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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6: review and testing

In recent years, all have become used obtain one of the most technological gadgets on the market due to release of a new flagship smartphone of series Samsung Galaxy S. And it is a rule that each model can meet the needs of even the most demanding user. And if the functionality of all devices of the Korean manufacture was always at the highest level, in terms of design solutions were criticized. This is primarily due to the insignificant differences between the appearance of devices and in terms of used materials.

Samsung Galaxy S6

This year at the MWC in Barcelona admirers of the brand received a pleasant surprise in the form of a presentation of two flagships - Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which got a new design using glass and metal in the structure. For testing we have the first model without the curved screen and prefix «Edge», but this device is no less interesting. All features are described in today’s review. But first of all let’s learn the technical specifications:

Producer and model

tags: samsung   galaxy   wi-fi   amoled   gps   android   arm   nfc   bluetooth   4k ultra hd   corning gorilla glass   cortex-a53   exynos   multi-touch   ddr4   micro-usb   cortex-a57   4g   3g   
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Review and testing of gamin mouse Mionix NAOS 7000 and pad Mionix Sargas 900

This sample of computer peripheral doesn’t need colored advertising or other not legitimate methods to influence the user. The most important are highest scores on specialized sites and forums, as well as numerous positive reviews of huge gaming community that had tested all the virtues of this very interesting manipulator.

Mionix NAOS 7000

Fortunately, thanks to the company Syntex, Mionix’s official distributor in Ukraine, we had an opportunity to get acquainted with gaming mouse Mionix NAOS 7000 and make sure the highest functional properties. So let’s proceed to the consideration of the technical characteristics of the examined model.

tags: mionix   arm   windows   usb 2.0   mouse   
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Smartphone GIGABYTE GSMART Rome RX: review and testing

Despite the huge advertising budgets and very productive marketeers, not every user is willing to pay a significant amount of money for the advertised brand or invest in a completely uncalled range of options. Often, for such a category of people the main criteria for selection of new mobile devices are reasonable price and practicality that cover all of the advanced functionality.


In this article we will talk about a relatively inexpensive, but quite required smartphone - GIGABYTE GSMART Rome RX, which is due to the classic design, good hardware platform and a very reasonable cost can be a good option.  And we begin our review from a detailed review of the technical characteristics.

Producer and model

tags: gigabyte   gsmart   wi-fi   gps   ips   microsd   bluetooth 4.0   micro-sim   android   arm   mediatek   cortex-a7   
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DriveWD My Cloud (WDBCTL0030HWT) with capacity of 3 TB

Purchase of a personal network drive may be the most simple and affordable option for home server with the aim to storage and remote access to personal data. Meet an affordable solution WD My Cloud.

WD My Cloud (WDBCTL0030HWT)

This is entry-level device which includes only one hard drive with capacity from 2 to 6 TB. Accordingly, it is hardly suitable for the organization of the efficient server with RAID-arrays from multiple storage devices, but it is ideal for the home system with stylish design, ease of use and support for interface USB 3.0. And in contrast to the popular cloud storage services, the new product does not require constant subscriber transmission and immediately provides an impressive amount for information storage and provides fast backups.

Table of specifications Drive WD My Cloud:

Producer and model

tags: wd   cloud   usb 3.0   ddr3   arm   gigabit ethernet   
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Smartphone Sigma mobile X-treme PQ30: review and testing

On the pages of our website we have learnt a lot of protected gadgets under the brand Sigma mobile. From mobile phones to highly functional smartphones and even tablets. Nest in turn is another representative of smartphones Sigma mobile X-treme PQ30.

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ30

Novelty has usual aggressive appearance, protection against water and dust according to the international standard IP68, enough fresh hardware platform MediaTek MT6752 and excellent functionality. Traditionally, we propose to start an overview from the technical characteristics of the device:

Producer and model

tags: sigma mobile   wi-fi   mediatek   gps   micro-usb   nfc   arm   ips   android   bluetooth 4.0   dlna   cortex-a53   multi-touch   
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Globex X8 (GU8012C) tablet: review and testing

When choosing inexpensive and efficient tablet the user faces with a difficult task, since the domestic market includes a large number of manufacturers and models. Such type of gadgets includes the hero of our next review, namely Globex X8 (GU8012C).

Globex X8 (GU8012C)

Novelty has a classic look, 8-inch IPS-display, efficient hardware platform and a wide range of wireless communication technologies. We will try to answer to the question: "What the potential buyer can expect from the tablet?" But fist of all let’s start from the technical characteristics:


tags: wi-fi   ips   gps   mediatek   3g   microsd   android   arm   micro-sim   bluetooth 4.0   micro-usb   cortex-a7   globex   
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Review and testing of mouse Mionix AVIOR SK and mouse pad Mionix Sargas 450 SK

Probably every other user who following the various cyber activities from time to time have a question: "What computer peripherals are used by successful professional players to achieve such good results?"

Mionix AVIOR SK Mionix Sargas 450 SK

In this review we will get acquainted with the typical "workhorse" of the progamer, gaming mouse Mionix AVIOR SK. Developed in collaboration with the famous German team SK Gaming, this mouse is the reference model that will allow us to step behind the scenes of the professional gaming community.

tags: mionix   arm   windows   usb 2.0   mouse   
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Smartphone Fly EVO Tech 4 (IQ4514 Quad): review and testing

For quite a long time on the domestic market, the brand Fly won the favor and loyalty of users due to the wide range of different product range and very good price/features ratio. Today for testing we have a mid-range smartphone Fly EVO Tech 4 (IQ4514 Quad), designed for a wide range of users.

Fly EVO Tech 4 (IQ4514 Quad)

New product offers classic appearance in the popular 5-inch form factor, good performance and good functionality. How successful is the smartphone will be descried in this review. But first of all lets notice a technical specification of the device:


tags: fly   wi-fi   gps   ips   mediatek   microsd   android   micro-usb   arm   micro-sim   multi-touch   dlna   bluetooth 4.0   cortex-a7   
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Review and testing of gaming mouse Mionix AVIOR 8200 and pad Mionix Sargas 320

Someone said: "Сonsistency is a feature of mastery." And, following this wise proverb, we continue to acquaint you with the products of the young Swedish company Mionix, which has already established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality gaming peripherals.

Mionix AVIOR 8200

This article is devoted to the gaming manipulator Mionix AVIOR 8200. According to the developers, its main advantages are the convenient ergonomics and high-precision laser sensor with a maximum resolution of 8200 dpi. We are very skeptical to all sorts of marketing and ready to personally check the truth of these bold statements. And we are going to start from of the technical characteristics of the tested model.

tags: mionix   arm   windows   mouse   fps   
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Review and testing of mouse Mionix NAOS 8200 and mouse pad Mionix Propus 380

In this article we will focus on the production of a young but very ambitious company Mionix, which only recently began its triumphant ascent to the gaming peripheral market. Founded in 2007 by a young Swedish enthusiast Peter Nygren, it has already won a number of prestigious awards in the field of computer design and collect a mass of positive responses among demanding gaming audience worldwide.



Mionix NAOS 8200

For testing we have gaming manipulator Mionix NAOS 8200, the main feature of which is an excellent ergonomics, multiplied by the stylish and very attractive utilitarian design. And we have decided to use heavy artillery in the form of the gaming surface Mionix Propus 380 in order to fully analyze the hidden potential of the device under review.

tags: arm   mouse   windows   mionix   
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Tablet Impression ImPAD 9314: review and testing

Not always the desire to buy a new tablet computer coincides with the presence of a sufficient amount of fund, which significantly reduces the range of devices available for purchase. In connection with the financial crisis, the price for models of famous brands was significantly increased, making them even less affordable to many users. Fortunately, the mobile market almost every day is extended with new and very interesting devices, many of which can boast of a good balance between functionality and reasonable price.

Impression ImPAD 9314

With one of these devices will be described in today’s article. Fir testing we have a promising and well-balanced tablet Impression ImPAD 9314, that has a number of attractive and highly demanded features. The interesting features of mobile gadget for a relatively modest cost of 2899 ($ 139) and some hidden features will be learnt by reading our further review. We will start it traditionally from the detailed consideration of technical characteristics.

tags: impression   wi-fi   gps   ips   android   arm   microsd   micro-usb   micro-sim   dlna   cortex-a7   mediatek   ddr3   bluetooth 4.0   multi-touch   
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Sony SmartBand SWR10: review and testing

In everyday life we are surrounded by a huge variety of gadgets that help in use, study and even on vacation. For some time past, there is a tendency to produce accessories, which are able to monitor the performance of our life - the so-called fitness trackers or activity trackers. Some models also boast of a number of additional functions that can elevate interaction with your smartphone or tablet to a new level. Such interesting accessory is a smartband Sony SmartBand SWR10.

Sony SmartBand SWR10

The product is made in a modern style using qualitative materials. In this review we will try to deal with all the functions and features of the band, evaluating them from a practical standpoint. Let’s start from the technical characteristics:


tags: smart   sony   micro-usb   nfc   bluetooth 4.0   android   arm   
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Smartyphone HTC Desire EYE: review and testing 

The decision to allocate top smartphones in a separate lineup of HTC One, of course had a positive effect from the Taiwanese mobile giant. On the one hand, it is possible to carry out an extensive advertising campaign to attract new and potential customers, and on the other - to reduce the serious competition within its own product lineup, and to express themselves to others, at least a promising model.

HTC Desire EYE

In this article we will talk about a very interesting and flagship smartphone HTC Desire EYE, which is the main representative of a slightly forgotten lineup of "desirable" devices. What interesting features has new product and can it oppose to more famous solutions?.

tags: htc   wi-fi   android   gps   ips   qualcomm   lte   nfc   microsd   snapdragon   bsi   miracast   micro-usb   3g   4g   dlna   arm   full hd   bluetooth 4.0   multi-touch   
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ASUS RT-AC68U router: review and testing

In this review we will continue to get acquainted with wireless routers that support the communication standard IEEE 802.11ac. Since its introduction enough time has passed and the market had to be filled with the solutions of the new format, which effected on their cost. Of course, the price tags for high-end models is still high, but the overall trend is still nice. Therefore, we decided not to be limited to the mainstream market segment, but also to draw your attention to a more productive solution. Such, for example, a router ASUS RT-AC68U, corresponding to the class AC1900.


The specs:


tags: asus   wi-fi   usb 3.0   3g   4g   usb 2.0   broadcom   gigabit ethernet   cloud   cortex-a9   ddr3   arm   802.11 ac   802.11 n   
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SmarphoneLenovo VIBE X2: review and testing

Many modern smartphone manufacturers trying to draw attention to their devices through a kind of "arms race", which means an increase in the size of the display, the number of processor cores, camera resolution, and other important parameters. So sometimes it turns out that the smartphone has pretty interesting specifications, but from the outside nothing special apart from the competition - all the same unsightly monoblock. All this is clear for the company Lenovo, which is able to create not only interesting gadgets in terms of price/features, but may surprise potential buyer by original appearance. In this regard, nice is a model from lineup Lenovo VIBE, absorbed the advanced technical features and interesting design. A striking example is the hero of our regular review Lenovo VIBE X2.

Lenovo VIBE X2

This model is original and has quite sophisticated design with qualitative materials. All this is wonderfully complemented by 5-inch Full HD IPS-screen, high-performance processor MediaTek MT6595M, the main 13 megapixels camera and a number of other equally interesting features, which we will discuss below. The specs:


tags: lenovo   wi-fi   4g   3g   mediatek   gps   bluetooth   ips   arm   android   full hd   dlna   micro-usb   lte   cortex-a7   corning gorilla glass   multi-touch   802.11 n   micro-sim   soc   
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Tablet Lenovo TAB A8-50: review and testing

Competition among the available tablets is gaining more and more every day. The model range of any self-respecting manufacturer includes more than one device, which cover a wide segment of the market. The company Lenovo being one of the leading developers in the field of computer technology, also could not stay away and presented to the public its vision of a relatively inexpensive, but at the same time multi-functional tablet.

Lenovo TAB A8-50

In this article we will look at the model Lenovo TAB A8-50. Accroding to the price and capabilities, it should appeal to almost everyone judgment and demanding users. Is it really possible you learn from our further review.

tags: lenovo   wi-fi   gps   bluetooth 4.0   android   microsd   ips   mediatek   dlna   micro-usb   cortex-a7   arm   802.11 n   multi-touch   
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Smart Watch and Phone: sWaP Social review and testing

Fiction of the past dreamed of a time when advanced technology will give people bright and unusual gadgets that provide unprecedented functionality. Movie characters certainly had a small device able to instantly process the vast amounts of information, or provide an advantage in battle.

And during last few years we have almost completely surrounded by high-performance mobile systems, thin and quite powerful smartphones, as well as a variety of other electronic gadgets. And due to the current trend toward miniaturization and the introduction of new technologies, we became the observers of the emergence of something extremely compact and rather unusual. And this is smart watch. The turning point in the industry was in 2013, when "arms race" had not only the world-famous industrial giants Apple, BlackBerry, Google, LG and Samsung, but other equally ambitious and persistent enthusiasts.

sWaP Social

This time we managed to get quite interesting and very promising device in terms of the functionality Smart Watch and Phone sWaP Social. Unlike most of the competitors in the market, this model is not just a stylish accessory with a slightly expanded set of functions, but is a full-fledged smartphone in a compact wristwatch form factor. So let’s start our acquaintance with the detailed examination of the technical characteristics of the gadget.

tags: swap   wi-fi   gps   bluetooth 4.0   micro-usb   3g   tft   android   micro-sim   mediatek   cortex-a9   dlna   arm   
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Tablet PocketBook SURFpad 4 M: review and testing  

The company PocketBook International, in our opinion, does not need any special presentation. Starting from 2008 (when the first electronic reader PocketBook 301 was released) and to present day professional development team never stopped to please loyal fans of the brand by qualitative multimedia devices and e-books. And more recently the company is actively gaining new market segment - the multimedia tablet PCs.

PocketBook SURFpad 4 M


Regular readers, who are closely watching the daily news of our information portal, certainly know about the start of sales of the new series of tablets - PocketBook SURFpad 4. Therefore, we could not miss the opportunity to test one of these rather interesting devices. And for testing we have a model of the lineup PocketBook SURFpad 4 M, equipped with Retina-display with a diagonal of 7.85 inches and a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. In addition, the tablet has a number of additional features, which you can learn from our further review.

The specs:


according to test results, the performance of the tablet is at a high level. eight cores paired with a good graphics accelerator is more than enough to meet almost all daily tasks, including to launch advanced mobile games. the device can easily cope with playback of various hd-content, as has the support of an impressive number of video and audio formats “from the box”.
tags: pocketbook   wi-fi   gps   microsd   bluetooth 4.0   arm   micro-sim   3g   ips   mediatek   microsdxc   microsdhc   micro-usb   android   cortex-a7   dlna   802.11 n   miracast   multi-touch   
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Smartphone Sigma mobile X-treme PQ33: review and testing

Modern smartphone market offers an extremely wide variety of devices of different shapes, sizes, colors and technical configurations. In addition, it became quite popular to equip some solutions by protection against dust and moisture. A striking example is the top models Sony Xperia Z2 and Samsung Galaxy S5. Despite this, modern gadgets remain vulnerable even to minor mechanical effects, which require prudent care. While in most everyday scenario, it is quite possible, that in case of active life, sport or work under hazardous conditions (manufacturing, construction, mining, etc.) - it becomes extremely difficult. Protected smartphones offering increased resistance to external negative factors were created for such purposes. Typically, these devices cannot boast the best performance, which further limits the range of potential users. What would happen if such a protected case will have a considerable screen and efficient hardware platform combined with modern communication capabilities and technologies?

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ33

This will be described on the example of the flagship protected smartphone Sigma mobile X-treme PQ33, which is the embodiment of long-term developments of Sigma mobile. It has a considerable experience in producing safe devices (phones, smartphones and even tablets), which provide good performance in daily life and in the field. We offer an overview of trend start with technical specifications:


in the center is a stylish logo «sigma mobile» (under it there is a special induction coil for wireless charging). on the sides you can see textured inserts that resemble metal sheet with notches. at the bottom there is a strap hole or carbine.compared with conventional smartphones, the novelty has received significantly larger dimensions (150 x 78.5 x 18.5 mm) and weight (260 g), it is quite normal for this class of devices. on the one hand, coupled with some unusual arrangement of controls this leads to the need to adapt over some period of time. on the other, the increased size and weight, special materials and design features (non-slip borders or texture) provide a secure grip even with wet or dirty hands, which is very important in extreme conditions. in general, sigma mobile x-treme pq33 has excellent build quality (there are no defects, backlash or creaking) and stiffness of the structure (here is not even a hint of a deflection or deformation under moderate physical impact, the glass is not pressed, and artifacts on the screen do not appear).sigma mobile x-treme pq33 is equipped with high-quality 4.7-inch screen on the basis of ips-matrix with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a pixel density at 312 ppi. more than enough to display a very smooth font and get quite detailed image as a whole. even with a strong desire individual pixels considered unlikely to succeed.as already mentioned, sigma mobile x-treme pq33 has only one multimedia speaker, which is in the upper part of the rear side of the case (near the main camera lens). due to this location sound is muted when the gadget is on the horizontal surface of the screen up. furthermore, due to its protective properties inside the speaker is covered with a special waterproof membrane. volume is not too large, but quite sufficient for most everyday usage scenarios (watching videos, games). the sound is at a good level: middle and high ranges are detailed enough, but due to the lack of low-frequency sound seems a little flat. in any case, you can use the universal audio jack (mini-jack 3,5 mm) and connect headphones or external speakers.complete headset with vacuum type headphones provides mediocre sound. it has a minimum stock of volume and cannot boast of a wide frequency range: low and medium are almost absent, and high are too high. the sound in the headphones was tested by gaming (impedance 60 ohms) and vivanco hs 200 wt (impedance 16 ohms). it should be noted that due to the nature of the location of audio connectors (under the cap in a small cavity) wide connector of gaming headphones is not suitable. this situation did not happen with vivanco hs 200 wt, so you should consider this factor when choosing future peripherals. returning to the sound, it is quite pleasant, with good detail (there the entire frequency range) and sufficient volume (even with some margin).the novelty is equipped with two modules of digital cameras. front has a sensor on the 5 megapixel, fixed focus lens and aperture f/2.8. photography and filming is started in resolution 2560 x 480p and 1920, respectively.the main camera has received a 13-megapixel lens and an aperture of f/2.4. there are autofocus and single-section led-flash. maximum resolution is 4096 x 3072p. video has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 (30 fps) and a format 3gp. the base of sigma mobile x-treme pq33 is a productive 8-core processor mediatek mt6592, created on the basis of a 28-nm hpm process with application of the design arm cortex-a7. the maximum clock frequency of its processor cores reached 1.66 ghz, while the l2 cache is 1 mb. the integrated graphics card is presented as solution arm mali-450 mp4, i.e. four cores with a maximum clock frequency of 650 mhz. it received the support for opengl es 2.0 and openvg 1.1.set of communication features is presented modules nfc, bluetooth 4.0 and wi-fi. the latter has the support of protocols 802.11 b/g/n and features wi-fi direct, wi-fi hotspot and wi-fi display, but is able to work only in the range 2.4 ghz. in addition, there is support for the radio walkie-talkie (for the application provides "radio station"), operating in the civil range resolution of 446.000 - 446.100 mhz. transmitter power is 0.5 w, and the range can be up to 5 km. traditionally, there is support for dlna.the smartphone has the gps module with support for a-gps. the quality of its operation did not cause complaints: in an open area it quickly determines 12 satellites, and even more. connecting takes a little more than half a minute, and the connection is stable with the majority. "cold" start of gps-module takes up to 2 minutes. in terms of test accuracy of determining was at a level of up to 4 meters. as a result of viewing hd-video (mpeg-4 / avc, container mkv, stream 4 mb/s) at 50% brightness and active modules wi-fi and gps unit discharge for almost 10 hours. game simulation using asphalt 8: airborne at 100% brightness and active modules wi-fi and gps exhausted battery power for 4.5 hours. testing of autonomy by the popular benchmark pcmark (text editing, viewing video, photo editing, etc.) demonstrated the results of 7 hours at maximum brightness. estimated time of the smartphone according to the benchmark gfxbench is 165 minutes.battery charge time from complete unit (5 v, 1000 ma) is about 3 hours. in addition, the smartphone boasts of a possibility of wireless charging thanks to a special induction coil (located in the body of the device) and complete charging platform (mp01) of standard qi. the process of recovery from the wireless battery charging takes about 6 hours. another important advantage of sigma mobile x-treme pq33 is a function of charging of external devices (powerbank), which will be useful outside of civilization (without access to other sources of supply).undoubtedly, is one of the most interesting protected smartphones on the ukrainian market. traditionally, for its class the novelty has spectacular and quite formidable design with quality materials, sophisticated design and high quality execution. the smartphone boasts of dust and moisture protection in accordance with standard ip67, and can safely survive a fall from a moderate height. list of benefits includes a good hd ips-display with wide viewing angles and natural-colors, some good photographic opportunities of digital cameras (5 megapixel and 13 megapixel) with enough light, capacious lithium-ion battery 3500 mah and the latest version of the os android 4.4.2 kitkat. due to the use of efficient 8-core processor mediatek mt6592 and 2 gb of ram novelty is one of the fastest among the protected classmates. in addition, thanks to the support of two sim-cards and a wide range of communication capabilities (nfc, bluetooth 4.0, wi-fi, dlna, gps and even radio walkie-talkie) modern user will feel comfortable in everyday life and in the field.
tags: sigma mobile   wi-fi   gps   android   mediatek   ips   arm   nfc   3g   micro-usb   dlna   microsd   bluetooth 4.0   cdma   cortex-a7   802.11 n   multi-touch   
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ASUS RT-N18U router review and testing

ASUS Company has a pretty serious player in the market of networking equipment. It is enough to look at the variety of devices produced under this brand in the stores. Moreover, the manufacturer pays equally great attention both home and corporate segments. To first one includes the routers of class N150, N300 and N450, and the second - N600, N900, AC1200 and more. Of course, this division is rather relative, and it all depends on the complexity of the organization of the network under certain conditions. However, this classification is simplifies the choice for the average user.

We did such remark, since most wireless equipment is aimed at mainstream users and complies with standards N150, N300 and N450. However, it should be understood that in such a fast-growing digital world, the devices that are currently ranked as traditional business segment, tomorrow can begin actively used in home. Therefore we try to give attention to more productive solutions. In particular, this report will be devoted to wireless router ASUS RT-N18U, which corresponds to the class of N600, that is, its maximum speed of data exchange via Wi-Fi can be up to 600 Mb/s.


The specs:




tags: asus   usb 3.0   wi-fi   ethernet   usb 2.0   gigabit ethernet   arm   cortex-a9   ddr3   802.11 n   
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