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  • Digital industry
  • Follow all the most important events in the IT-industry: we offer an analysis of news, reports from prezentvtsy and exhibitions, take the interview, telling of the history and the various stages of development companies.
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  • Processors
  • Reviews and tests actual current price level of different processors and special purpose, as well as materials about architecture processors and reports from the presentations of new products.
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  • RAM
  • Tests of different memory modules for different audiences and different systems.
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  • Motherboards
  • Reviews and tests current motherboards for all modern platforms and for various purposes: industrial PC, work and play stations, media centers and the entry-level system.
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  • Graphics cards
  • Reviews, tests and video of primary and secondary levels, as well as high-end graphics cards in single and multiGPU configurations, as well as analysis of the architectural innovations, familiarity with various technologies and graphical interfaces.
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  • Cooling Systems
  • Reviews and tests the effectiveness of different purposes, and cooling systems for CPUs, video cards and hard drives, as well as case fans.
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  • Storage devices
  • Reviews and tests of various internal and external storage devices and data transfer, the consideration of interfaces, adapters and ports to connect them.
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  • Cases
  • Reviews, tests and computer cases for building systems at various levels and prednaznachaeniya - from high-performance workstations and PCs to powerful gaming compact and stylish media center.
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  • Modding
  • Consider various approaches to improving the appearance or performance of the overall system and components in particular.
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  • Power supplies
  • Exploring the possibility of different levels of architecture and power supplies, commending their reliability and quality, as well as considering some of the chargers.
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  • Multimedia
  • Experience and test various devices for processing and playback of multimedia data: candy bars, ultra-compact PCs, media players, etc.
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  • Digital photo and video
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  • Displays
  • Reviews and tests of modern and relevant information display devices, primarily on the basis of the matrix TFT.
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  • Laptops and tablets
  • Surveys and tests are interesting and popular models of laptops and netbooks, which are designed for different categories of customers and uses, as well as materials about mobile platforms and reports from the presentations of new products.
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  • Smartphones
  • Evaluate opportunities, ease of use and availability of the acquisition of the most interesting and new smart phones and other mobile communications devices.
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  • Communications
  • It covers all topics related to wireless data transmission and the association of multiple devices for their interaction: the access point, routers, network cards, controllers, protocols, etc.
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  • Peripherals
  • We consider a variety of computer peripherals, mainly input devices: keyboard, mouse, tablet.
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  • Automotive electronics
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  • Software
  • Informed about the most interesting updates on key events tell the software market.
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