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Ducky Channel Zero DK2108 Review and testing

The line of Zero keyboards supplied by Taiwanese DuckyChannel International Co., Ltd is one of the most moderate. It allows to get actually qualitative device with a classical packaging and good ergonomics.  

Ducky Zero DK2108

It is noteworthy that the manufacturer worrying about the customers offers the same keyboard in several versions. For example, the distinctive feature of the previously learnt model Ducky Channel DK2108S was the presence of bright LED backlight, while Ducky Channel Zero DK2108 doesn’t have such feature. However all the other advantages are present, as well as the availability to choose among type of mechanical switchers Cherry MX (Black, Brown, Blue, Red). In this case the tactile switches Cherry MX Blue that have distinctive click when pressed are present.


Ducky Channel


Zero DK2108





Sample rate

1000 Hz




Mechanical (Cherry MX Blue)

Button number





Key Rollover

Two modes: infinite

and up to 6 keys

Button backlighting


Keyboard angle of inclination

7° и 13°

Cable length

1,8 m




442 x 139 x 41 mm


1,2 kg



Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 (8.1)

Warranty period

12 month

Producer website

DuckyChannel International Co., Ltd.

Package and content

Ducky Zero DK2108

The keyboard is shipped in a small cardboard box of black color. The design is minimalistic and includes only several logos and detailed description of device features presented as some attractive icons.   

Ducky Zero DK2108

In comparison with Zero DK2108S, Ducky Channel Zero DK2108 doesn’t pay the attention on channels for spills.

Ducky Zero DK2108

Delivery set includes 4 additional pink caps for WASD-block and puller for these keycaps, special dust cover, warranty brochure as well as manual with description of basic parameters and list of functional actions. 

Design and element layout

Ducky Zero DK2108

The design of Ducky Channel Zero DK2108 is classic form-factor and offers classic keyboard layout with numerical block. The keyboard has strict shapes, small side frames and unusually large backside thickness.

Ducky Zero DK2108

The special attention regarding keyboard construction is paid to reliability level required for durable and reliable operation. The main device has a special double-layer circuit board. The case is made of ABS-plastic of black color. Thick USB interface cable with length of 1.8 m is equipped with ferrite filter required to suppress the noise in electric circuits

Taking into account the price of Ducky Channel Zero DK2108 we also would like to have the protection against spills. 

Ducky Zero DK2108

An important component of product high reliability is high quality performance. The keyboard assembly is quite good: all joints are straight, case elements are perfectly adapted to each other and any gaps are absent. Another advantage is high case rigidity. At pressing or torsion the typical sound were not observed and a central part of the keyboard doesn’t bend even in case of spread out legs.

The weight is not small – approx. 1.2kg and this is an advantage. Due to the weight, as well as the presence of a large rubber feet on the bottom of the housing the keyboard wonderful clings to desktop surface and does not change its position during the active typing or online battles of your favorite game.

Ducky Zero DK2108

The length and width are quite small - 442x139 mm respectively, it means that the keyboard does not take too much space. The height including the keys is from 18 to 35 mm in normal mode and up to 46 mm with spread out legs.

Ducky Zero DK2108 Ducky Zero DK2108

The legs increase the inclination of the upper part from 7° to 13°. Although the result of this spread will be increased of keyboard sliding on the desktop, because folding legs are not equipped with rubber tips.

Ducky Zero DK2108

Ducky Channel Zero DK2108 keyboard layout is classic. It is made according American standard with a single-level key [Enter]. Right [Shift] and [Backspace] in this model are full. Blocks of arrows and system keys, as well as a separate numeric keypad also did not have any changes.

Ducky Zero DK2108

Ducky Zero DK2108 Ducky Zero DK2108 Ducky Zero DK2108

In fact, there is only one difference, i.e. the absence of usual indicators of Lock-keys. Instead of it you’ll find four additional keys: three for volume control and one to open the calculator.

Ducky Zero DK2108

Like Ducky Channel Zero DK2108S, the model Ducky Channel Zero DK2108 has functional imposition of certain actions related to key [Fn]. However, there are only 2 visually marked: [Fn]+[F9] -that allows to lock the keys [Windows], and [Fn]+[F12] – changes mode of Key Rollover function from 6 (6KRO) to infinite (NKRO) and vice versa.

Ducky Zero DK2108

The main feature of Ducky Channel Zero DK2108 keyboard is its keys, which are based on mechanical switches Cherry MX Blue. They are characterized by the tactile response and the absence of typical clicks at pressing.

These switches are considered as the most suitable for typing. Pressing force required to operate the switches (i.e. of the pass in 2mm) is 50g (60g peak position). For full-pressing at 4 mm pass is necessary to apply a force equal to 65g.

Ducky Zero DK2108 Ducky Zero DK2108

It is important to note that Cherry MX Blue switches are also suitable for gaming. But here is one important detail: response and drop moments are arranged at considerable distance from each other.

For better clarity we suggest to learn the comparison of some switches characteristics of Cherry MX line:

Switcher type



Force before response, g

Force before full pressing, g




45 г





45 (55 peak position)





50 (60 peak position)





55 (65 peak position)










80 (90 peak position)


* – available in various model Ducky Channel Zero Ducky Channel Zero DK2108 types

Ducky Zero DK2108

Keycaps are high profile, i.e. they have classical trapezoidal shape with cylindrical upper edge. In addition the surface is a little shaggy. UV-coating is absent. At the base the dimensions of the cap are 18 x 18 mm and 12 x 14 mm at the upper edge and the height is 11 mm.

An important feature of key construction is the creation of a different keycaps angle of slope: the far row of keys is more inclined to the user, and the near has a little slope away from the user. As a result, such solution has a positive effect on the convenience and speed of typing. However to replace one or the other cap will be impossible otherwise ergonomics will be damaged.

Ducky Zero DK2108

However, the process of caps removing for the cleaning (or cleaning the entire keyboard) is very easy, especially when using the packaged puller. You need to pick up the necessary cap and gently pull it up. Slight problems can occur only with the removal of long keycaps that have a pair of additional fasteners.

Ducky Zero DK2108 Ducky Zero DK2108

In the case of keyboard application during gaming the scope of delivery includes replaceable WASD- block of gray color (without Cyrillic symbols), allowing you quickly find the right keys.

Ducky Zero DK2108

Symbol application on key surface is performed by laser engraving. It is quite qualitative in spite of only white color for all indications. But this is of no importance because you can easily find necessary key even at faint lighting. Symbol application on the additional WASD-block is performed by printed method. Their color is black.

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