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AMD Sempron 3850 review and performance testing

It would seem that with the release of AMD Kaveri processors family the concept of APU has exhausted itself. And its further development is impossible without the introduction of DDR4 standard RAM. However, the building process can be developed in several directions. One of them is the creation of energy efficient, productive and at the same time reasonable devices. This principle is clearly seen in the series of AMD Kabini processors. The developer has realized a lot of innovative technologies and solutions and the most interesting is the transition from a BGA to PGA-case.  

Previously all mobile processors were unsoldered directly on the motherboard. This arrangement caused some inconvenience during the selection of a system and its further updating. AMD Kabini model doesn’t have such a disadvantage because AMD AM1 platform is equipped with a separate processor socket. Now you can separately purchase a processor with the required performance and a motherboard with an appropriate functional, and if necessary replace them easily. Of course this approach will please many users as it provides greater freedom of choice when building an entry-level configuration.

Also, instead of a staged release of the new processors on the market, AMD Company decided to present the entire lineup which includes four models: AMD Sempron 2650, AMD Sempron 3850, AMD Athlon and AMD Athlon 5150 5350.

AMD Sempron 3850

The parameters of AMD Athlon 5350 series we observed together with reviewing the platform AMD AM1. Now we are going to examine less productive solutions: AMD Sempron 2650 and AMD Sempron 3850. Especially this review will be focused on the faster model AMD Sempron 3850.

The specs:


AMD Sempron 3850 



CPU socket

Socket AM1

Clock frequency, MHz




Basic frequency, MHz


L1 cache-memory capacity, KB

4 х 32 (instruction memory)

4 х 32 (data memory)

L2 cache-memory capacity, KB


L3cache-memory capacity, KB


Micro architecture

AMD Jaguar + AMD GCN

Code name

AMD Kabini

Number of CPU cores/streams

4 / 4

Instruction supported

MMX(+), SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4A, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, x86-64, AMD-V, AES, AVX

Supply voltage, V

0,5 - 1,4

Max design power (TDP), W


Critical temperature, °C


Technological process, nm


Technology support

AMD 64-bit

AMD Virtualization

AMD UVD (Universal Video Decoder)

On-board memory controller

Max memory capacity, GB


Memory type


Maximum frequency, MHz


Number of memory channels


Maximum number of modules per one channel


On-board graphics core AMD Radeon HD 8280 (AMD Radeon R3 Graphics)

Data flow processor


Rasterization modules


Texture blocks


GPU clock frequency, MHz


Instruction set

DirectX 11.2

OpenGL 4.3

OpenCL 1.2

Shader Model 5.0

Packaging, set of delivery and  design

AMD Sempron 3850

AMD Sempron 3850 processor is shipped in a small box decorated in white and red colors. In every possible way we remind that this model belongs to the family of APUs. It means that a part of the processor and graphics core are combines into one unit. Even the logo with the inscription “AMD Sempron” logo reminds emblem of APU AMD last of generation.

As usually the label contains all the essential information regarding the processor, namely the clock frequency (1.3 GHz), the size of L2 cache memory (2 MB) and the number of processor cores (4). Also it is noted that the nominal cooling system is included in the package.

AMD Sempron 3850

The box contains:

  • the processor packed in a plastic blister for extra protection;
  • cooler;
  • user’s manual;
  • logo sticker of series APU AMD

AMD Sempron 3850

The external design of AMD Sempron 3850 is the same as for previously considered solutions from AMD Kabini family. On the heat-distribution lid there is the series name and model labeling. Also here you can find country of chip origin (Germany) and country where the final building was made (Taiwan). The arrangement of contacts on the back side corresponds to CPU Socket AM1.

Nominal cooling system

AMD Sempron 3850

APU AMD Sempron 3850 cooler is the same as previously described AMD Athlon 5350. This is characterized by the same level of TDP (25W) in both solutions. Nominal cooling system is compact (55 x 55 x 40 mm) and has two spring-loaded plastic clips instead of clips. Thus the tradition of AMD Company regarding the usage of used the same mounting system for all platforms was broken.

AMD Sempron 3850

Radiator gas a standard design: aluminum core with four sections of the plates. Low-profile 50mm fan with marking 1A213LQ00 is used for air blow-off. The power is carried out via 3-pin socket with the support of monitoring of blade rotation speed.

AMD Sempron 3850

In practice, the nominal cooling system has a good mark. At the maximum load of processor core and built-in graphics core the temperature didn’t exceed 47°С. Depending on selected BIOS profile the speed of fan rotation can be dynamical changed within 1300 – 4000 rpm. If you choose the mode “Silent” this index will be on the level 1300rpm independently from load. As for noise characteristics, the cooler has a quiet operation till the value 3000prm and after this index you can observe detectable background.

Performance analysis

AMD Sempron 3850

During a normal operation speed of AMD Sempron 3850 is 3700 MHz with a reference frequency of 100 MHz and multiplier “x37”. At the moment of readout the core voltage was 1,280 V.

AMD Sempron 3850

In idle mode the multiplier value is decreased to “x8”, thus the frequency drops to 800 MHz. The voltage is 1.168 V. The transition to energy saving mode of AMD Athlon 5350 this value was reduced up to 1.024V at the same clock frequency. It means that the mechanism of energy saving with the absence of load operates in different way.

AMD Sempron 3850

Cache memory of AMD Sempron 3850 is distributed as follows:

  • L1 cache memory: for each of the 4 cores there are 32 KB for data with 8 associativity channels and for each 32 KB for instructions with 2 associativity channels;
  • L2 cache memory: for each 2 MB for all cores with 16 associativity channels;
  • L3 cache memory is absent.

AMD Sempron 3850

RAM Controller runs in single channel mode and supports modules with frequency up to 1600MHz. The maximum memory capacity is 16GB.

AMD Sempron 3850

GPU-Z utility has incorrectly defined the characteristics of iGPU, that’s why for this purpose we have used another popular program AIDA64.

In AMD Sempron 3850 includes graphics core of AMD Radeon R3 Graphics series under code name AMD Radeon HD 8280. From the point of view of hardware it repeats the iGPU performance of the AMD Athlon 5350 (AMD Radeon HD 8400): 128 stream processors, 4 rasterization modules and 8 texture units are used. The difference lies only in the frequency formula. Rated speed of the graphics core AMD Radeon HD 8280 is 450 MHz, while for AMD Radeon HD 8400 it reaches 600 MHz. Let’s remind that in both cases the advanced microarchitecture AMD GCN is used. It is a basis of all modern graphics cards AMD Volcanic Islands. To save energy during the absence of a load on the graphics core its frequency is automatically reduced from 450 to 266 MHz.

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