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Akasa Venom Pico CPU cooler: review and testing

Regular readers have already noticed that most of all for testing we have top coolers for cooling the overclocked CPU. But the cost of such cooling systems is comparable with the price of entry-level processors. Consequently, most of them is reasonably to buy if there is a commensurate price on CPU. Most users prefer the processor of the low and middle price segment. Therefore, the coolers for such solutions are selected from the more affordable models.

Akasa Venom Pico

We have an opportunity to examine affordable tower cooler, which is intermediate between a boxed cooler and more expensive models, equipped with large fans and a significant amount of copper tubes. The cooling system Akasa Venom Pico uses relatively small radiator based on two heat pipes, and 92 mm fan with PWM speed control of the blades. You will learn later in the material about the efficiency of the solution under cooling with different processors.

The specs: 

Producer and model

Akasa Venom Pico  

CPU sockets

AMD Socket AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / FM1

Intel Socket LGA775 / LGA115x

Heat pipes





Diameter, mm


Radiator material


Thermal interface

Thermal paste


Akasa DFS922512H

Nominal supply voltage of the fan, V


Current, V


Fan rotation speed, rpm

600 – 3000

Air flow, m3/h (CFM)

Up to 98,41 (57,92)

Static pressure, mm of water column


Noise level, dB

Up to 34,2

Power socket


Fan dimensions, mm

92 х 92 х 25


EBR (Enter Bearing)


40 000

Dimensions, mm

138,5 х 94 х 76

Weight, g


Producer website


Product page

Packaging and content

Akasa Venom Pico

The cooler comes in blister packaging which will adequately protect the device during transportation. Due to this solution, the appearance of new item can be learnt before opening the package.

The front side has a description of compatible platforms, as well as some design features of novelty. So, here are:

  • use of 2 heatpipes to ensure proper performance;
  • use of low-noise fan with PWM speed control of the blades;
  • quick installation thanks to cooler mounting set Akasa Easy Select Clip.

Akasa Venom Pico

The reverse side bears the specification table on 5 languages. It contains the information about the device and delivery set. According to this information the cooler is manufactured in China.

Akasa Venom Pico

Also useful information can be found in the sides of the box. One of them has the list of advantages of new item:

  • providing an interesting appearance by the use of the fan blades with yellow line from Akasa Viper;
  • easy mounting on AMD platform using lever-cam mechanism;
  • silicone blower fasteners for easy installation and low noise;
  • two heat pipes for rapid heat transfer.

Akasa Venom Pico

The second shows a complete mount for platforms based on processors Intel. It should be noted that if AMD uses identical mount for a variety of platforms (AMD Socket AM2 / AM2 + / AM3 / AM3 + / FM1 / FM2), then in Intel the distance between the holes in the system board with sockets Intel Socket LGA775 and LGA115x are different. Therefore, complete fixtures have longitudinal cutouts providing adequate flexibility.

Akasa Venom Pico

Content of cooler Akasa Venom Pico is small and includes only the most necessary things:

  • mount for the platform AMD;
  • thermal grease in the package;
  • installation guide.

Fastening to Intel platform originally is mounted on the cooler with four screws.

Appearance and design

Akasa Venom Pico

Akasa Venom Pico

Radiator of the novelty is different by the use of two copper heat pipes with a diameter of 6 mm, that are pierced by 40 aluminum plates. The thickness of the latter is 0.5 mm and the distance between them is 2 mm. The whole construction is quite compact, and even with the fixed fan its dimensions are small (138.5 x 94 x 76 mm). Consequently, it will fit into most modern cases and will not overlap the memory slots or the first slot for expansion cards.

As for the decorative elements, we note the inscription «Venom» on the top plate that reminds us of the lineup to which the device belongs. Also, many users will like the alternation of plates of different shapes, which provides the original look to a new product.

Akasa Venom Pico

Akasa Venom Pico

Heat pipes are not covered by a layer of nickel. This may lead to decrease in the efficiency of heat transfer associated with the oxidation of copper during operation. But, as practice shows this feature rarely is seen even over time. But the fact that the pipes are not welded to the plates, nor to the base, will affect the conduction of heat from the first seconds of operation.

Akasa Venom Pico

Akasa Venom Pico

The dimensions of the base are small 37.5 x 35 mm. The surface has roughness (clearly visible traces of grinding).

Here we were worried about the presence of fairly large gaps in the joints of the heat pipes and the ground. At best they are filled by thermo paste and at worst by just air. But in both cases the conductivity of heat in the spots over cavities will be relatively low, which negatively affect the overall performance. The advantage is the direct contact copper pipes with heat-spreading lid of the processor, which increases the rate of removal of excess heat.

Akasa Venom Pico

Akasa Venom Pico

Unlike many other coolers, which are incorporated into the usual black utems, Akasa Venom Pico uses a brighter solution. Thus, a yellow color is used not only fan blades but also antivibration mounts used for mounting the propeller to the radiator.

The fan Akasa DFS922512H boasts of PWM speed control of the blades, allowing it to operate at speeds from 600 to 3000 rpm, depending on the input voltage. This propeller Based on Enter Bearing, that, most likely, is the designation of a plain bearing.

The installation process

Since cooler Akasa Venom Pico is relatively small, its installation is very quick and easy. After all, there is no reinforcement plate, no additional set of brackets. Installation is carried out by one of the package mounts principle which resembles traditional FOR boxed solutions. If desired, on the official website of the manufacturer you can download detailed instructions describing this procedure.

Akasa Venom Pico

In the case of computers based on processors of AMD will use the standard mount, preset by the manufacturer of the motherboard. Before installing the cooler it is necessary to install the processor and put thermal interface.

Akasa Venom Pico

Then with the help of a complete wafer-lever fasten the cooler in place.

Akasa Venom Pico

Akasa Venom Pico

As we see, the cooler is really compact and does not prevent the installation of memory modules with high heat sinks or use large heatsinks on the elements of the processor cooling subsystem.

Akasa Venom Pico

Akasa Venom Pico

Unfortunately, here are some nuances. So, AMD processors use fairly large heat-spreading lids. In our case, the cooler does not fully cover its area, which in combination with the notches in the mounting location of heat pipes can negatively affect the heat dissipation.

Akasa Venom Pico

Another thing you should pay attention to is the location of the fan. Thus, the applied fastening involves only two types of installation: above or below the structure. That is the most effective option with the location of the fan on the right (from the side slots for RAM) if mounting on the AMD platform is not provided.

Akasa Venom Pico

So in that case we advise to arrange the case fan on top panel. Thus it will be more effective to remove heat from the radiator.

Akasa Venom Pico

Installation of the cooler Akasa Venom Pico to the Intel platform involves using fixtures that were originally installed on the cooler.

Akasa Venom Pico

Initially set the processor and put a thermal interface.

Akasa Venom Pico

Next install the cooler using fixtures mounted on it and snap them. Since the mounting holes are placed on a uniform distance, the cooler can be positioned in any convenient manner.

Akasa Venom Pico

Akasa Venom Pico

As we see, even if you install the cooler to modules of RAM, DIMM-slots won’t be overlaped. Consequently, the restriction on the height of the memory module is absent. The same applies to the compatibility with high heat sinks used to cool the CPU power circuit elements.

Akasa Venom Pico

Akasa Venom Pico

To install the new item on both platforms can be performed without any auxiliary tools. The process is very easy and will require you a minimum of time and effort.

After installation of the cooling system do not forget to connect the 4-pin fan power connector to the motherboard. Note that the length of the power wire is relatively small, just 20 cm.

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