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SSD Toshiba Q Series Pro (128 GB): review and testing

Nowadays it is difficult to surprise anyone by Solid-State Disk. They have ceased to be a kind of a gimmick and came into common use. Due to the SSD the storage system has ceased to be a bottleneck in the chain of PC elements in terms of performance. They provide a new level of speed and reliability, since the absence of moving parts eliminates redundant information security threats. Modern IT-market shows a wide range of devices of this class, but some of them have their own highlights.

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

For example, ultrabooks often uses thin 7 mm thick drives. The devices of another form factor cannot be used as restrictions on the size have own effect. In this material we will offer you a solid-state drive with capacity of 128 GB by the company Toshiba. The range of SSD-drives Toshiba Q Series Pro has a small thickness (7 mm), which allows you to install its solution in compact devices. Do note that such ultra-drives are in an active of other manufacturers.

The specs:

Producer and model

Toshiba Q Series Pro




SATA 6 Гбит/с 
(backward compatible with SATA 3 Gb/s)

Capacity, GB


(options 256 and 512 are available)

Applied controller

Toshiba TC358790XBG

Applied memory chips

19-nm Toshiba NAND MLC

Data transfer rate (ATTO Disk Benchmark), MB/s





Random 4 KB blocks Data transfer rate, IOPS


85 000


35 000

Mean-time-between-failures, hours

1 500 000

Operating temperatures range, °С


Dimensions, mm

100 x 69,85 x 7

Weight, g


Warranty, years




Producer website


Product page

The novelty is based on the original bunch of 19 nm NAND flash chips with multilevel cell (MLC) and the controller Toshiba TC358790XBG. The interface is presented by a current SATA 6 Gb/s. And notable feature of this model is the thickness of 7 mm and a good speed capabilities, because according to the developer the read speed is 554 MB/s, and the write 512 MB/s.

Design and packaging

The test drive is available in classic carton. Making of the box quite restrained. Here you won’t see bright colors. This suggests that the device is focused more on the prepared buyer who is likely to exercise informed choices, rather than susceptible to various marketing ploys.

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

Basic information about the technical characteristics of the Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA) is submitted for the front side. Here manufacturer focuses on the following parameters:

  • interface connection (SATA 6 Gb/s);
  • form-facotr (2,5'');
  • speed capabilities (read 554 МB/s  and write 512 МB/s);
  • total storage capacity (128 GB);
  • thickness (7 mm).

And of course developers pay attention to the growth performance of the system in the case of a solid state drive, as there is a corresponding label.

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

The side faces contain information in the form of icons and text that overlaps with the data presented on the front side. In addition to the technical characteristics (speed, thickness, etc.), the manufacturer emphasizes the advantages of SSD: increased resistance to vibration and shock, low power consumption and quiet operation. Actually, these are the advantages of the entire class of SSD-drives.

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

The product is produced in the Philippines (according to the white sticker placed on the end of the package). Additionally it s reports the serial number and model.

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

Packaging of Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA) can be described as sufficient. In addition to the various options for documentation, here there is a pad, which is useful when installed in a standard disc slot 9.5 mm. Thus this SSD can be easily used not only in Ultrabooks, but also in laptops and desktop PCs equipped with the appropriate slot. Unfortunately, the kit doesn’t include adapter for mounting the drive in the disc slot of form factor 3.5'', so for it should be purchased separately ordinary cases.

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

The design of Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA) is not much different from similar devices from other manufacturers. The case is metal that looks like aluminum. The front side has a sticker with the name of the manufacturer (Toshiba), family (Q Series Pro), as well as the type of drive (solid state drive).

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

The back side provides basic technical information, which specifies the amount of disk space, power settings, serial number, as well as compliance with various standards and international certificates.

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

A familiar slot SATA 6Gb/s is used as an interface, which provides high speed data transmission.

Due to certain circumstances, we could not perform the opening of the case, so we cannot show you the controller installed in the Toshiba Q Series Pro with capacity of 128 GB. But we know that here is a chip Toshiba TC358790XBG.

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

Using the utility HD Tune Pro, we could identify that the drive supports current technologies such as TRIM, SMART and NCQ.

File system

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

Affordable memory capacity of SSD Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA) is 119 GB. Due to the fact that all producers use decimal system in the calculation of disk space, but not the binary we see a lack of 9 GB.


The following test bench was used for testing SSD Toshiba Q Series Pro with capacity of 128 GB.


ASUS P9X79 PRO (Intel X79, Socket LGA2011, DDR3, ATX)


Intel Core i7-3930K (Socket LGA2011, 3,2 GHz, 12 МB cache)

CPU cooler

ZALMAN CNPS12X (Socket LGA2011)


2 x DDR3-1333 1024 MB Kingston PC3-10600

Graphics card

AMD Radeon HD 6970 2 GB GDDR5

Hard disk

Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST3500418AS, 500 GB, SATA-300, NCQ

Optical drive



Seasonic X-660 Gold (SS-660KM Active PF), 650 W, 120 mm Fan


Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

According to the results of the tests we can say that the SSD-drive is along with competitors. Thus, for benchmarks CrystalDiskMark and AS SSD Benchmark the read speed is within 490 - 506 Mb/s. Writing of information occurs at 452-469 MB/s. In the HD Tune Pro the average read/write speed is 300 MB/s. Such a difference in performance is explained by the peculiarities of particular software, as well as the recording method and the type of processed data (compressible or incompressible).

The average operating speed Toshiba Q Series Pro is 400 MB/s, which is a really good indicator. We were pleased with the speed of access to information that is higher than those of its competition.

Solid-state drive almost doe not have material impact on the degree of loading the PC, so it can be used quite successfully in systems with low power CPU.

Toshiba Q Series Pro (HDTS312XZSTA)

Declared by the manufacturer speed characteristics are fully supported, since such values we have obtained in test lab using ATTO Disk Benchmark.

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