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Logitech Z200 speaker system review and testing

On our web resource we have already introduced you to the various products of the company Logitech. It has a wide range of various peripheral devices: mouse (including gaming), keyboards, headsets, webcams, etc.

Logitech Z200

This review is devoted to 2.0 speaker system produced by Logitech Company. The distinctive features of Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z200 are: quite good (as for systems with small dimensions) peak power of 10 W, ease of operation and deep bass.

The specs:

Producer and model

Logitech Z200





Speaker system


Total output capacity (RMS), W



3,5 mm mini-jack

Frequency range, Hz

Signal/noise ratio (SnR), dB

Level of input signal, mV

Speaker diameter, inch (mm)

2,5 (63,5)

Speaker impedance, O


Additional inputs:




Power supply/volume, Bass



User’s manual

Dimensions, mm

241,2 x 90 x 124,07

Warranty, month

Limited for 2 years

Weight, kg


Producer website

Producer website
Product page

The official specification is weakly saturated technical data. This fact is not a critical, because the majority of buyers are focused precisely on personal impressions during testing.


Logitech Z200

Speaker system package can be characterized as classic because it is typical for most kinds of products, not only for this manufacturer. Its basis is a medium density carton box which is sufficient for reliable transportation. The main are white and turquoise.

Logitech Z200

Central place in the front of the package takes a large image of the device. The color of Logitech Z200 in the picture is fully consistent with the packaged version. So for testing we have the white option, but those customers who prefer a less easily soiled color can choose black.

A special attention is paid to universality of speakers as they are suitable for any device equipped with a standard 3.5 mm audio jack (laptop, smartphone, and tablet). In addition, a good capacity with peak value of 10 W is specified.

Logitech Z200

This color option is available in the market.

Logitech Z200

Traditionally, the on backside of the speakers manufacturer reveals the advantages of the products and Logitech Z200 is no exception. They are:

  • •        surround sound;
  • •        speaker volume control and an additional AUX-connector;
  • •        availability to adjust bass;
  • •        providing of high quality sound.

Central position is occupied by the idea that the speaker system provides a “rich sound with rich bass”.

Logitech Z200

The side face has a brief specification which poorly reflects real technical data. We can suppose that the manufacturer deliberately took this step to avoid creating formulaic sound parameters of Logitech Z200. The real impression of the speaker system can be received during testing the device.

Logitech Z200

At the bottom side there is standard information about the producer (legal address), model and serial number of speakers and country of manufacture (China). The latter fact should not confuse the buyer because most of the IT-products currently are produced in China.

Logitech Z200

Complete set can be described as sufficient. It includes power supply unit and user documentation.


Logitech Z200

Construction of Logitech Z200 stereoacoustics has a classic design of two satellites. They have stylish and modern appearance although all depends on personal preference of the buyer. We cannot say that there are some special delights, but everything looks neat and compact.

Satellite case is made of plastic. Virtually, all of the front space is occupied by the two drivers. Decorative elements are borders of each speaker. For white option is dark gray and for black white

Logitech Z200

All control elements and connectors located on the right active speaker. In the bottom of the face side there is a large-sized speaker volume control which also serves as a power on/off. On the left and right sides of the controller there are sockets for headphones and an external source connection.

Logitech Z200

In addition here is the green LED that indicates the current state of the speaker (on/off).

Logitech Z200

Logitech Z200

On the side face there is a bass controller. In general, the layout of controls is compact and convenient.

Logitech Z200

Speakers are placed on the surface at a slight angle to the user that provides upward sound direction at an angle. This situation helps to create the surround effect.

A curved stand of the same color is used as a support. It is rigidly fixed and it means that during the transport it is impossible to reduce the overall size of the device.  

Logitech Z200

On the bottom of Logitech Z200 there is a rubberized pad that provides better grip to surface and prevents slippage even on smooth surfaces with a small angle of inclination. Additionally such base minimizes the vibration during operation.

On the surface of the active column there is pressed information about technical data. In addition to the model and serial number you can see the most useful information about power input: 5V, current - 1.5 A.

Logitech Z200

Logitech Z200

On the back side of the system you can see a letter designation of speakers location (left and right), as well as power supply connector.

Logitech Z200 Logitech Z200 Logitech Z200

Due to the use of an external power supply unit the inside content is quite compact and takes minimal space.

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