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Hard disk WD My Passport Ultra (500 GB): review and testing

Series of compact and stylish 2.5-inch external HDD-drives Western Digital My Passport Ultra is not a newcomer to the market. Moreover, in a previous review we examined and tested model Western Digital My Passport Ultra (WDBZFP0010BBK) with capacity of 1TB. Now we have a model WD WDBPGC5000ABL with capacity of 500 GB. And today we are going to lean the differences.

WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)

The specs:

Producer and model

WD My Passport Ultra


Form-factor, in



USB 3.0 (backward compatible with USB 2.0)

Spindle rotation speed, rpm


Max data transfer rate USB 3.0, Gb/s


Operation/storage temperature, °C

+5… +35 / -20… +65

Dimensions, mm

110 x 81,6 x 12,8

Weight, g



Blue, red, black, titanic

OS compatibility

Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

Mac OS X

Producer’s limited warranty, years


Producer website

Western Digital

Product page

Box and accessories

WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)

Package is traditionally made of cardboard with opening that allows you to evaluate the appearance of the drive. The front side contains information about 3-year limited warranty, and support for auto-copy data (including saving a copy in the cloud online storage Dropbox). On the back side of the box you can find some features of WD WDBPGC5000ABL in different languages.

WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)

One side of the box has compatible interfaces (USB 3.0 and USB 2.0) and operating system (Windows 8).

WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)

Inside the package the drive is placed in a plastic storage case for extra protection. In general, the drive is reliably packed and is protected during transportation.

WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)

Package consists of only two things: USB-cable to connect the drive and a short manual. This will be enough for the operation. The only minus is the absence of a bag for transportation, which would be very useful to preserve the appearance of the drive. By the way, the drive has the version of 1 TB.

WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)

Design and structure  

Model WD WDBPGC5000ABL has an attractive blue body. Beveled edges with silver trim and a bright glossy point ornament on top of the device give it an attractive look. Also here is the logo and the name of the series. The rest of it is made of matte black plastic that hides fingerprints.

WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)

WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)

One of the sides has the light indicator of the device, which is lit when connecting and interface micro-USB 3.0, which is used for data transmission and power supply to internal components.

WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)

On the back side of the WD My Passport Ultra we found a sticker with the serial number of the product, and other technical information, as well as four rubber legs that provide stability for the drive and prevent sliding during operation.

WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)

The drive case does not cause any complaints: all is well-matched and creates the impression of a monolithic structure.


The model My Passport Ultra brand has three useful utilities:

  • WD SmartWare Pro;
  • WD Drive Utilities;
  • WD Security.

Using WD SmartWare Pro you will be able to activate the function of data backup. You need only to a brief registration in the window of the utility.

WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)

WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)

Here you can choose the backup method and schedule the frequency of the automatic repetition of this process in the future.

WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)

It is possible to reserve the information to the cloud service Dropbox.

WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)

Another useful utility is WD Drive Utilities. You can use it to diagnose the drive, set the automatic shut-off of the device, and delete unnecessary data.

WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)

WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)


Using the last tab you can update the software and register used drive.

WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)

WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)

And using WD Security the owner can further protect the information stored on the disc by setting a password.

WD My Passport Ultra (WDBPGC5000ABL)

It is worth noting that all of the software is easy to use and has intuitive interface.

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