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Life is Strange – Episode 1: Chrysalis: game review

Title: Life is Strange – Episode 1: Chrysalis
Genre: Adventure
Developer: DONTNOD Entertainment
Editor: Square Enix
Release date: 30 January 2015

There were not high hopes for another episodic adventure that dared to be born almost simultaneously with the long-awaited Dreamfall Chapters, and largely replicated the ideas. There is a crushing on five episodes; the main character is a young girl with problems finding friends and possessing supernatural powers; the need to make decisions and take responsibility for the consequences. The company Red Thread Games can be offended by their French counterparts.

The studio DONTNOD Entertainment has been known only by the low quality of the cyberpunk fighter Remember Me. In general, all pointed to the fact that Ragnar Tørnquist and his companions can sleep peacefully. But surprisingly Life is Strange did not become an ugly duckling, and taped to label of the clone quickly fell off within a few minutes of starting.

Life is Strange

Student weekdays

Maxine Caulfield (a girl) is typical modern American teenager. She’s almost 18 and madly keen photographer and intends to dedicate life this occupation. In order to realize a dream girl left the promising Seattle and returned to native town of Arcadia Bay, where entered the Academy.

Life is Strange

The most common and ordinary American school with a classic bundle the local community to "weirdos", "rich snobs" and "normal" with stereotypical love drama and life in the hostel, when the ability to make pictures, the heroine discovers more one gift: some incomprehensible way she manages to manipulate time.

Life is Strange

And here comes the moment when Life is Strange at full speed ahead its main rival in the person of Dreamfall Chapters. While Norwegians stretched join the whole episode, moving the player to locations with a chain of domestic tasks. The cycle of events is twisted without unnecessary delay, and does not breathe throughout the 4-5 hours spent on learning of every corner of this small but incredibly attractive game.

Time machine

Puzzles and manipulations with objects are not available here. Moreover, also the equipment is absent. But the freedom of action of the player is much more, and it most certainly must be used, not only for the sake heighten the immersion in the atmosphere, but in order to fully understand the intricacies of the plot. The set of posters, flyers and photos that after studying carefully are placed in impressive sizes blog; interesting and beautiful footage, you can open the achievements Steam; finally, communication with the secondary characters, which may shed light on the current situation.

Life is Strange

Here useful is fast time rewind, active use of which often helps to achieve optimal results. In fact, this elegant cheating makes own game thinking. If you screwed up, or just want to change the decision, no longer need to press the button save/load. It is enough to go back to the time which preceded the negative events, and to correct an unfortunate oversight. In the dialogues this option is irreplaceable: using it you can give the other party the answer.

Life is Strange

But even if you forget to take advantage of the unique ability of a girl, nothing terrible will happen. The game will remember your actions and their results will have to face later. Familiar system of "choices and consequences" is friendlier to the player not only because the decision can be changed, but also because of the greater transparency of cause-and-effect relationships.

Actually, the plot is the cornerstone. It makes us think over every action, watch the words, imbued with sympathy for the characters and try not to miss any important detail. But everything is just beginning, and there is four series.

Life is Strange

The company DONTNOD promises to release the episode for 1.5 months, while since the release of Dreamfall Chapters Book One: Reborn have passed almost 4, and the future of the project is still unknown. Tørnquist have to try very hard to justify issued his brainchild advances that against the backdrop of a brilliant start of Life is Strange. Given the fact that Tim Schafer in the future is preparing the end of his Novels Broken Age, race adventure in 2015 promises to be the most intriguing in the last few years.

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