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Genius Imperator Pro keyboard: review and testing

We continue to meet with the gaming peripherals of company Genius, which is a lineup of Genius GX Gaming. In one of the previous reviews we have tested the younger model of a tandem series of gaming keyboards Genius Imperator, which is a good solution in terms of price and capabilities.

Genius Imperator Pro

The older model Genius Imperator Pro having the same list of advantages is additionally equipped with RGB-backlit keys and a two USB 2.0 ports. Thus, it is available two versions of a qualitative gaming keyboard, which differ in functionality and cost. Is it worth to pay extra for the prefix «Pro»? We'll find out it in this review.

The specs:  




Imperator Pro





Key type


Q-ty of main keys


Q-ty of additional keys


Sample rate, Hz


Response time, ms


Embedded memory



Macro recorder; profile switching; gaming mode; fast access to player’s control; support of up to 18 simultaneous rollover; presence of two USB 2.0 ports; backlight of keys with support of 16 M colors and adjustable brightness level and pulsation.

Cable length, m




Dimensions, mm

500 x 205 х 37

Weight, g



Imperator Driver Setting v1.3.0


Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1


12 month

Producer website

Genius, KYE Systems Corp.

Packaging and content

Genius Imperator Pro

The keyboard is shipped in a cardboard box in relatively small in size. The package has a colorful design that uniquely hints at the direction of gaming devices. The front side has beautifully executed images of a keyboard shrouded in flames, as well as the model name and a few icons with the key features. A group of information elements includes an icon «RGB FULL COLOR», which announces the support of adjustable RGB-illumination.

Genius Imperator Pro

The reverse side has all the necessary information, which is also shown schematically. The lower part is reserved for a summary of features of the device. Also here are the system requirements. In general the package has visually beautiful and highly informative design.

Genius Imperator Pro

Set of delivery of gaming keyboard Genius Imperator Pro is standard. It includes a CD with software and user documentation.

The appearance and elements layout

Genius Imperator Pro

The design of the tested model is identical to options of Genius Imperator. Common features of branded line of gaming devices Genius GX Gaming allow you to choose between the two modifications. Appearance can not be called splash. There are no striking elements and present minimal amount of glossy inserts. However, there are noticeable distinguishing features: a set of additional keys, which are located in the left and top of the unit, as well as glossy insert in the middle of under palm area. These features have caused a slight increase in housing of keyboard, which measures 500 x 205 x 37 mm. However, with weight 875 grams device is not cumbersome. The body is made of black plastic with predominance of classical rough surface, and glossy elements present include only a few extra buttons and logo in the center of under palm area. By the way, the coating material of under palm area is the texture "under the skin" that in addition to the increased usability brings good tactile feelings.

Genius Imperator Pro

The keyboard layout is presented in almost the standard version, which does not require a long period of adaptation. However, in comparison with the younger model, a small rearrangement is present: double-deck [Enter] was reduced, allowing to shift the key [Backslash], as well as to lengthen the [Backspace] key for more convenient work with the text.

Genius Imperator Pro

Keyboard Genius Imperator Pro is equipped with membrane-type of keys with the classical trapezoidal form. The buttons of core set have reduced profile, so they create a significant contrast with the bottom row (from [Left Ctrl] to [Right Ctrl]), which has keys with the convex shape of the cap.

Keystroke significantly has no objections: stroke is 3.8 mm, and the absence of any defects leaves a good overall impression. Some users (actively typing) may be affected by low-grade response, which appears during the process of clicking. However, most gamers do not pay attention to this feature.

Drawing of symbols is carried by the transparent method due to features backlight, so when it is turned off the symbols can be difficult distinguished.

Genius Imperator Pro

Under the cap is a RGB backlight, which is recessed in the base of the key. This design allows to obtain a uniform illumination both Latin and Cyrillic, as well as eliminates the glow under the key.

Genius Imperator Pro

Genius Imperator Pro

Genius Imperator Pro

Additional keys are represented by three major groups. The first is to the left from the main unit and contains 6 keys [G1] - [G6], designed to perform macros. In the process of using the keyboard, they do not accidentally hit, but if necessary they are intuitively groped (thanks to the excellent location, the optimum size and low profile) and are easy to press. On top is a glossy group of diamond-shaped keys that are bound to implement the multimedia action. In particular, they can be used to control playback of songs and level of volume. In contrast to the youngest model, the place of the key [Stop] button was taken by [Mute]. The third group also has glossy caps. It contains three buttons to select one of the profiles of work and key to switch between RGB-illumination. In total, keyboard Genius Imperator Pro is equipped with a set of 16 additional keys intended for gaming purpose.

Genius Imperator Pro

Genius Imperator Pro

Numeric keypad is presented in its classic version, without any changes. To indicate Lock-keys oblong red diodes are used. They are clearly visible in comparison with neutral colors.

Genius Imperator Pro

The back side of the case has two sockets USB 2.0 (another difference from the youngest model), which are connected to a computer via an optional cable in a protective armor.

Genius Imperator Pro

Genius Imperator Pro

As we mentioned above, the under palm area has "the skin" texture that brings the zest to appearance of the device, especially taking into account the glossy insert with logo of lineup Genius GX Gaming. Naturally, its soft type would be preferable.

Genius Imperator Pro

Genius Imperator Pro Genius Imperator Pro

The reverse side of the model has flat and rough plastic surface. Here is located a sufficient number of rubber legs to secure the device to the work surface, most of them shifted to under palm area. On the opposite side, in addition to the rubber legs are two folding legs for installation of angle of the keyboard.

Genius Imperator Pro

The main feature that distinguishes Genius Imperator Pro from the younger model is adjustable RGB-light with a choice of one of 16 million possible colors. To adjust the backlight brightness (within four modes, including "off") and activation of the mode "Pulsing" with support of smoothness states there is a corresponding button. Contrary to the image on the front side of the box, the zonal setting of backlight is not supported. Thus manufacturer has only illustrated the possibility of choosing among a variety of colors.

It is also worth mentioning again that the keyboard is equipped with two USB 2.0 ports, which is very convenient when you connect a variety of devices that use this interface.

Genius Imperator Pro

The rest of the features of the device are identical to the younger model. Here we note again that there are six macro keys, which together with three possible profiles allow you to perform eighteen macros. In addition, each of the profiles supported gaming mode which disables key [Windows] and activates reassigning the function keys. Additionally the keyboard has a built-in memory to store the recorded profiles and support of technology Anti-Ghosting (Key Rollover), allowing to easily recognize the simultaneous pressing of eighteen frequently used keys ([1] - [6], [TAB], [Q], [W], [E], [A], [S], [D], [Left Shift], [Left Ctrl], [Z], [X], [C] and [Space]).

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