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Laptop HP Pavilion 15-p054nd: review and testing

Hewlett-Packard is known to many of our readers as one of the undisputed leaders in the computer industry. The arsenal of the manufacturer includes both powerful enterprise systems, and custom desktop and mobile devices that are able to satisfy even the most sophisticated requirements. However, a special place in the hearts of fans of the brand is occupied by a variety of high-quality laptops. Each potential buyer can easily pick out the device based on own needs, desires and the size of the purse. And company Hewlett-Packards constantly working on improvements and the introduction of new, sometimes very promising ideas and solutions.

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

It is a very interesting device and we got it for testing. Due to the great experiences and fruitful cooperation with the company Beats Electronics laptop HP Pavilion 15-p054nd has got a stylish bright red case, energy-efficient hardware platform and high-quality acoustic subsystem.

The specs




Pavilion 15-p054nd


AMD A8-6410: 4 cores, 4 threads, nominal frequency − 2000 MHz, dynamic frequency − 2400 MHz, L2 cache – 2 МB


AMD A8-6410


6 GB DDR3L-1600 MHz


Full HD WLED: TN+film, 15,6", 1920 x 1080

Graphics adapter 

AMD Radeon R5 Graphics: frequency 800 MHz, video memory capacity 1 GB (collected from RAM)

Discrete graphics card


Seagate SSHD ST500LM000-1EJ162: 8 GB Flash NAND, 500 GB HDD (5400 rpm)

Optical drive






1 x combined sound mini-jack 3,5 mm

2 x USB 3.0

1 x USB 2.0

1 x RJ45 (LAN)

1 x HDMI

1 x power socket


Speaker system

Stereo speakers, technology Beats Audio

Sound processing

ATI Radeon HDMI (AMD K16.3)

Realtek ALC282




HP TrueVision HD

Communication capabilities

Network adapter

10/100/1000 Mb/s (Realtek)


802.11 b/g/n (Realtek RTL8723BE)


4.0 (Realtek RTL8723BE)


Lock Kensington MicroSaver, password for power activation


HP HSTNN-DB6I: lithium-ion cell, 4-cell, detachable,

2700 mА·h (41 W·h, 14,8 V)



Output parameters: 19,5 A DC at, 2,31 А, 45 W

Input parameters: 100~240 A AC at 50/60 Hz, 1,4 А




385 x 260 x 24 mm


2,27 kg


Windows 8.1


12 months

Producer website


Packaging and content

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

Laptop HP Pavilion 15-p054nd is shipped in a fairly plain and unassuming-looking box. It is made of a thick pale brown cardboard and completely devoid of any design refinements. In addition to the manufacturer's logo and brand Beats Audio, as well as several stickers with technical information, other printing is absent.

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

Delivery set of HP Pavilion 15-p054nd is quite standard. It contains a removable battery, battery charger, power cord, and technical documentation. But don’t forget that this product has a fairly impressive set of accessories, whether it's a wireless mouse or a handy bag, which can be purchased separately.

Appearance and elements layout

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

A first glance at the laptop HP Pavilion 15-p054nd there is a strong desire to buy this product. We are not sure why it happens, maybe due to stylish appearance, color similarity with a Formula 1 car or a disguised worship of AMD. Intuition suggests that there is a serious design work and aggressive marketing. After all of explosive effect the novelty is the only representative of the classic medium-low-cost laptops from HP with attractive, but at the same time quite plain and very practical design.

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

As for the 15-inch device, HP Pavilion 15-p054nd has modest dimensions (385 x 260 x 24 mm) and light weight (2.27 kg). The basis of case is made of high quality plastic. It has a matte texture, which in addition to high wear resistance has oleophobic excellent properties: it does not collect fingerprints. Moreover, along with the above red design, black and silver options are available.

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

Traditionally, HP's build quality is high. During testing, we did not notice any structural defects or backlash. There were only small gaps at the joints between the plastic and the metal panel. Body rigidity is also satisfactory: at moderate pressures or torsion attempts nothing is deformed. This is primarily due to excellent fixation of the keyboard, which does not flex even under relatively strong pressure, as well as by non-removable base, which is very securely fastened by vast number of screws.

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

The top side of the lid has a linear relief texture and is made of matt plastic. In the center is a black logo of the manufacturer, which is great contrast to the red background.

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

The whole operation panel including the base keyboard and touchpad is covered by a single sheet of brushed aluminum with horizontal texture. Compared with the base body, this surface more actively collects fingerprints. Edging of display, inside part of the hinge region and near the battery compartment is traditionally made of black little rough matte plastic.

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

Regarding a display unit, it has quite reliable fastening which is formed by two loops. They allow easily open the lid on a fairly wide viewing angle with one hand. In this case the fixation of the selected location is excellent: no backlash or gaps.

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

The right side of HP Pavilion 15-p054nd has: lock Kensington, optical DVD-drive, port USB 2.0, a combined audio jack and two LEDs of the device operation and the hard disk. The left face has power connector with a small LED display, network connector RJ45, grille of cooling system, HDMI-port, two USB 3.0 ports and a card reader.

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

The front and rear edge of the laptop has no any ports or connectors.

We did not have serious claims to the arrangement of elements. Except that it would be a little more comfortable if the optical drive and USB port are reversed, as limited space the wire of connected mouse interferes the work. But this is only a special case which may arise not to all users.

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

The underside of the laptop has a smooth texture. It is very pleasant to the touch. There are four rubber legs that allow to place the gadget even on slippery surfaces, and several air vents of the cooling system. It is important to note that the bottom cover is devoid of the usual cover, through which you can manually expand the RAM or replace the hard drive. So to get the access to the hardware device can only via a full dissection. And this eliminates the possibility of self-configuration of updates during the warranty period.

Input device  

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

Novelty is equipped with the usual keyboard which has a very comfortable keys diversity and corporate identity design of corner caps in separate blocks. Also its advantages include a full-size format and separate number pad.

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

At the heart of the keyboard unit is membrane scissor mechanism. The keys are large sized (basic - 15 x 15 mm, numeric - 14 x 15 mm; [F] buttons - 14 x 7 mm, [Up] and [Down] - 15 x 7 mm), and have a nice pressed well-controlled short travel. Application of character elements is carried by a good quality printing method. It is characterized by a single color scheme, without the usual separation of basic and functional buttons.

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

We should set aside some unusual algorithm of the [F] buttons. By default, they work out the functional steps, while paired with a button [Fn] the standard features. However, to perform the usual combination, for example [Alt + F4] it is not necessary to use the button [Fn], which greatly facilitates the interaction with the device.

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

Built-in klickpad has a rather large size (110 x 65 mm) and very pleasant texture to the touch. The panel is covered with translucent plastic and has a good degree of fingers sliding. Sensitivity is also at a high level and does not arise any complaints. Although the touchpad does not have the usual dedicated buttons, it is very easy to use. In addition, there is support for multi-touch actions, which in the environment of the operating system Windows 8.1 is very useful.

Display, webcam and sound

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

Laptop HP Pavilion 15-p054nd is equipped with a standard 15.6-inch TN+Film-screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Matrices of this type are traditionally characterized by smaller viewing angles than for IPS-analogues, and contrast medium, but it can boast of an excellent response time. This is primarily useful for gamers and ordinary users who use the machine as a workstation. Moreover, they are cheaper to manufacture.

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

As for color rendering, under optimal conditions, it looks very nice, although it has a slight imbalance in cool colors. The colors look quite bright and saturated, but only at the right viewing angle. If you slightly vertically tilt the screen, then there is a noticeable color inversion and image shift.

Semi-gloss coated screen copes with glare and allows you to work with a laptop even in bright sunlight. In addition, the display has a fairly high level of brightness, which also has a good range of adjustment. However, in order to set the maximum level of illumination it is necessary to connect the unit to the power supply, as in case of battery running thebrightness is reduced by 30 percent, which in turn quite considerably saves battery power.

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

Very effective cooperation with Beats Electronics allowed engineers to equip HP laptop with excellent sound subsystem. It is represented by two high-quality stereo speakers, which are securely hidden under a stylish mesh over the keyboard unit. Such a good location, and support of proprietary audio technology provide really loud and high-quality sound. In the sound has both high and mid-range frequencies.

And thanks to the wide range of settings and integrated broadband equalizer it can achieve even more palpable depth and surround sound.

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd

HP Pavilion 15-p054nd is equipped with a fairly good webcam HP TrueVision with a resolution of 720p. It is located above the display and is perfect for web conferencing or video calls. Voice transmission is done by means of two directional microphones, which are also characterized by good quality. Activity status of webcam can be monitored using the LED indicator located on the left side of the lens.

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