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AEG Protect A.1000 UPS: review and performance testing

The German company AEG Power Solutions is well known. It was developed in 1883 and till now it is constantly growing and developing. Nowadays, it has become one of the world leaders in the production systems to produce energy from renewable sources, as well as devices to provide power to all sorts of equipment. We also know this brand due to high-quality UPS, which are very popular in Europe.

Company lineup of very extensive and includes solutions for all areas of the market. In one of our previous reviews we have learnt in details the capabilities of the model AEG Protect B.1000 PRO designed for the corporate segment. Now we are going to consider a device for the mass user that is for home use - AEG Protect A.1000. Taking into account the rate of output power at level 600 W, the UPS can also be useful in a small office with 2-3 jobsites.

AEG Protect A.1000

The specs:


AEG Power Solutions


Protect A.1000



Output signal

Approximated sinusoid

Capacity, VA/W


Input supply parameters

Rated voltage, V

220 / 230 / 240

Range of voltage variation without transfer to battery-operated mode, V

170 - 280

Frequency, Hz

50/60 ±5

Max current strength at nominal load, A


Output supply parameters

Rated voltage, V


Voltage deviation in all-mains mode (AVR), %


Voltage deviation in battery-operated mode, %


Frequency in battery-operated mode, Hz

50/60 ±1

Current strength (voltage 230 V), A




Unsealed, does not require maintenance, quick-changeable

Rated voltage, V


Q-ty of battery


Capacity of each battery, A·h


Offline operation at nominal load, min


Battery full discharge, h



Efficiency, %


Noise level, dB

Up to 45

Communication interfaces

USB, RS232



Additional capabilities

Voltage jump protection, protection of communication lines (telephone/LAN), protection against deep discharge and battery overcharge, vents presence for additional cooling

Dimensions, mm

145 х 205 х 405

Weight with batteries, kg


Warranty, year


Producer website

AEG Power Solutions

Packing, delivery set and design

AEG Protect A.1000

AEG Protect A.1000

UPS AEG Protect A.1000 is in a colorful cardboard box which provides protection against shock and possible mechanical damages. On the package you can find device image, its connection circuit and a short description of the outputs. But for more detailed technical information you need to refer to the official website of the company.

AEG Protect A.1000

The package includes all necessary components you may need in the process of connecting new item:

  • power cables with different types of plugs;
  • two power cables (type IEC C13/C14) for devices connection to the UPS;
  • cable with USB sockets;
  • cable with RS232 sockets (port COM);
  • CD with software and documentation;
  • user’s manual.


AEG Protect A.1000

AEG Protect A.1000 model has the usual form for the majority of the UPS, but the sizes are slightly increased 145 x 205 x 405 mm. This is due to the fact that the battery compartment is designed for two batteries instead of one. The UPS case is made of thick plastic with enforcement ribs inside. Therefore, despite the great weight of the device of 9.5 kg, the entire structure is quite rigid and monolithic. Build quality also did not have any complaints.

Since the model AEG Protect A.1000 is designed for relatively high power (600 W), the manufacturer took care of a good ventilation of the case. Corresponding holes can be detected almost over its panels.

AEG Protect A.1000

Another cooling element of the device is 60 mm fan SUNON KDE1206PTV1 with capacity of 1.8 W located at the rear end. It is activated only in the most "heavy" modes of UPS operation, such as switching supply by accumulators or battery charging. At the same time the noise on subjective feelings is average, which is pretty good. For competitive solutions it is often beyond the comfort zone. Also note that the temperature sensor is located inside the unit, which makes the fan operation more efficient. For example, during charging the battery which lasts about 6 hours it is not rotated continuously, but only the first 70 minutes.

AEG Protect A.1000

In addition to the fan on the back side there are all the connectors and interfaces. In the lower left corner there is the UPS, input and next to it six outputs for powering connected devices. All outlets conform to IEC C13standard, so to use them there are special cables IEC C13/C14. Two such cables are already included into set of delivery, and the rest should be bought separately.

Note that the power backup is supplied only by battery to four top sockets (black). The other two (white) have not such opportunities and are all-mains. In this case, overvoltage protection is implemented for all connectors. The same can be said about the function of automatic control of the output voltage (AVR).

Thus, it is recommended to connect to outlet black PC, monitor, and other devices that case of instant blackout lost information or impede the orderly shutdown. White outlets should be used to supply various kinds of peripherals.

Exchange data with the computer is realized through a USB or COM (RS232) port. Also the model AEG Protect A.1000 has the protection of network or telephone line from high voltage jumpes, such as a lightning strike to the wire. Appropriate sockets are marked «IN» and «OUT» and located near the fan. At the bottom of the rear panel you can find reusable circuit breaker 10 A.

AEG Protect A.1000

Since the front panel constantly is faced to the user, it has more presentable design. In the middle there is start button of the device, and a little above you can see a LCD-screen with blue backlight.

AEG Protect A.1000

It displays all the necessary information about the power status of the input and output, load level, and the approximate time of offline operation. In case of an error or critical situations here also are their codes.


AEG Protect A.1000

The tested model has battery consisting of two batteries CSB Battery GP1272with an operating voltage of 12 V and a capacity of 7.2 A·h (20-hour discharge mode). According to the manufacturer the life of each item is up to 5 years. More detailed information about the characteristics of the battery (with schedules discharge time depending on various factors) can be found in the specification by clicking the link above. Note that the model AEG Protect A.1000 provides protection against deep discharge and recharge the batteries.

AEG Protect A.1000

The access to battery compartment is provided by removing the front panel, and then a special protective metal frame. Due to this design you don’t have to disassemble the entire UPS, and extraction or replacement of the battery takes a few minutes.

Internal device

AEG Protect A.1000

The inner space of the model AEG Protect A.1000 has a bimodal arrangement. At the bottom of the case is the mentioned above the battery compartment and a massive autotransformer. Here you can find a few small daughter boards, the purpose of which will be covered later.

AEG Protect A.1000

AEG Protect A.1000

All the major microelectronics (control logic, filters, rectifier, and inverter) is concentrated in the upper part of the body under the cap. The tracks on the circuit board and mounting elements are quite qualitative.

AEG Protect A.1000

AEG Protect A.1000 model belongs to the family of line-interactive UPS with approximated sinusoid in the output. The structure of the scheme included autotransformer with switchable winding which expands the range of input voltage and the device does not go to battery operation. According to the specification, here it is 170 - 280 V. In an unstable power supply mode this feature will be very useful.

AEG Protect A.1000

Switching between steps of AVR block is realized by using a 3-mechanical relays, each of which is designed for 7 A at a voltage of 250 V. That is, theoretically, the peak power of the connected load can be 1750 VA (rated is 1000 VA). As you can see, the manufacturer left pretty solid stock, which should favorably affect the reliability of the device and the duration of its life.

AEG Protect A.1000

UPS input has a filter to smooth the noise, which includes several X- and Y-capacitors and varistors. Mains cables to reduce high-frequency interference are threaded through ferrite rings. 

AEG Protect A.1000

AEG Protect A.1000

Central space of board is reserved for the rectifier and battery charger. This joint is assembled on the basis of four diodes Fairchild RHRP860, one power transistor Toshiba K3700 and four MOS transistors Vishay IRF740. For better cooling all the elements are equipped with aluminum radiators.

AEG Protect A.1000

The second part of circuit is a DC-AC-inverter which converts DC voltage from the battery into alternating with the required amplitude and provides it to an outlet for connection to the load. The converter includes four power transistors IRF1010E, built on technology HEXFET. Again the cooling has given a lot of attention.

AEG Protect A.1000

Correct operation of the inverter is provided by the PWM controller Fairchild KA3525A. The UPS AEG Protect A.1000 operates under the control of the processor Freescale MC9S08FL16 with integrated memory.

AEG Protect A.1000

All circuits use mainly Taiwanese electrolytic capacitors of Jamicon series. Accordint to the users’ comments, their quality can be assessed as an average.

AEG Protect A.1000

Protection of low-current network (telephone or computer of standard Ethernet 10/100 Mb/s) against overvoltage is implemented on a small charge; earthing is absent.

AEG Protect A.1000

Next there is another daughter board with USB and COM (RS232) ports, as well as the components responsible for its correct operation.

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