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Cooler Master COSMOS SE case: review and testing

We present to you the new product from a reputable manufacturer Cooler Master, which has a fairly extensive line of products: power supplies, cooling systems, cases and various peripherals. Computer cases of this manufacturer always are very popular since most of them have simple, attractive design, which combines with functional and comfortable interior layout.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

The hero of this review, Cooler Master COSMOS SE is created in the classic form factor Full Tower and has an original design using elements of racing supercars. So it is perfect for cases of any systems, even for the original modding projects.

The specs:


Cooler Master



Case type

Full Tower

Supported motherboard form factors

ATX, microATX, Mini-ITX




3 х 5,25 inch

8 х 3,5 inch

18 х 2,5 inch (16 are combined with compartments of 3,5 in)

Expansion cards slots

7 + 1

Max length of the graphics card

395 mm

Max height of the CPU cooler

175 mm


2 x USB 2.0

2 x USB 3.0

2 х audio outputs (headphones and microphone)



  • On front panel – 2 х 120-mm (with blue LED-light);
  • On back panel – 1 х 120-mm;
  • On top panel - 1 х 140-mm.

Additionally you can install:

  • On front panel – 1 х 120-mm;
  • On side panel – 1 х 120- or 140-mm;
  • on HDD – 2 х 120-mm




Front panel: plastic

Chassis: steel

Aluminum ribs


Case chassis – 0,83 mm

Side walls – 0,80 mm

Case dimensions

263,8 х 569,4 х 524,4 mm

Weight (net)

10,8 kg



Producer website

Product page

Cooler Master Co., Ltd.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE

Packaging and delivery set

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

The case is available in large box with lots of high-quality printing. Its front side has the manufacturer's logo and the stylized image of a novelty. Also here is stated that the case can accommodate a very large number of drives (8 x 3.5” or 18 x 2.5”). It is also reported that the fans on the front panel have a blue backlight that can be disabled by a single button.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

On the side there is a specification of Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1), and possible configurations. In our case, there is a version with the side cover of wire mesh of black. As can be seen from the table, in the range includes a white option with a transparent lid and a side mounted power supply units of different capacities.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

On the reverse side is a list of the key features of the new item:

  • reinforced aluminum handles;
  • two ports USB 3.0;
  • the ability to disable the backlight of fans on the front panel;
  • availability of complete three 120-mm fans (two of which are illuminated) and one 140 mm;
  • the ability to easily remove the top panel to set additional cooler;
  • removable dust filters at the bottom of the case;
  • the presence of a large niche width of 34 mm on the side for a hidden cabling;
  • the presence of two bays of 2.5-inch drives hidden behind the right wall;
  • additional seat for the fan (120- or 140-mm) on the cover on the left side.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

Supplied set of Cooler Master COSMOS SE includes:

  • A set of screws for mounting the motherboard, fans, drives, and covers of the case;
  • rack for mounting the motherboard;
  • a set of anti-vibration pads;
  • clamps for radiator of water cooling system;
  • cable ties;
  • User's Guide.

The manufacturer has added a large number of set screws, which is more than enough not only to build the system, but to replace in case of loss of several of them.


Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

The case has a fairly unique design that combines flowing lines of metal construction and plastic parts. Inside and outside it is painted with matt black paint that perfectly hides fingerprints. The top panel has a comfortable aluminum handle. They can be used to carry new item in the configuration of the workplace.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

The front panel is covered with metal mesh (310 x 140 mm), decorated with the logo of the company Cooler Master. It is strong enough and at the same time perfectly provides ventilation of components inside. At the top has three bays for 5.25-inch devices, covered with plastic caps, which can easily be opened from the outside.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

The top panel has a removable plastic cover (310 x 120 mm), equipped with a metal grid. Under it are seats for fans.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

Also here is a control panel. It is the most suitable for operation in case of floor arrangement of the case. User has access to two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, and also the audio output for headphones and microphone.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

Near are the button of power, reset, and activation of the backlight of the front fans. They are framed with LEDs that light up when power is applied.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

Side cover has a large grille (300 x 360 mm) equipped with a dust filter. Behind it you can find a seat for one of the fan blades with a diameter of 120 or 140 mm. Also there is an option with a lid made of transparent glass, which does not provide any additional ventilation.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

The right panel is also removable and fixed with convenient screws that can be removed even without using a screwdriver. In the center there is a large niche, designed for easy location of cables of the power supply.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

At the bottom of the rear wall of the Cooler Master COSMOS SE is a compartment for the power supply. It can be installed inside or on the outside by the use of a special adapter, which greatly facilitates the process of building. Under the power supply is ventilation grille size 140 x 90 mm.

Nearby there is a slots plug for expansion cards, which are removable and fixed inside the case. Also here are three holes with rubber curtains for output water cooling system outside the case. In this case, the radiator can be locked in place a 120 mm fan.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

At the bottom of the case there are two ventilation grilles with dust filters, which allow air to freely enter into the body and at the same time protect it against dust. Additionally there are two strong aluminum fins with four rubber legs (35 x 15 mm). Thanks to them, the system unit can be placed even on a lacquered table without fear of scratching it.

Internal device

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

Enclosure Cooler Master COSMOS SE supports the installation of motherboard with form factors ATX, microATX and Mini-ITX. Behind the tray the motherboard has a large niche width of 34 mm, which can be useful for hidden cabling. Due to the great length you can set an overall graphics card (or even several) of up to 395 mm. Also sufficient overall CPU coolers up to 175mm are supported.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

The basket for storage is deployed at 90 degrees, so their installation is quite convenient, as it does not interfere with other components inside the case. In this section you can set up to 12 devices.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

For the installation of drives special double-sided sliding carriages are used. On top of it you can attache a 3.5-inch hard drive, and the bottom a 2.5-inch HDD or SSD. Due to a special design, 2.5-inch drive does not require the fixation with the screws, as it is well fixed in a plastic latches.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

As a result, placement of drives is quite convenient and wiring to them should not cause any problems.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

Behind the right wall there are two additional hidden seats for 2.5-inch drives. They can be used for devices with rare replacement or extraction (e.g., in case of installation on one operating system).

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1) Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

After removing the front panel (mounted by snaps), we found at the bottom two carriages for the drives, which provide for the installation of four 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch two devices. Above there are two fans with blade with a diameter of 120 mm, which included into set of delivery (also possible to install a fan with diameter 140 mm). The grille on the front panel is equipped with a dust filter, and the fans are mounted on the metal perforated panel with dimensions of 250 x 110 mm.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

The fans Cooler Master A12025-12CB-3DN-F1 with the characteristics of 12 V and 0.16 A equipped with blue backlight are applied.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

In addition to propellers, a small strip in the upper part of the body (activity indicator HDD) and rims keys on the control panel are lighted. Its brightness is average.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

Another two seats for fans are on the top wall of the case. Here you can place two fans: 120 or 140 mm. The kit includes a propeller Cooler Master A14025-12CB-3BN-F1 (12; 0.18 A) with a diameter of 140 mm.

Last fan Cooler Master A12025-12CB-3DN-F1 (12 V, 0.16 A), with a diameter of 120 mm is mounted on the rear wall.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

As for the set of cables to connect the front panel interfaces, it is quite standard: modules for audio jacks, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, as well as power, reboot, and light indicator buttons. Complete fan have adapters for connectors MOLEX (PATA), so they can be connected even if the motherboard will not have relevant outputs.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

Building of the computer's chassis Cooler Master COSMOS SE is not difficult. Recall that according to the instructions the power supply is more convenient to mount on the outside, after screwing a special frame.

The thickness of the housing chassis is 0.83 mm, and the side walls 0.80 mm. The build quality is at a high level. The edge is handled well and you won’t notice sharp edges even on the inside.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

Each expansion card is fixed on interface panel by a separate screw, which can be mounted manually without using a screwdriver. If necessary, the plugs can be set in place as they are removable.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE (COS-5000-KKN1)

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