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DVR Genius DVR-FHD660G: review and testing

Like computer components the video recorders also can be divided into several classes depending on the functionality. However the boundaries are not so distinct. Since one model can have good optics, but it won’t have additional features. The second, on the contrary, will be equipped with various sensors, but with poor the quality of the lens.

One of the criteria that put the device to top-end- solutions is the presence of built-in GPS. Previously, such devices had a high cost, but in recent years this segment has a tendency to reduce the cost. At least Genius DVR-FHD660G which was launched in autumn 2014. He has a pretty high performance, the above-mentioned module GPS, but its cost is only $ 169 (it is the recommended price). This combination of price and capabilities will certainly appeal to many motorists, so we decided to examine a new product in more details in practice.

Genius DVR-FHD660G

The specs:


Genius DVR-FHD660G 

Image Sensor

CMOS (1/3")

Effective pixel quantity, MP


Recorded video modes

1920 х 1080 @ 30 fps

1280 х 720 @ 30 fps

Recorded video format

.MOV (codec H.264)

View angle, °


Lens aperture




Sound recording


GPS module


Shock  sensor


Motion sensor


Record activation

Automatic, manual, according motion sensor, according shock sensor

LCD-size, inches


Memory card


Memory card capacity, GB


Capacity of built-in battery, mA*h


External interfaces

1 x mini-USB
1 x HDMI

Additional capabilities

с сервисом Google Maps

4-segment display, support of WDR technology, software synchronization with service Google Maps

Relative humidity, %


Ambient temperature,°С



Dimensions, mm

63 x 70 x 29

Weight, g


Producer website


Product page

Genius DVR-FHD660G

Packaging and content

Genius DVR-FHD660G

Genius DVR-FHD660G is shipped in a compact and colorful cardboard box that protects it against impacts and possible mechanical damages. The front side of the box has the device image, features list as well:

  • FHD Video Recorder supports the video recording in format Full HD (1920 x 1080);
  • 135° View Angle. The lens has a quite wide view angles (135°);
  • 2.4" TFT LCD. Presence of 24” LCD screen;
  • WDR technology. Support of the WDR technology;
  • Emergency Recording. Is an automatic video recording during impact sensor reaction;
  • Support up to 32 GB SDHC. Is a support of microSD memory card with capacity up to 32 GB.

We also want to draw attention to the inscription «GPS», which clearly alludes to the presence of the corresponding module.

Genius DVR-FHD660G

Genius DVR-FHD660G

The box is very informative. Here there are various images that demonstrate the advantage of a technology. And on one side of is the table with the technical specifications.

Genius DVR-FHD660G

Package of DVR includes the following components:

  • bracket with a suction cup to hold the device on the windshield;
  • CD with software and documentation;
  • User Manual;
  • guarantee card.

In this case, the manufacturer has saved money. At least, the presence of USB-cable in the package of competitive solutions is the normal situation. Taking into account the recommended cost of the new item at $ 169, the box would also like to see cord with connectors HDMI.

To provide the power is used a device with conventional car plug and a fairly long cable. Parameters of input voltage - 12/24 and 1 A output - 5 V and 1 A.

Design and external environment 

Genius DVR-FHD660G

Despite the great stated capabilities, the DVR has quite compact dimensions (63 x 70 x 29 mm) and light weight (94 g). In this the arrangement of the housing is vertical: the front panel has the screen, while the opposite has the lens. Build quality and thickness of the plastic left only pleasant impressions. The panels are well treated and very tightly fitted to each other. Since the usage environment for such type of device is not favorable, the build quality of the DVR is very important factor.

Genius DVR-FHD660G

The only negative thing is that the rear side of the housing is not very practical. Nevertheless in this case the glossy plastic is not the best solution. But instead you’ll get a rather attractive appearance. So it is quite difficult to make any definite conclusion.

Genius DVR-FHD660G

Almost the entire front panel is given to 2.4-inch screen. Under it are placed controls that are represented by four buttons. According the practice, it is quite comfort to use them even during driving. Compared with the model Genius DVR-FHD650 here the ergonomics of the controls is performed much better. Firstly, the buttons are larger. Secondly, they have a clear stroke, so after some time to get used you can change the shooting mode or activate some function without looking at the screen.

The display provides good image definition. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not mention its resolution, but the reading of information, viewing videos or photos occurs without any difficulty. Not all DVR’s screen could boast such capabilities.

Genius DVR-FHD660G

Genius DVR-FHD660G uses qualitative optics with wide viewing angle (135°) and a large aperture (f/2.0). Here 3-megapixel CMOS-sensor of size 1/3" that can record video at a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a rate of 30 fps. The lens has six glass lenses, which should positively affect the quality of the picture. Note that the body has a built-in microphone for voice recording and speaker for playback.

The basic process of recording and save the video is cyclical. While in case of need it can be run manually. Also recording automatically starts when triggered shock sensor (G-Sensor), or movement. The first tracks the vehicle acceleration in three axes. If there is a strong change of values (for example, during the shock), the DVR starts recording automatically. The second sensor reacts to the appearance of moving objects in the frame. This function is useful when the driver walked away from the car or left a car overnight in the parking lot. Incidentally, during the operation of the shock sensor so-called extra shot is activated. Recorded videos in this mode won’t be deleted. This assures you that in case of accident, the material will remain in the memory card.

Among the other interesting features we note the functions of the camera with the ability to take pictures in the resolution of 2048 x 1536.

Genius DVR-FHD660G

Genius DVR-FHD660G has not internal memory, and all the material is recorded on the external card of standard microSD. The maximum amount can reach 32 GB. The manufacturer recommends the use of solutions of 6 or higher class. In practice, the copying speed from the memory card was about 10 MB/s, which is comparable to high-end solutions from other manufacturers.

The opposite end has mini-USB port and an HDMI port for direct image output from the DVR to a digital monitor or television. All interfaces provide fairly easy access.
Also, the positive aspects of model Genius DVR-FHD660G is built-in high capacity battery (470 mA*h). This significantly extends the functionality of the device, allowing to use it outside the car.

Genius DVR-FHD660G

For mounting the tested model on the automotive glass there is a special bracket with a movable hinge on the end. Due to this Genius DVR-FHD660G can be easily configured in the most optimal area to the user, and in case of need to change its position during a few seconds.

Genius DVR-FHD660G

For Genius DVR-FHD650 we note the presence of long thin legs which connects the recorder to the hinge. As you can see the negative consequences of this design (in the form of increased sensitivity to vibrations) is minimized. This fastening leg has a smaller length. It has become much more massive and monolithic. Thus, driving on bad roads won’t have much impact on the quality of the image.

Genius DVR-FHD660G

Bracket is attached to the glass with a powerful suction cup. This method is quite simple and at the same time reliable. Besides, it does not leave any marks on surfaces. As a result the installation or removal process takes few minutes and does not require any additional efforts.

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