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AMD FX-4300 processor: review and testing

AMD Company for a long time did not release of processors for desktop configurations. Of course there were APUs AMD Richland, AMD Kaveri and AMD Kabini, but we don’t account them because it is a little different level solutions, and they are intended primarily for non-gaming systems. You can remember about the announcement of the models with index AMD FX-9xxx. But there is nothing really new - the same AMD FX-8350, but with varying degrees of parameters optimization.

It would seem that such a situation must be sad to separate the AMD company engaged in processors production. But what do we see in practice? Despite the fact that from the announcement of a series of models AMD Vishera has been almost two years, they still well "feel" at the market where competition from new families of Intel Haswell, Intel Haswell Refresh and Intel Devil's Canyon takes place. And the matter is not only an attractive price, but also in the potential, which was put by the manufacturer in architecture AMD Bulldozer. We mean the concept of dual-core modules. Recently the developers of games, finally started to take the advantages of parallel computing. Such well-known projects like Crysis 3 and 4 BattleField aew pretty good friends with multithreading. And that's just the beginning...

Thus, the solutions AMD Vishera continue to confidently hold their positions in the processor market, and apparently they do not think in the near future to disappear from store shelves.

Therefore, we were pleased to test the 4-core model AMD FX-4300.

AMD FX-4300

The specs:


AMD FX-4300



CPU socket

Socket AM3+

Clock speed, MHz



Turbo mode





Turbo mode


Basic frequency, MHz


L1 cache capacity, КB

2 х 64 (instruction memory)

4 х 16 (data memory)

L2 cache capacity, КB

2 х 2048

L3 cache capacity, MB



AMD Piledriver

Code name

AMD Vishera

Q-ty of processor cores/threads

4 / 4

Instruction support

MMX(+), SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4A, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, x86-64, AMD-V, AES, AVX, XOP, FMA3m FMA4

Supply voltage, V




Critical temperature, °C


Technological process, nm


Technology support

AMD 64-bit
AMD Turbo Core 3.0
AMD PowerNow!
AMD VT (Virtualization technology)
AMD EVP (Enhanced Virus Protection)

On-board memory controller

Max memory capacity, GB


Memory type


Maximum frequency, MHz


Number of memory channels


Max number of modules per one channel


Availability of integrated graphics core


Packaging, set of delivery and design

AMD FX-4300

Processor AMD FX-4300 is shipped in a small cardboard box, decorated in red and white colors typical for products of AMD. Central place on the front panel takes logo of series AMD FX. Under it is the inscription «Black Edition», that according to the policy indicates the presence of an unlocked multiplier in this model. Also, the information on the package specifies the basic characteristics of the processor: the nominal clock frequency (3800 MHz), the number of cores (4) and the total amount of cache memory (8 MB).

AMD FX-4300

The box contains:

  • processor packaged in plastic blister for extra protection;
  • cooler;
  • user manual;
  • sticker with logo of series AMD FX.

AMD FX-4300

Model AMD FX-4300 belongs to the family of AMD Vishera, so externaly it does not differ from their older counterparts visited earlier in our lab: AMD FX-6350, AMD FX-8350 and AMD FX-9370. The heat-distribution lid contains the name of the series and model marking. It contains the information about the country where the chip was produced (Germany) and the place of final building (Malaysia). Arrangement of contacts on the back side corresponds to the CPU socket Socket AM3+.

Supplied cooling system 

AMD FX-4300

AMD FX-4300

Cooler that comes with the processor AMD FX-4300 has a fairly simple configuration: aluminum radiator with a square base with four sections of ribs and a low-profile fan. Taking into account the declared level TDP of 95 W, it is a little strange to see here the absence of any copper element and heat pipes.

AMD FX-4300

Хотя по сравнению со штатной системой охлаждения для 65-ваттных процессоров компании AMD данный кулер (на фотографии справа) выглядит куда более «солиднее».

AMD FX-4300

For blowing the fins quite productive (power 8.4 W) 70 mm fan AVC DESC0715B2U is applied. It is based on the rolling bearing. To connect to the motherboard there is a 4-pin connector. Control of fan speed is realized by using PWM method.

Performance analysis

AMD FX-4300

During normal operation, the speed of AMD FX-4300 is equal to 3800 MHz at reference frequency of 200 MHz and the multiplier "x19". At the time of reading the core voltage was 1,248 V.

AMD FX-4300

In dynamic mode of the frequency increase by using the proprietary technology AMD Turbo Core 3.0, the multiplier increases by 1 point to a value of "x20". Processor clock speed is increased to the level of 4000 MHz and a voltage of - 1.332 V. For 6-core models this value usually exceeds 1.4 V.

AMD FX-4300

Note that the technology AMD Turbo Core 3.0 is quite effective and has several stages where depending on the load the frequency and voltage of the processor vary. In particular, in case of AMD FX-4300 between 3800 MHz and 4000 MHz there is another intermediate state of 3900 MHz (voltage - 1.344 V, multiplier - "x19,5").

AMD FX-4300

This graph shows the behavior of the processor under the maximum load. As you can see, its frequency is not constant 4000 MHz, and floats within 3400 - 4000 MHz. Supply voltage also is changed from 1,212 V to 1,356 V.

AMD FX-4300

In idle mode the multiplier decreases to a value "x7", thereby the frequency is decreased to 1400 MHz and a voltage to 0,888 V.

AMD FX-4300

Cache memory in AMD FX-4300 is distributed as follows:

  • L1 cache memory: 16 KB per each 4 core is given for caching of data with 4 associativity channels and 64KB per each of dual-core modules for instruction with 2 associativity channels.
  • L2 cache memory: 2 MB per each dual-core module with 16 associativity channels.
  • L2 cache memory: 4 MB for 32 associativity channels.

AMD FX-4300

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