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Keyboard Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA: review and testing

Very often work, study or just fun to be continued till dusk. In such situations, it is extremely useful to illuminate the workspace of keyboard.

Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA

This situation can be solved due to table lamp, but its light will prevent the perception of the information on the screen. You can do by glow of the monitor, but in this case it is necessary to think about health, because the excessive brightness of the screen in the dark too annoying vision and increase eye activity. The perfect solution is the the keyboard with backlit Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA.

The specs:

Producer and model

Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA





Switch type


Quantity of buttons


Buttons service life, M presses


Buttons backlight

LED (turquoise, green, blue)


Laser symbols; Button «Scroll Lock» to switch the backlight; low profile keys

Max key pressure force, g

55 ± 8

Power consumption, W


Supply voltage, V

+5 ± 5%





Dimensions, mm

458,5 × 153,5 × 17,8

Weight, g

563 ± 20


Windows 98 / 2000 / ME / XP / NT / Vista / 7 / 8

Warranty ,months


Producer website

Producer website

Product page

Package and content

Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA

Standard Keyboard Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA comes in a very compact box. It is made of medium density transparent plastic with internal paper insert that has red and white colors and informative content.

In front you can highlight the key features of the keyboard:

  • the type of keys «X»;
  • 3-color LED backlight;
  •  low-profile keys with a laser symbols.

And to evaluate the appearance of the device is possible via a large transparent window.

Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUAGembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA

The back side of the box contains a full list of features and specifications, as well as all information about the manufacturer and the importer on the territory of Ukraine.

Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA

Delivery set features start guide and warranty card. Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA doesn’t have special software or drivers: plug it into the USB port and you can immediately get to work.

Design, elements layout and impression

Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA

The design of the keyboard has austere minimalist style, without unnecessary artificiality. It looks very elegant due to the smooth curves on the side faces and an abundance of glossy coating over the entire surface. This style well fit into any interior of working space and will not leave anyone indifferent.

The reverse of the medal means easy soiled surface. To maintain the unit in its original form it is better to stock up on a set of napkins.

Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA

Build quality is at good level: part fitting is made at a high level, and all the elements of the case are assembled tightly and without the slightest hint of a backlash. During active use the product did not provide any creaking sounds.

Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA

On the bottom you can find a small sticker with standard technical information and the whole surface is made of a conventional opaque plastic. There are five rubberized legs to prevent the sliding of the keyboard on the desk.

Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA

There are two folding supports to change the incline.

Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA

Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA is characterized by its small thickness and low-profile keys. The keypad has standard full-sized keys that stand out from the base of glossy matte finish and gray color.

Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA

Optional digital unit is placed on the right side. Also here you can notice three lights indicator that signal about the keystrokes [Caps Lock], [Num Lock] and [Scroll Lock].

Unlike many competitive analogues, Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA uses the "X" -shaped design of keys. This solution is quite rare among standard keyboards, but it is often used in laptops. The buttons stand out due to perfectly flat design with rounded edges. They are spaced apart by a small distance, which contributes to a more comfortable typing and facilitates maintenance of a keyboard.

Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA

The key travel is about 2.5 mm. They are characterized by a soft and pleasant touch. Laser engraving provides increased reliability and durability of the coating.

Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUAGembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUAGembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA

The most important feature of Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA is seen at nightfall. If you press the [Scroll Lock] then backlight will be activated. And in case of subsequent cycles of pressing it will change color between green, blue and turquoise.


Gembird KB-6250LU-BL-RUA

The glow features comfort brightness and does not hurt your eyes while you work. If you look at the keyboard at an angle of 45°, the buttons are clearly visible under a line of LEDs. It slightly spoils the appearance, but does not affect the usability.

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