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Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot) graphics card: review and testing

This material will be devoted to graphics accelerator from the company Gainward, whose products came to our lab first time.

Gainward Company was founded in 1984. It was focused on the production of premium graphics cards, equipped with original cooling system. Since 2005 the company became a part of the Palit Microsystems (HK), Ltd, expanding the range of its products with high quality and low cost devices. Now Gainward is associated exclusively with the graphics cards of NVIDIA, although in the past its model range included graphics cards based on GPU of company AMD.


Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot)

In this article we look at the model Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot). It has a unique single-slot design, which nowadays is rarely used for the mid-range graphics cards.

The specs: 


Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot)

Graphics core

NVIDIA GM107-300 (Maxwell)

Technology process


Quantity of universal shader processors (CUDA-core)


Technologies and API support

DirectX 11.2 (Shader Model 5.0), OpenGL 4.4, NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0, NVIDIA TXAA, NVIDIA FXAA, NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync, NVIDIA Surround, NVIDIA PhysX, NVIDIA 3D Vision, NVIDIA G-SYNC, NVIDIA PureVideo HD, NVIDIA CUDA, NVIDIA GameStream

Nominal/dynamic graphics core frequency. MHz

1020 / 1085

Memory frequency (effective), MHz

1253 (5012)

Memory capacity, GB


Memory type


Memory bus, bit


Internal interface

PCI Express 3.0 x16

Screening  interfaces

1 х mini-HDMI

1 х DVI-D

1 х D-Sub

Minimal PSU capacity, W


Dimensions taken from official website (according measurements in own test lab) , mm

165 х 112 (179 x 112)


Drivers can be download from Gainward or  GPU



According to the table of specifications, this card is equipped with only a slight overclocking of graphics memory, which operates at effective frequency of 5012 MHz instead of benchmark 5000 MHz. Moreover, its capacity is 2 GB instead of recommended 1 GB.

Packaging and content 


Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot)

The card is shipped in a carton package which is focused on the use of the upright orientation. Its decoration is black and green, as well as in the corporate style of the company NVIDIA. Most of the front side is covered by manufacturer's logo, as well as a brief list of technologies supported by a graphics accelerator.

Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot)

The reverse side of the box depicts described in detail the capabilities of the technologies:

  • hardware overclocking of physics NVIDIA PhysX;
  • temporal smoothing NVIDIA TXAA;
  • improvement function of game graphics HBAO;
  • optimization of the performance for compatible games NVIDIA GeForce Experience;
  • streaming data transfer on portable consoles NVIDIA SHIELD to run desktop games.

Also here are the minimum system requirements recommended by the manufacturer for the correct operation of the graphics card. According to them, the power supply unit must not be less than 400 W, and load capacity of the +12 V line should not fall below 20 A. It is also recommended to install at least 2 GB of RAM.

Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot)

Inside there is another packaging of cardboard and antistatic bag. This design protects the card from damage during transportation.

Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot)

Package of Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot) consists of brief instructions and a disc with software and drivers. This set includes the most necessary accessories and at the same time reduces the final cost of the graphics card that is certainly a positive thing.

Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot)

Novelty is equipped with such output interfaces:

  • 1 x mini-HDMI;
  • 1 x DVI-D;
  • 1 x D-Sub.

To connect a digital monitor you can use the connector DVI-D, and for analog - D-Sub. If there is a need to use the connector HDMI, you'll have to purchase a separate adapter mini-HDMI.

The supported output resolution images:

  • Digital - up to 4096 x 2160;
  • Analog - up to 2048 x 1536.

Design and circuitry


Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot)

The graphics card is executed on a black PCB, with a height of 112 mm. Interface panel like the entire cooling system has a compact design, so after installing the connector in the motherboard graphics accelerator will occupy only one slot for expansion cards.

Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot)

The power subsystem Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot) is executed by the three-phase scheme: two for the maintenance of the GPU and one for the memory chips. In accordance with the company's concept Superior Hardware Design, its chains use only high-quality components, solid capacitors, FETs with low on-resistance, and chokes with ferrite core.

Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot)

This graphics accelerator is not equipped with a connector for additional power, because its power consumption does not exceed 75 W, which can easily provide a slot PCI Express 3.0 x16. Also there is no connector for bridge NVIDIA SLI, as this series of graphics cards do not support this technology.

Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot)

On the reverse side of the PCB has several elements of the power subsystem, as well as posted stickers with technical information. Additionally, there are screws that secure the cooling system, and one of them is protected by a special seal. The test adapter is not provided for the dismantling of the cooling system, because such manipulation will lead to lost of the warranty.

Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot)

Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot) is based on the graphic chip NVIDIA GM107-300 (microarchitecture NVIDIA Maxwell). It consists of 4 active SMM-block, 512 cores CUDA, 32 texture units and 16 ROP units. The graphics core is clocked at 1020 MHz in the nominal mode and 1085 MHz in dynamic.

The graphics card is equipped with 2 GB of memory GDDR5 (reference option assumes only 1 GB), which is produced by Samsung Electronics. It operates at effective frequency of 5012 MHz and communicates with the graphics chip through a 128-bit bus with bandwidth of 80.2 GB/s.

Cooling system


Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot)

As mentioned above, the main feature of the cooling system of the graphics accelerator is that it takes up only one slot of expansion cards. This design makes it possible to install a graphics card even in those compact housing that is not physically possible to place more than an overall cooling system.

Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot)

The only axial fan with diameter blades of 75 mm is located entirely within the radiator and does not protrude beyond its borders.

Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot)

The heatsink has a longitudinal arrangement of the ribs and is in contact with the graphics chip directly through a thin layer of thermal paste. At the top it is not covered by a metal or plastic housing, so nothing impedes the heat removal.

Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot)

Now let's examine the efficiency of the cooling system by a stress test FurMark. Using the automatic fan speed control and maximum load the graphic chip was heated to 59°C. The fan runs quietly while rotating only 35% of its maximum speed, which corresponds to 2020 rpm.

Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot)

After that we forcibly fixed fan speeds to maximum (3840 rpm). In this state, the noise level rose to an average, and was not so comfortable for prolonged computer work. The temperature of the GPU was 54°C.

Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB (one slot)

In idle mode the graphics core frequency did not exceed 29°C, and the fan was quiet, rotating at 30% of its maximum speed (1920 rpm).

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