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The most interesting software innovations and events. Release 124

Every day a huge amount of different software is produced and updated. To help you to sort out these updates our portal continue to provide a series of articles devoted to the most interesting events in the world of software industry. For ease searching all programs and utilities are divided into topics.

Setting of PC components

Speccy 1.26.698

A new version of Speccy program is available. It is characterized by compact dimensions and very easy interface providing the following information about PC configuration parameters:

  • type of operation system and key settings (serial number, the usage of automatic update, presence of firewall, etc);
  • type and key characteristics of CPU (number of cores, CPU socket, constructions supported, clock frequency, etc);
  • type and parameters of operational system (total capacity, clock frequency, timings, etc);
  • name of key features of motherboard (producer, chipset type, BIOS version, etc);
  • type and key features of graphics card (type of GPU, clock frequency, etc);
  • drive parameters including attributes of S.M.A.R.T.;
  • type and parameters of optical drive;
  • type and parameters of sound subsystem;
  • type and key parameters of peripheral devices;
  • key network parameters (IP-address, MAC-address, address of DNS-server, etc).


There are the following key modifications for new Speccy 1.25.674 program:

  • optimized read process of S.M.A.R.T. drives attributes;
  • improved compatibility with OS Windows 8.1;
  • improved cognition process of network adapters;
  • optimized support of language localizations;
  • some changes in graphics interface;
  • fixed small errors.

Developer: Piriform
Distribution mode: free
Download: Speccy 1.25.674

Setting and optimization of operating system

Razer Game Booster /

Everybody can download a new version of Razer Game Booster program which is designed specifically for gamers. It allows you to optimize your PC to maximize the playback speed of the game play. In addition, Razer Game Booster allows you to save audio/video of any game play and make screenshots. List of the main advantages of this program is as follows:

  • allows to collect start shortcuts for installed games on the main screen which simplifies its access and doesn’t burden desktop with unnecessary items;
  • closes all background applications at mage launching;
  • provides quick updating of all necessary drivers and game files;
  • optimizes game files into one place providing maximum access speed;
  • displays (if required) the real playback speed of game play into fps;
  • allows to save audio/video from any game.

Razer Game Booster

Developer: Razer
Distribution mode: free
Download: Razer Game Booster /

WinUtilities Free Edition 11.14

YL Software company has introduced a new version of WinUtilities Free Edition. It contains a set of useful utilities intended for complex care about the stability of the operating system, and also a significant extension of its functionality is provided. List of the utilities is as follows:

  • Disk Cleaner allows to clean the drives from unnecessary data;
  • Registry Cleaner supports registry operation in optimal level;
  • Shortcuts Fixer allows to restore the proper operation of faulty, shortcuts;
  • Uninstall Manager allows to delete unnecessary programs;
  • Registry Defrag provides defragmentation of system registry;
  • Disk Defrag provides defragmentation of inner drives;
  • Memory Optimizer provides the optimization of RAM usage;
  • BHO Remover provides operation control of BHO modules installed in the system;
  • Startup Cleaner provides the ability to edit the list of autoload programs;
  • History Cleaner allows to clean the history by removing the information about viewed files and folders;
  • Process Security realizes the control function of active processes;
  • EXE Protector allows to install the password to access of any EXE-file;
  • File Shredder provides the ability to completely delete file from the PC without its restore;
  • File Undelete allows to restore deleted files;
  • Registry Backup&Restore provides the creation of archival copy of system registry and restore its condition;
  • Registry Search provides the search in system registry;
  • Duplicate Files Finder provides the search of file copies;
  • File Splitter and Joiner allows to partition big files to small fragments;
  • System Control allows to organize and control OS Windows settings;
  • System Information provides a detailed information about hardware and software components;
  • Auto Shutdown allows to change the mode of PC after certain time period;
  • Windows Standart Tools contains a set of links to launch standard utilities of OS Windows.

WinUtilities Free Edition

The changing into a new version of WinUtilities Free Edition 11.14 program:

  • improved History Cleaner module operation;
  • updated database of Process Security;
  • updated various language localizations;
  • optimized user interface;
  • some errors were fixed;

Developer: YL Software

Distribution mode: free

Download: WinUtilities Free Edition 11.14

Advanced Uninstaller PRO 11.37

A new version Advanced Uninstaller PRO was developed for quick and complete deletion of programs in operation systems of Windows family. At the same time this solution stores all changing during installation process. That’s why it provides maximum complete removal of all its components. The list of advantages: 

  • high operation speed and extremely easy interface;
  • deletion of records in registry;
  • deletion of records in “Launch” menu;
  • removal of various tool bars and plagins integrated into browser;
  • deletion of fonts;
  • optimization of autoload programs list;
  • search and deletion of file copies;
  • removal of web-browser history;
  • deletion of any files and folders without its restore;
  • support of 32/64 programs;
  • free distribution mode.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO

A new version of Advanced Uninstaller PRO 11.37 has improved cleaning of old recovery points of system and temporary Google Chrome files.

Developer: Innovative Solutions

Distribution mode: free

Download: WinUtilities Free Edition 11.14

Safety and management

Avira Free Antivirus

A new version of Avira Free Antivirus is appeared. It provides a constant effective PC protection against various viruses allowing to search and neutralize threats. The key advantages:

  • the usage of heuristic slider that provides high performance and speed;
  • low resource consumption;
  • convenience interface;
  • availability of planning module for creation of graphs of automatic system checkout.

Avira Free Antivirus

Developer: Avira GmbH

Distribution mode: free

Download: Avira Free Antivirus

Norton Power Eraser

A new version of Norton Power Eraser is released. It is used to search and effective neutralization of viruses difficult to delete with other antivirus programs. Let’s note that this solution uses aggressive search methods of dangerous objects. 

Norton Power Eraser

Developer: Symantec

Distribution mode: free

Download: Norton Power Eraser

Prey 0.6.3

Prey program is an effective solution to detect the stolen or lost laptop, tablet or smartphone. After the installation Prey is present into operation system of the device. So in case of its loss or theft you need to send SMS message or use Internet for its activation. The list of key features is the following:

  • provides accurate detection of device location using the data of integrated GPS module or the nearest Wi-Fi access point;
  • when Wi-Fi module is activated you need to connect to any available Wi-Fi point to provide the owner the location of lost or stolen device;
  • automatically activate integrated camera to take a photo of the thief;
  • constantly makes the screenshots of desktop to monitor the actions of the criminals.;
  • automatically hides data of Outlook and Thunderbird programs and optionally deletes saved passwords;
  • completely blocks device operation. 


Developer: Fork Ltd

Distribution mode: free

Download: Prey 0.6.3

Internet usable programs

Firefox 29.0

Firefox is one of the most popular programs intended for comfortable viewing of web-sites and information searching in Internet. At the same time it is characterized by the usage of comfortable interface and availability of wide functional features including:

  • support of “Awesome Bar” allowing to simplify the search of required website after typing first letters;
  • support of HTML 5 and ECMAScript 5;
  • synchronization of the content (inlays, passwords, history) between various devices provided by Firefox profile;
  • availability of wide set of tools to simplify the work of web developers;
  • ability to install additional plagins and modules required to extend its features.


The key modifications in web-browser Firefox 29.0:

  • a new mode of interface personalization;
  • a new menu combining useful items;
  • improved inlay design;
  • interactive tour allowing to learn the most important modifications;
  • the ability to install Firefox profile to synchronize the content of web browser between various devices;
  • Gamepad API integration;
  • improved developer's toolkit;
  • improved security level.

Developer: Mozilla Foundation

Distribution mode: free

Download: Firefox 29.0

Mozilla Thunderbird 24.5.0

Mail client Mozilla Thunderbird is updated to version 24.5.0. It allows to simplify the fulfillment of all operations regarding electronic correspondence. The key features:

  • support of Windows and Linux OS;
  • support of standard mail IMAP and POP protocols;
  • presence of intelligent filter;
  • providing of anti phishing protection;
  • presence of usable address book;
  • the usage of effective filter to search a necessary letter;
  • support of automatic update of components;
  • support of plagins that extend the functional features of this program;
  • reading of RSS-lines;
  • the ability to organize chats using popular protocols: Facebook Chat, Google Talk, IRC, Twitter, XMPP;
  • support of convenient, multi-language interface with the ability of its personalization.

Mozilla Thunderbird

В новой версии почтового клиента Mozilla Thunderbird 24.5.0 были исправлены некоторые ошибки, что позволило повысить безопасность его использования.

Developer: Mozilla Foundation

Distribution mode: free

Download: Mozilla Thunderbird 24.5.0


Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 1.7.5 

A new version of Media Player Classic is available. Its name is Home Cinema 1.7.5. It uses simple and known interface of программы Windows Media Player but its functional features are mode wide. They include:

  • support of built-in codec set;
  • support of various data formats: WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, SND, AU, AIF, AIFC, AIFF, MIDI, MPEG, MPG, MP2, VOB, AC3, DTS, ASX, M3U, PLS, WAX, ASF, WM, WMA, WMV, AVI, CDA, JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, D2V, MP4, SWF, MOV, QT, FLV;
  • support of EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer) tool;
  • playback and record of TV programs (in the presence of TV tuner);
  • availability to setup technical information in OSD (On Screen Display) mode;
  • support of operation with Shuttle PN31;
  • correct operation in multi screen configurations;
  • support of various language localizations.

Media Player Classic

The list of modifications of Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 1.7.5 has the following items:

  • improved operation with PGS- subtitles and some filters;
  • updated various language localizations.

Developer: Casimir666

Distribution mode: free

Download: Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 1.7.5

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