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CPU cooler system Deepcool NEPTWIN V2: review and testing

Recently we’ve tested cooler Deepcool GAMER STORM LUCIFER, which has demonstrated excellent performance at cooling of high overclocked processors. Now we have the opportunity to explore the efficiency of a further solution of the company the cooling system Deepcool NEPTWIN V2. Unlike the prior test device, this novelty uses not one 140 mm but two 120 mm fans. At the same time the hero of this review is a bit smaller, although the weight of the structure of both coolers is comparable with each other.

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

What should choose the sophisticated user: single fan solution with a loud name and a great performance or tested new product with two fans? We won’t go ahead and will give you the opportunity to make an informed choice. Now you're ready to get acquainted with the cooler Deepcool NEPTWIN V2. Let's start it form the specification.

The specs:

Producer and model

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2  

CPU sockets

AMD Socket AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / AM3+ / FM1 / FM2

Intel Socket LGA775 / LGA1156 / LGA1155 / LGA1150 / LGA1366 / LGA2011 / LGA2011-v3

Max TDP level to support AMD/Intel processors, W

140 / 150

Heat pipes





Diameter, mm


Radiator material


Thermal interface

Thermal paste in package

Quantity of fans


Fan supply voltage, V




10,8 – 13,2




Without adjustment of rotation speed



Consumption current, А

0,2 ± 10%

0,25 ± 10%

Power consumption, W



Fan rotation speed, rpm

1300 ± 10%

900 ± 150 – 1500 ± 10%

Noise level, dB


17,8 – 30

Power socket



Air flow, m3/h (CFM)

110,71 – 237,01 (65,16 – 139,5)

Fan dimensions, mm

120 х 120 х 26

Bearing type

Hydro Bearing

Dimensions of cooling system with installed fans, mm

126 х 136 х 159

Weight, g


Producer website


Product page

Package and content

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

The box of Cooler Deepcool NEPTWIN V2 is performed without the use of bright colors. Nevertheless, it draws attention to the image of the device, which in the picture has an impressive and interesting look. In order to further intrigue a potential buyer the manufacturer has placed a list of the main features of the new item:

  • Blue LED - the presence of a blue LED-backlight of fans;
  • Twin-Tower Heatsink – the use of radiator type Twin-Tower (double tower);
  • Intel & AMD - compatibility with Intel and AMD;
  • Heat-pipe x6 – the presence in the construction of six heat-conducting tubes;
  • Cooper Base – the use of copper base;
  • With Dual Fan - the use two fans for active cooling.

Separately on the front side is an indication about the compatibility with the processors of series AMD FX and Intel solutions with built-in socket LGA2011. Note that a more complete compatibility list includes almost all modern and some older processor sockets. You can learn them in the table of specification or on one of the sides of the box.

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

The reverse side of the package has another image of the cooler, but without fans. The use of two-piece design of the tower type allows you to use only one internal fan, which does not affect the size of the cooling system.

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2 Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

Sidewalls of box provide more detailed information about the features Deepcool NEPTWIN V2. So, here are the main characteristics of the new item, a list of compatible platforms and processors, its size and manufacturing country (China).

According to the stated information the cooler capable can cool Intel processors with thermal package up to 150 W and solutions from AMD with TDP up to 140 W. The first include all models of the "blue" camp, but compatibility with the 220-W CPUs of lineup AMD FX-9xx0 is not available.

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

Inside the package all the components are arranged in their places and the parts are carefully packed in plastic bags with the designation of compatible platforms. Kitting of cooler Deepcool NEPTWIN V2 deserves only praise as it includes everything needed to install it:

  • universal amplifier plate with four anti-vibration nozzles and metal fittings for different platforms;
  • clamping metal plate;
  • square rubber gasket (only for platform Intel Socket LGA775);
  • a set of washers, nuts and bolts;
  • four plastic modules;
  • thermal compounds in the package;
  • Installation Guide.

A little later we will talk about how simple and easy process of installing of new item on systems with different processors.

Design and construction

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

Radiator consists of two sections of tower type, each of which is pierced by six U-shaped copper heat pipes with a diameter of 6 mm. Aluminum plates (40 in each of the sections) have a thickness of 0.5 mm and are uniformly arranged on 2.2 mm between them.

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

Heatpipes in Deepcool NEPTWIN V2 are not covered with a layer of nickel, which may lead to reduction in their thermal conductivity due to the oxidation of copper. As for their contact with the plates, the last are threaded on the tube. Solder into contact pints is absent.

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

But the tubes are securely soldered to bottom that will positively reflect on the efficiency of the cooler. The base has dimensions of 39.5 x 50 mm and made of copper, but in this case the manufacturer has taken care of the applied nickel layer. Positive impression is enhanced by paying attention to the quality of its polishing. The base has a smooth surface that promotes rapid heat transfer from the heat-spreading lid of the processor elements.

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

Active cooling is assigned to two 120 mm fans that have a number of differences, despite similar appearance. So, one of them is equipped with a 4-pin connector, which is supports its rotation speed in the range 900 to 1500 rpm. The second is equipped with a 3-pin connector, so it works at a constant speed of about 1300 rpm.

The decision to equip two-fan cooler with various fans is not a common thing. Note that the original Deepcool NEPTWINalso uses two fans of similar design to tested model, but are made in the typical blue color. But Deepcool NEPTWIN V2 uses translucent black fans, but the blue color is also available. Now it is represented in LED-light.

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

In the places of fan contact with the radiator there are small pads which reduce the vibrations during rotation. Fan is mounted to the radiator using the provided brackets.

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

Assembled cooler has a nice appearance. In our subjective opinion, translucent black fans look at more harmoniously than blue-black fans in the original decision.

Deepcool NEPTWIN V2

The connect process of the new item will require two slots: 3-and 4-pin. Cable lengths of 28 cm will be sufficient to summarize them to remote connectors.

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