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Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B smartphone review

Technology improvement allowed the manufacturers to produce protected smartphones of a new sample. There was a time when the device of this class could perform only basic functions. Modern protected phone in addition to compliance with IP67 standard has qualitative and very practical case and also quite efficient hardware platform.

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

Meet the representative of “unsinkable” smartphones class Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B. In this review we’ll find out the pros and cons of this device.

The specs


Sigma mobile 


X-treme PQ22B

Type, form-factor

smartphone, monoblock

Connection standards


850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz


850 / 2100 MHz

Broadband data transfer


Number of



Type of SIM-cards


Operation mode of several SIM-cards

Dual Standby

Dust and moisture protection



MediaTek MT6589 (4 х 1,2 GHz, Cortex A7)

Graphics adaptor

PowerVR SGX544 (286 MHz) 


4,02 ", 854 x 480 pixels (244 ppi), TFT IPS, 16,78 m. colors, multi-touch up to 5 touches, protective Corning Gorilla Glass 2 with antiglare coating 


1 GB


4 GB

Memory card support

microSD (up to 32 GB)


1 x micro-USB 2.0

1 x mini-jack 3,5 mm











8 Mpixel, autofocus, HDR, flash, video record in format 720p 15-30 fps


1,3 Mpixel



802.11 b/g/n






GPS/Location, GPS Mapper


Accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor, light sensor, sensor keyboard highlighting, indicator LED


Lithium polymerous, removable: 2800 mАh, 10,36 Wh, 3,7 V

Lithium polymerous, removable: 4500 mАh, 16,65 Wh, 3,7 V

Charging device

Input: 100~240V AC at 50/60 Hz 120 mА

Output: 5 V AC, 1 А


140 х 75 х 19,5mm (2800 mА·h)

140 х 75 х 21 mm (4500 mА·h)


240 г (2800 mА·h)

270 г (4500 mА·h)


Black/ black-orange


Android 4.2 Jelly Bean


12 month


Sigma Mobile

Packaging and content

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

The smartphone is supplied in a small and nice designed cardboard package. Package is colorful decorated and allows to learn some technical characteristics and main features of the device. On the front side of the package (lid) there is picture of smartphone Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B drawn into water. The manufacturer illustrates the basic feature of the device i.e. the compliance with IP67 standard.

On the sidewalls of the box there is a description of the key features of the product: usage of 4 inches IPS-screen, support of two SIM-cards in Dual Standby mode, the presence of 8-megapixel main camera, the ability to use two high-capacity batteries, etc. All this, of course, increases information capability of the package.

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

The phone is available in two colors (black and black-orange) but on the front side of the both boxes there is a version with black-and-orange color. This fact confuses little bit: after the first unpacking you may think that someone replaced the device. It happens because the manufacturer decided to use the picture with brighter case to attract more attention.

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

After opening the box we found an impressive package of smartphone Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B. It consists of:

  • battery capacity of 2800 mA · h;
  • battery capacity of 4500 mA · h;
  • charging device;
  • USB-cable;
  • two covers for case backside;
  • special key for the screws;
  • user's manual;
  • quick start guide;
  • warranty card.

In addition to the before mentioned kit the phone is packages with a wire headset which was absent in our case. Also it’s important to note that you can find version версия Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22. It’s set of delivery includes only one battery with capacity of 2800 mA·h

Design and Elements layout

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

The first visual inspection of the product left no doubt: we have a strong, high-quality and heavy device. To be frankly, its design gives the impression of a smartphone with sufficient resistance to shocks and falls. However the manufacturer does not confirm this fact. He indicates only that the device has a high strength, but it is not shockproof.

The case of tested model is made of black rubberized plastic and characterized by excellent build quality: gaps are absent; all elements match to each other. The device is weighty. Its weight including battery capacity of 4500 mA·h is 270 g The installation of battery with less capacity 2800 mA·h reduces the weight on 30 g, and also reduces its thickness from 21 to 19.5 mm.

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

Display of a product is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2. At the top there is elongated opening of speaker (covered with chrome inset), front camera hole, as well as light and zoom sensors. At first glance notifications indicator is insignificant but after a missed call or other system signal it becomes red.

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

A good solution is addition to three standard touch buttons ([Menu], [Home] and [Back]) another two mechanical. In addition the right mechanical button performs lock and unlock function of your smartphone. Taking into account that power button id quite hard and is relatively difficult to access, the application of alternative solutions greatly simplifies the use of Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B. At the bottom of the front side of the case you will find microphone hole.

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

The case of the product has ergonomic curves on the sidewalls that improves usability and contribute to a more comfortable position of fingers when holding the phone. Together with rubberized elements such structure allows to feel the product and minimize the possibility of accidental slipping out of user’s hands. In addition, the entire backside of the device is saturated by bends, ledges, lines and cavities. On the one hand these features give the case extra comfort and a unique style, and on the other they collected dust which is a disadvantage.

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

The top of backside contains: main camera hole and LED flash, the opening of the second microphone and loudspeaker gap. At the bottom there is a special "eye" for lace.

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

Attaching point has a bridge of increased strength. Moderate pressure attempts to its surface will not cause deformation. The fixation of case is carried out by using multiple Torx bolts. Four of them are located on the rear side of the case (two on top and bottom).


Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B is supplied with two batteries of different capacities and sizes. Due to this reason each of them has certain lid. In order to get access to the batteries, SIM-card connectors and memory cards you must use a special key (is supplied) and unscrew the two screws. Note that they are fixed in the holes and will not fall down after unscrewing. Such opening method will cause the need to have a tool. On the outside of the lid there is a metal insert with the logo of the manufacturer. Perhaps this is the only part of the case that is subject to wear and scratches. The inside part of the lid is made of ordinary plastic, but the point of battery contact with the surface is rubberized.

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

The inner part of the case does not have a rubberized coating. Here is a slot for memory cards and two slots for SIM-cards. Installation of SIM-cards is no difficulty but to remove them without tweezers is quite problematic. Along the edges of the internal part of the case there is a special moisture protection outline.

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

On the right side face there are the volume control buttons. They are characterized by a good press effect. The left side of the device also has two buttons. Upper launches the camera application and the lower is SOS button. It carries out an emergency call or a special action selected by the user.

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

On the top edge of the smartphone there is the power button and a rubber plug for micro-USB and mini-jack sockets. Plug firmly fixed so it is rather difficult to remove it. The connectors are deep-seated and you should use a special elongated connector pins. You should pay attention to this aspect because most of wire headsets and micro-USB-cables do not reach the connector. Also inconvenience may appear in different situations related to charging of your smartphone out of door or need to connect it to your computer.


Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

Model Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B is equipped with high-quality display with a diagonal of 4.02 inches and a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. Pixel density for such parameters is 244 ppi. Matrix is performed in accordance with TFT IPS technology and can display up to 16.78 million colors providing a pleasant picture. However the black color does not display correct, there is a small tendency to gray hue.

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

Despite the small resolution (according modern standards) it is quite difficult to notice pixel net with the naked eye. The display has a relatively faint brightness stock. Under direct sunbeams it becomes difficult to watch the image on the screen. The presence of antiglare coating has a minimal impact on the perception. Viewing angles are wide enough, and color rendering changing at a strong deviation from a straight line of sight is minimal.

Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2 and takes up to 5 simultaneous touches. A finger glides over the surface and the touchscreen can be described as very responsive. In general the display provides a positive impression.


Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B

As for the sound, Sigma mobile X-treme PQ22B clearly stands out from the bulk of modern smartphones. The device is equipped with a powerful main speaker and its volume will be enough for any user. We didn’t observe missed calls even in intense noise. On the contrary the ring tone at maximum volume may create discomfort one's people. The speaker has not only high volume but also a good voice quality. Using of two microphones (for the front and rear side of the case) noise reduction is performed. Due to lack of wire headset in a set of delivery could not to check its operation. It was difficult to use other headphones. The point is that audio jack protected by a rubber plug is deeply seated. As a result a great number of headphones with a standard pin did reach the connector.

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