-a7   802.11 ac   asahi dragontrail   
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Gaming keyboard Logitech G910 Orion Spark: review and testing

When professional gamer faces with a question of choice of uncompromising gaming device, the amount of material costs goes by the wayside. The main aspects are cold practicality and a strong desire to achieve this goal by all available means. Because in additona to the prestige of the clan or virtual cup, but rather a large real money. For this category of users the company Logitech manufactures high quality and multi-function devices of gaming orientation.

Logitech G910 Orion Spark

And for this review we have a real "space hero" - keyboard Logitech G910 Orion Spark. Having a stylish design, unique features and advanced technical characteristics, it is capable to transfer the gameplay to a new level and provide an advantage in meeting even the most serious enemy.

tags: logitech   mac os   android   ios   windows   keyboard   usb 2.0   logitech romer-g   
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SmartphoneBenQ F5: review and testing

Probably for most users the Taiwanese company BenQ is primarily associated with monitors, projectors and various computer peripherals. Some may remember the mobile phones under the brand BenQ-Siemens, which were issued from 2006 to the second half of 2008. After five year break the company decides to return to the rapidly growing smartphone market with two models: BenQ F3 and A3, which received good specifications and were aimed at the local market. For now the arsenal of the Taiwanese manufacturer includes two current smartphones - BenQ T3 and BenQ F5, designed for the international market in the medium and high price range, respectively. The older model was tested in our test lab and we will try to understand how it is interesting to potential buyers.

BenQ F5

The novelty has a modern look with qualitative materials, 5-inch HD IPS-display, common quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, the main camera module 13-megapixel Sony Exmor sensor and a number of other equally interesting features.

The specs:


tags: benq   wi-fi   qualcomm   ips   gps   snapdragon   android   3g   4g   nfc   dlna   microsd   sony   exmor   micro-usb   bluetooth 4.0   multi-touch   micro-sim   cortex-a7   802.11 n   
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SmarphoneLenovo VIBE X2: review and testing

Many modern smartphone manufacturers trying to draw attention to their devices through a kind of "arms race", which means an increase in the size of the display, the number of processor cores, camera resolution, and other important parameters. So sometimes it turns out that the smartphone has pretty interesting specifications, but from the outside nothing special apart from the competition - all the same unsightly monoblock. All this is clear for the company Lenovo, which is able to create not only interesting gadgets in terms of price/features, but may surprise potential buyer by original appearance. In this regard, nice is a model from lineup Lenovo VIBE, absorbed the advanced technical features and interesting design. A striking example is the hero of our regular review Lenovo VIBE X2.

Lenovo VIBE X2

This model is original and has quite sophisticated design with qualitative materials. All this is wonderfully complemented by 5-inch Full HD IPS-screen, high-performance processor MediaTek MT6595M, the main 13 megapixels camera and a number of other equally interesting features, which we will discuss below. The specs:


tags: lenovo   wi-fi   4g   3g   mediatek   gps   bluetooth   ips   arm   android   full hd   dlna   micro-usb   lte   cortex-a7   corning gorilla glass   multi-touch   802.11 n   micro-sim   soc   
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Tablet Lenovo TAB A8-50: review and testing

Competition among the available tablets is gaining more and more every day. The model range of any self-respecting manufacturer includes more than one device, which cover a wide segment of the market. The company Lenovo being one of the leading developers in the field of computer technology, also could not stay away and presented to the public its vision of a relatively inexpensive, but at the same time multi-functional tablet.

Lenovo TAB A8-50

In this article we will look at the model Lenovo TAB A8-50. Accroding to the price and capabilities, it should appeal to almost everyone judgment and demanding users. Is it really possible you learn from our further review.

tags: lenovo   wi-fi   gps   bluetooth 4.0   android   microsd   ips   mediatek   dlna   micro-usb   cortex-a7   arm   802.11 n   multi-touch   
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Smartphone ZTE Nubia Z7 mini: review and testing

Over the past few years Chinese mobile phone manufacturers made a huge burst in development. Until recently their products had a plain design, low-quality build quality, slurred hardware and software with uncomfortable control aspect. The appearance of Android OS greatly simplified life of the creator of such devices and at the same time increased competition between them. "Fashion" OS applied in smartphones of world-known manufacturers strongly pulled Chinese devices in terms of functionality, but at the same time has increased demands to the hardware. The Chinese unnamed devices became popular for user with higher demands in terms of performance and design.

After a few years of competition for buyers in the domestic and foreign markets the Chinese smartphones were completely transformed. Companies whose names are in our area were not popular now offer phones with flagship systems, high-quality screen and uninteresting design. This is complemented by current versions of the Android OS with useful add-ons from the manufacturer and affordable price.

Against the background of bold newcomers more notable Chinese companies are in an interesting position. On the one hand, their image doesn’t allow to skim the cream like global brands, often offering overpriced smartphones with outdated features. On the other hand, they cannot make price dumping as the cost is higher than that of their younger compatriots with a small staff and advertising costs.

ZTE Nubia Z7 mini

In such circumstances some Chinese brands try to offer smartphones with good quality equipment and technical support at a price slightly higher than "anonymous" devices, but much lower than that of identical offers from international companies. This class of solutions includes the smartphone ZTE Nubia Z7 mini. This model was bought by the author for personal use, and now will try to tell you about the pros and cons of this model.

tags: zte   android   qualcomm   wi-fi   4g   lte   snapdragon   3g   micro-usb   gps   microsd   ips   exmor   4k ultra hd   dts   corning gorilla glass   bluetooth 4.0   micro-sim   widi   dlna   multi-touch   
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