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Monitor Acer XG270HU: review and testing

In addition to direct competition in the market of graphics card, the companies AMD and NVIDIA are also in constant competition in the field of technology. Until recently, this "war" mainly related to methods for improving the quality of the graphics and games optimization. But now the opposition reached a new level, and has involved the manufacturers of other components. We are talking about the dynamic vertical synchronization technology of the monitor. And quite interesting is that two irreconcilable competitors went separate ways. The company NVIDIA developed its own module and technology of data exchange between it and the graphics card, while AMD used open standard Adaptive Sync. We have already tested the features of NVIDIA G-SYNC. Now it’s time to consider the response from AMD - technology AMD FreeSync. And we decided to learn it on the example of monitor Acer XG270HU with its support.

Acer XG270HU

We would like to recall that we have learnt the theoretical aspects of the technology AMD FreeSync in the material «AMD FreeSync is a reasonable response of NVIDIA G-SYNC». Therefore, in this case we would like to focus on the features of its implementation. And, of course we will learn the capabilities of the monitor Acer XG270HU.

The specs:


Acer XG270HU 

Matrix type

TN Film



Monitor size inch, mm

27 / 68,6

Screen format


Max resolution

2560 х 1440

Optimal frequency at max resolution, Hz


Pixel density, PPI


Brightness, cd/m²


Contrast Ratio (statistical/dynamic)

- / 100 000 000:1

Matrix Response Time (GtG), ms


Color numbers, M.


Horizontal scanning frequency, KHz


Vertical scanning frequency, Hz


Viewing angles (h/v) till the contrast > 10:1,°

170 / 160

Video output

1 x DisplayPort 1.2

1 x DVI-D

1 x HDMI / MHL

Audio output

2 х 3,5-mm audio

USB 2.0


USB 3.0


On-board speaker capacity, W

4 (2 х 2)

Power consumption, W


Additional capabilities

Support for technology AMD FreeSync (dynamic vertical synchronization)

Wall mounting


Dimensions including stand, mm

614 х 451 х 206

Weight including stand, kg


Producer website


Product page

Acer XG270HU

Package and content

Acer XG270HU

Monitor Acer XG270HU is shipped in a large colorful cardboard box, which provides protection against shock and possible mechanical damage during transportation. In addition to an attractive design, it also boasts of well informative aspect. There are photos of device, the table of technical characteristics, as well as a number of icons indicating the main features of new item:

  • 27"/ 69 cm monitor - a big screen size of 27";
  • WQHD 2560 x 1440 - display resolution is 2560 x 1440;
  • 1 ms response time - high-speed matrix with response time of 1 ms;
  • 144 Hz - the frequency sweep of the screen can be up to 144 Hz;
  • AMD FreeSync Technology - support for dynamic vertical sync AMD FreeSync;
  • ZERO Frame - "frameless" case;
  • HDMI 2.0 - the video interface HDMI, corresponding to the latest version of 2.0;
  • Eye Protect - support for complex proprietary technologies to reduce the strain on the user's eyes;
  • Energy Star - monitor compliance with the international standard of energy efficiency of consumer products.

Acer XG270HU

Acer XG270HU

The package includes all the necessary components you may need:

  • AC adapter (AC: 100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz / 1.5 A; DC: 19 V / 3.42 A) and cables with different types of plugs;
  • DisplayPort cable;
  • DVI-D cable;
  • leg and stand;
  • manual.

Design and operation conditions

Acer XG270HU

Model Acer XG270HU is positioned as a gaming solution, so manufacturer has paid a lot of attention to its appearance. The monitor is in a very thin case (thickness less than 4 cm) using a frameless fixing method of the display. By the way, its diagonal is 27" and a maximum resolution can reach 2560 x 1440. Also the distinctive feature of a product is the use of orange and glossy plastic lining of the case. The screen has a matte finish. In general Acer XG270HU looks pretty impressive, especially against the background of the same type of black counterparts.

Acer XG270HUThe reverse side of the body doesn’t have VESA mounting, so this model can be installed only on the table. As for us, we do consider the absence of wall-mounting as a big disadvantage. For some users, it may be a positive aspect, as it reduces the thickness of the monitor and its weight. The assembled form the weight of Acer XG270HU is 3.86 kg.

Acer XG270HUAcer XG270HU

Monitor base is not a very functional. It has one swing joint and allows the position of the screen in one plane (the tilt angle in the range -5° ... + 15°). Taken into account that Acer XG270HU uses a matrix type TN Film (which has lower viewing angles than IPS/PLS/*VA-analogues), it also would like to see the ability to adjust the display height.

Acer XG270HUAcer XG270HU

Despite the fact that the legs have a metal design, the compound with the panel is plastic. Therefore, during the assembly of the device and its intended use is required to provide increased accuracy.

Acer XG270HU

We were glad that it did not affect the stability of the monitor. The monitor is steady, does not roll, and does not creak. And thanks to the X-shaped stand with rubber washers it also does not slide on the table, and not prone to be rollover. In general, the stability of the new item is at decent level.

Acer XG270HU

All the available interfaces are traditionally placed on the back of the monitor. Since the power supply is made in the form of an external adapter, they also have main cable jack. Video outputs are presented only by digital connectors: DVI-D, DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 2.0. The latter also supports MHL, and allows you to connect to the Acer XG270HU compatible smartphones and tablets using the monitor to display the stored content. In order to provide the correct operation of technology AMD FreeSync you should use interface DisplayPort 1.2. The same port must have your graphics card.

The additional features include two built-in speakers with a total capacity of 4 W and output for headphones. To transfer an audio signal there is a conventional cable with a 3.5 mm plug on the end. The sound quality of the speakers is acceptable, although the bass is lacking. In any case, their capacity is sufficient for audio playback of videos on the internet, video calls or video conferencing. However, for more serious tasks the user should use external speakers.

Acer XG270HU

The display is controlled via the six buttons located on the bottom of the monitor. The case has no indications. However, after pressing the menu, in the bottom of the screen you can find a bar with icons that indicate the destination of a particular button.

Acer XG270HU

Device status is indicated by a small LED in the lower right corner. The brightness is rather moderate, so even in a dark room it will not distract the attention.

On-screen menu 

Acer XG270HU

In addition to tasks related to the navigation menu, the buttons on the face of the monitor are also responsible for activation of the most commonly used options: profile, brightness, mode OverDrive, volume control of built-in speakers.

Acer XG270HUAcer XG270HU

As for the menu, at first glance it may seem quite plain and non-functional. However, closer acquaintance with Acer XG270HU has shown that it has the settings that are found in competitive solutions: adjust of brightness, contrast, intensity of the basic colors and color temperature. In addition, the user has the option to improve image sharpness and a choice of colors. The menu supports multiple languages.


We used a mini-computer ZOTAC ZBOX nano ID65 PLUS as hardware platform. Full description of the research methodology of the monitor can be found in the corresponding article.

Acer XG270HU

Acer XG270HU features five modes: "User", "Standard", "Picture", "Movie" and “ECO”. First of all let’s look at the performance of profiles obtained during the test, and then analyze the results in more detail on the basis of charts. Also note that for testing we have the monitor with the symbol «UM.HG0EE.001», produced in March 2015. We do not exclude that in the future the market may have other revisions of this model. Therefore we can not guarantee the comparability of results of different versions of Acer XG270HU.






White area brightness, cd/m2 






Black area brightness, cd/m2






Contrast coefficient, х:1






Color temperature of white dot, К 






Correspondence of color space with sRGB standard, %






Correspondence of color space with AdobeRGB standard, %






Average deviation dE*94 (E)






Maximum deviation dE*94 (E)






Average gamma






Power consumption, W






The maximum brightness level was 393.7 cd/m2, which is even more the declared value of 350 cd/m2. This is a fairly high figure, which will allow to enjoy a rich picture in any type of lighting. The same can be proved by the value of the coefficient of static contrast that in all cases exceeds the mark of 1000:1. In general, the selection of basic settings is at the high level for the transmission of the most realistic pictures during the game.

During the measurement of energy consumption we obtained the maximum value of 46 W. In this regard, Acer XG270HU is comparable to other 27” solution.

Acer XG270HU

CIE-diagram of all profiles 

CIE-diagrams of all profiles are very similar to each other and show us the following picture: three reference points are shifted with respect to the vertices of the sRGB triangle space. As a result, a certain lack of color range will be observed in the red colors, as well as in dark blue shades. In figure terms, this means 87.5 - 88.3% of coverage space sRGB. Thus, Acer XG270HU is quite suitable for entertaining purposes. But for the tasks associated with the processing of graphics, design and layout, it is better to look for a professional solution to the color gamut of at least 95%.

Acer XG270HU

Diagram of main color and hue deviations from references in profiles "User", "Standard" and «ECO»

Acer XG270HU

Diagram of main color and hue deviations from references in profiles "Picture" and "Movie"

But in terms of color rendering accuracy, the novelty does not cause any comments. And this statement applies to all modes: the average deviation dE*94 (ΔE) is in the range of 0.90 - 1.01 and the maximum is no more than 2.79. Don’t forget that for the standard CIE 1994 values of 1.5 and 4 are acceptable.

Acer XG270HU

 Graph of RGB  level of all profiles

Balance of RGB-components of preset profiles is at a good level. Only red line in the range 10% - 50% on a scale of brightness is a little lag. However, the deviation is not so high to talk about the shift of the picture to cool shades.

Acer XG270HU

Graph of gamma-curves in profiles "User", "Standard" and “ECO”

Acer XG270HU

Graph of gamma-curves in profiles "Picture" and "Movie"

The gamma setting of the monitor Acer XG270HU is also at high level, at least if we talk about profiles "User", "Standard" and “ECO”. The remaining two modes ("Picture" and "Movie") will give a duller picture in the range of 80% - 100% on the scale of brightness. However, in case of such a large level of static contrast the difference will be to invisible the user's eyes. Nevertheless, we would recommend the use of profiles with more precise tuning range.

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