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Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3 smartphone: review and testing

The market size of modern mobile devices, as well as the number of their owners is increasing every day. More and more users who are leaving pushbutton in past, confidently stepped into touch now.

Despite all the advantages offered by modern technology there are people who are thinking about purchasing of a new gadget, but the price level pushes them off. Indeed, what should do a buyer who does not have a great sum for the purchase of the device the capabilities of which are not clearly described? Or why should he pay good money for a functionality in which he is not sure. In this case the user should pay attention to the market segment of available smartphones. This type of device allows fully enjoy all the basic features of modern devices, but do not spend a solid sum on the purchase. Such niche in a market is taken by the test sample.

Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3

Smartphone Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3 has a nice design, good performance and good functionality. But the main argument in favor of this device is its very affordable price.

The specs:




IQ4491 ERA Life 3

Type, form-factor

Smartphone, monoblock

Communication standards

2G (GSM)

900 / 1800 MHz


900 / 2100 MHz

4G (LTE)


Broadband data transfer

GPRS (32-48 Кb/s), EDGE (236 Кb/s), UMTS (384 Кb/s) HSDPA+ (up to 21 Мb/s), HSUPA (up to 5,76 Мb/s)


Micro-SIM, Mini-SIM


Broadcom BCM23550: 4 cores ARM Cortex-A7, up to 1,2 GHz

Graphics adapter

Broadcom VideoCore IV HW: support of OpenGL ES 2.0 


4", 800 x 480 p (233 ppi), TFT, multi-touch up to 2 touches, protective glass 


1 GB


4 GB


microSD (up to 32 GB)


1 x Micro-SIM

1 x Mini-SIM

1 x microSD

1 x micro-USB

1 x audio mini-jack 3,5 mm











5 МP, autofocus, double LED-flash, video recording in format 720p 30 fps


2 МP, video recording in format 720p 30 fps



802.11 b/g/n

(Wi-Fi Hotspot)


3.0 + EDR







Accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor, light sensor


lithium-ion cell, detachable: 1750 mАh


Input: 100~240 V AC at 50/60 Hz

Output: 5 V DC, 1 А


126 х 63,7 х 10,6 mm


132 g




Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean


24 months

Producer website


Packaging and content

Smartphone Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3 is shipped to the market in a small and very pretty white box. It is made of cardboard and has a basic minimum of technical data.

Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3 Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3

The front of the package contains the name of the device, its image, and also a small logo with information about the 2-year warranty. On the back side of the box you can find a table with detailed technical specifications of model, data about importer and a number of standard recommendations.

Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3

Package is a fairly typical and includes charger, USB-cable, wired headset, user guide in several languages and warranty card.

Design and elements layout

Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3

Smartphone Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3 has a pleasant appearance. This is a classic monoblock of rectangular shape with slightly rounded edges. The case is made from high quality matte plastic with a soft-touch coating that collects fingerprints.

The device is equipped with 4-inch screen and looks moderately compact, though in general dimensions comparable to devices with a little more diagonal display. The reason is fairly wide frames around the screen that make up the top 19 mm, 20.5 mm from the bottom and 6 mm on the sides.

Due to its small size (126 x 63.7 x 10.6 mm) and light weight (132 g) smartphone comfortably can be placed in your hand, and the convenient location of buttons allows you to easily operate the device with one hand.

Faceplate Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3 is completely covered with anti-reflective protective glass filter. Along the contour of the screen is a glossy black bezel, which in addition to decorative purposes has an additional protection against damage.

Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3 Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3

Above the display there are: proximity and light sensor; LED indicator; earpiece hole, covered with metal grill, and the front camera lens. The screen bottom has three standard touch buttons: "Back", "Home" and "Menu".

Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3 Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3

The top of the device has a micro-USB port and 3.5mm audio jack for a headset. On the bottom there is a small microphone hole.

Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3 Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3

On the right side of the smartphone is placed power button, and on the left is the volume rocker.

Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3

The back side of Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3 has a completely flat surface, without any projections or hooks, which blends in with the edges. It looks very elegant. In the upper left corner of the back side is the main camera lens and dual LED flash. Significantly lower in the center you can find a logo of the manufacturer. And at the very bottom there is a multimedia speaker grille.

Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3

The back side of the smartphone is equipped with a removable cover. It is securely fixed by the latches and can be removed without much effort. Here are removable battery, two slots for SIM-card of format Micro-SIM and Mini-SIM, and a slot for memory cards microSD.

Rigidity of the chassis is very good: in case of the medium pressure the geometry of apparatus cannot be changed, and the display has no strains or other possible artifacts. Unfortunately, the build quality is not the save. The back cover is not pressed close enough to the base (there is a small gap), which causes the characteristic creaking when squeezing. But if we take into account the cost of the smartphone, such defects can be neglected.


Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3

To achieve low-cost of the device the manufacturer had to make some sacrifices. In our case it was the screen of smartphone. The device is equipped with a 4-inch TFT-LCD with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and pixel density at 233 ppi. As most of the matrices of this type it has characteristic disadvantages. As such low viewing angles (even a cursory look at the center of the display its upper and lower parts are moving in the inversion) and a fairly weak color rendering (the picture looks faded with quite a strong predominance of cool colors).

Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3 

However, along with the drawbacks this display also has some advantages. Firstly, it is a good level of detailing, which in most cases enough to display any information, including thin and small fonts. Secondly, the brightness has a good range of adjustment. Despite the fact that in quite bright light the display is noticeably fade the information is still a good read.

The protective glass screen, the name of which remains a mystery is applied. Unfortunately, the display has no oleophobic coating (which is typical for this price range), but there is an anti-glare filter.

Fly IQ4491 ERA Life 3

Built-in sensor of technology multi-touch can recognize only two simultaneous pressing on the screen. However, their treatment is carried out without any specific complaints. The display is quite sensitive and responds well to the touch. However, the gestural actions are sometimes not obtained at the first time. Despite the absence of oleophobic coating, a finger sliding on the protective glass is easy and does not cause discomfort. As expected, the support of the gloves is not provided.

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